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Chapter 545: Choice

Chu Liuyues simple sentence successfully agitated Shangguan Wans emotions that she had appeased with much difficulty.

However, she couldnt act up in front of so many people either.

Besides, to those people, Chu Liuyues words had no mistake at all.

Shangguan Wan could only swallow her anger as she forced a smile, but her face was pale.

Jiang Yucheng knew that if he didnt say anything, things would reach an irreversible stage.

Thus, he hurriedly changed the topic.

“Im sure all of you very clearly know why youre here.

Chu Liuyue, youre from outside Heavens Canopy.

According to the rules, you can join any of these clans.

Have you thought about it”

Weichi Song and the rest all looked over.

The crowd that was waiting on the other side was very curious. Who will Chu Liuyue pick She has the best results here, so shes definitely capable and talented.

“She can randomly choose whichever one she likes, right Who doesnt want a talent like her”

“Maybe not.

She helped Chong Xu Cabinets disciple speak up just now.

Isnt that clearly going against Jiu Xing Alliance Look at how Jiu Xing Alliances master is looking at Chu Liuyue.

I dont think he thinks highly…”

“Dont you know Chu Liuyue has previously offended the Sky-Soaring Clans people! Elder Qiuxi hates her to the core, so she definitely wont go there.”

“I think she offended Purple Xiao Sword Sect and Xuan Feng Halls people in the Tianling God Realm…”

As they spoke, the crowd couldnt help but exchange glances. How did Chu Liuyue offend so many people How did she do it in such a few days

“If this is all true, theres only Dragon Teeth Mountain left of the four biggest clans… Oh right, didnt they say that Jian Fengchi likes her Shell choose Dragon Teeth Mountain, right”

Originally, Chu Liuyue didnt really care about what those people were saying, but she very quickly felt a solid gaze landing on her.

She looked up.

Dragon Teeth Mountains master—Jian Shuye—was looking at her with a scorching gaze.

Curiosity, excitement, happiness, comfort, bliss…

Chu Liuyues lips twitched. Why do I feel that Jian Shuye is looking at me as if hes looking at his daughter-in-law Is he mistaken! Jian Shuye can be considered as one of the most handsome gentlemen out of all these elders.

Jian Fengchis face that had attracted too many romances was inherited from his biological father—Jian Shuye!

Both father and son have the exact same ice-cold eyes and intricate face with sharp jawlines.

But compared to Jian Fengchis flirtatious nature, Jian Shuye is famous in Xi Ling for being devoted.

Back then, he didnt care about his familys objections and married a very ordinary woman.

Even when outsiders didnt approve of them, they always had a very good relationship and loved each other very deeply.

Even until this day, he doesnt even have a concubine.

One of the reasons why Jian Fengchi can be this arrogant is also because of this.

In the entire Dragon Teeth Mountain, theres only this one young master.

How can they not dote on him

Jian Shuye sized Chu Liuyue up and became increasingly satisfied as he looked at her.

He was really short of just slamming the table and yelling,My son really takes after me and has such great taste!

After seeing this appearance, aura, and talent… Im satisfied no matter what! My wife and I have been devoted to each other our whole lives, yet we have a flirtatious son for some reason.

Due to this, he and his wife had a major headache, and they thought more than once that this son was adopted.

Whose good son would hide at Chun Feng Restaurant all day long and be surrounded with all sorts of butterflies

He had lectured Jian Fengchi countless times because of this, but it was to no avail.

Recently, rumors were going around Xi Ling City that Jian Fengchi spent a lot of his money on a woman.

In the beginning, Jiang Shuye thought his son was playing around.

But when he heard how much Jian Fengchi had bet, he instantly felt that Jian Fengchi genuinely liked her.

He then heard that Jian Fengchi even specially went to Xuan Ji Square to congratulate Chu Liuyue on the day the Wan Zheng Competition ended.

This was solid evidence! Thus, he came here today not to pick disciples but to see what kind of woman the rumored Chu Liuyue was.

This one glance made him over the moon.

Even though this Chu Liuyue has an ordinary background, I wont care about this.

Besides, Chu Liuyue is very elegant.

Ignorant ones might even think that shes an elegant lady meticulously brought up by an aristocratic family in Xi Ling City.

My son finally picked the right person.

Chu Liuyues hair stood on end as Jian Shuye stared at her with overly passionate eyes. If I really go to Dragon Teeth Mountain, and he stares at me like that every day…

Once she thought of that scene, her entire person was uncomfortable.

Hence, Chu Liuyue swiftly made a decision.

“I choose Chong Xu Cabinet!”

The moment she said this, the commotion immediately stopped.

The surroundings were very quiet as if everything came to a standstill.

Weichi Song slightly widened his eyes.

As things had happened too suddenly, he didnt even have the time to be shocked as he was filled with doubts and confusion. Did Chu Liuyue just say that… she chose Chong Xu Cabinet

“How can this be” Jian Shuye was the first to stand up and object.

“Absolutely no way!” How can my own daughter-in-law go to some other clan

“Liuyue, you should come to our Dragon Teeth Mountain!”

Chu Liuyue was taken aback. Is Jian Shuye… openly snatching people Why did he even call my name directly This should be the first time were meeting, right No matter what, Jian Shuye is a distinguished person in Xi Ling.

Is this really appropriate…

Weichi Song immediately said, “Jian Shuye, what does this mean”

Jian Shuye cupped his fists and bowed toward Weichi Song.

“Old Song, sorry.

However, I dont mean to offend you.

Its just that my son—I really like Chu Liuyue, so why dont you let her join Dragon Teeth Mountain Dont worry; I wont fight with you for the other people!”

Quite a few people thought to themselves mockingly, He wants to fight for the best, and the remaining ones arent as good as Chu Liuyue.

Thus, he doesnt need to fight for them anymore.

Weichi Song stroked his beard.

“She should decide this herself.”

As he spoke, he looked at Chu Liuyue.

“Liuyue, Im very happy and welcoming that you want to come to our Chong Xu Cabinet.

But Jian Shuye wants you to go to Dragon Teeth Mountain.

Since he spoke up, I dont want to force you.

You can think for yourself which one you want to go to.”

Dragon Teeth Mountain and Chong Xu Cabinet always had a good relationship, and he could tell that Jian Shuye genuinely wanted Chu Liuyue to go to Dragon Teeth Mountain.

If not, he wouldnt have spoken up so directly.

From his perspective, he naturally wanted Chu Liuyue to join Chong Xu Cabinet.

After what happened last time, Chong Xu Cabinet wasnt like before.

They urgently needed to develop a batch of outstanding disciples to continue on.

But on the other hand, Dragon Teeth Mountain had better status and resources, so it was a better choice for Chu Liuyue herself.

Chu Liuyue bent her knees and bowed as she said determinedly, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Master, but Ive made up my mind.”

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