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Chapter 548: Scolding

Chu Liuyue met with the unconcealable delight in her gaze as she smiled slightly.

“Yes, I hope you can watch it happily this time.”

The smile on Yang Qiners face froze. Why is Chu Liuyue still so calm

She lowered her voice and said, “Be as arrogant as you want.

Well see how long you can last!”

Yan Qiner didnt believe that Chu Liuyue could be this calm after the matter was exposed.

Chu Liuyues eyebrows rose slightly.

“Sure, you can watch.” She turned around and planned to follow the two of them.

“Liuyue,” Weichi Song called her worriedly. Yang Qiner doesnt look friendly, and it seems like shes aiming for Liuyue.

About the Tianling God Realm… What exactly happened

Chu Liuyue comforted him.

“Dont worry.

Little Zhou and I will be fine.”

Seeing the young womans composed expression, Weichi Song felt more assured.

“Be careful.

Ill be waiting for you here.”

Chu Liuyue nodded and left with Qiang Wanzhou.

When Yang Qiner saw this, she was quite hesitant. Does Chu Liuyue have a way to deal with it

“Why are you still standing around” asked Ning Jiaojiao when she walked over and noticed that Yang Qiners expression was amiss. Didnt we already talk about this before

Yang Qiner glanced at Ning Jiaojiao and felt slightly assured.

“Nothing much.

Lets go.”

In the quiet room, the faint sandalwood scent wafted through the air.

This was a type of sandalwood that Shangguan Wan really loved, and it was rejuvenating.

Whenever she was anxious or couldnt sleep at night, she would feel much more at ease after she lit this sandalwood.

However, the smell didnt seem to help today.

Even though the smell kept wafting around her nose, her panicky mood wasnt appeased at all.

It even became more intense as time passed.

She and Jiang Yucheng sat at the front, while Chu Liuyue and the rest sat around them.

Shangguan Wan looked at Yang Qiner solemnly.

“You can speak now.”

Yang Qiner took a deep breath in as if she exhausted a lot of strength before she finally made up her mind and said, “Third Princess, I want to report Chu Liuyue for using unscrupulous methods to gain the Long Yuan Sword in the Tianling God Realm.”

Once she said this, Shangguan Wan suddenly stood up and was enraged.

“What did you say”

Jiang Yucheng was also stunned, and he didnt recover his senses for a long time.

Long Yuan Sword…

Long Yuan Sword!

Isnt that the legendary weapon that the Tianling Dynastys ancestor personally made back then


Yang Qiner swiftly kneeled down once again.

“Third Princess! Chu Liuyue came from a poor background, but shes very gutsy and stole the Long Yuan Sword that belongs to the Tianling Royal Family! Her actions are ridiculous! Every word Ive is the truth, and I didnt lie at all! Third Princess, please investigate properly!”

This simple sentence was like lightning that struck the ground and started rippling.

Shangguan Wan knitted her brows tightly. Even if Yang Qiner were very brave, she definitely wouldnt dare to joke about the Long Yuan Sword.

She shot a deadly stare at Chu Liuyue.

“Chu Liuyue, is she speaking the truth”

Chu Liuyue looked calm as she lightly said, “Third Princess, I dont agree with whatever Yang Qiner said.”

Yang Qiner laughed coldly.

“You dont agree Chu Liuyue, do you dare to say that the person who charged out of the heavenly pit and took the Long Yuan Sword back in the Tianling God Realm wasnt you!”

Back then, I could only see a vague figure as the light was too bright.

Thus, I couldnt recognize who it was.

It was only after I was eliminated and heard that Chu Liuyue came out after me and was the champion that I understood that the person back then was Chu Liuyue! This is because only Chu Liuyue rushed into the sea of golden fire in the heavenly pit before us.

In this case, everything that happened afterward has a logical explanation.

Its without a doubt that the Long Yuan Sword has recognized Chu Liuyue as its master.

Chu Liuyue looked stunned.

“What are you saying”

“It doesnt matter if you dont admit it.

The witnesses are here.” Yang Qiner looked at Chou Ding and Ning Jiaojiao.

“Back then, after Chu Liuyue entered the heavenly pit inside the Tianling God Realm and went missing, we all thought that she was eliminated.

Other than her, only the four of us were near the Long Yuan Sword.

Chou Ding, when the Long Yuan Sword awakened, you were there too, right”

Chou Ding nodded and boomed, “Thats right.

At that time, the Long Yuan Sword had indeed awakened.

As its surrounding aura became stronger, I couldnt take it anymore, so I willingly left.

I really dont know what happened later.”

Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng were both greatly shocked. The Long Yuan Sword awakened! The Long Yuan Sword that has been asleep for so many years actually awakened again! However, we didnt know anything about this! If it werent for Yang Qiner willingly talking about it, we wouldnt even be in the know!

Shangguan Wans heart was almost about to explode. The Long Yuan Sword has awakened, meaning that its going to choose its new owner soon! It has been thousands of years, and the people in the Tianling Royal Family have always wanted to obtain the Long Yuan Sword, but it was to no avail.

I didnt expect that the Long Yuan Sword actually awakened after hosting the Wan Zheng Competition once. Shangguan Wan was filled with overwhelming regret.

She clenched her teeth and said, “Go on!”

Ning Jiaojiao bent her knees, bowed, and said, “Third Princess, after Chou Ding left, Yang Qiner and I discussed who would try to obtain the Long Yuan Sword.

Hence, we moved together.

We didnt expect Qiang Wanzhou to chase after us and fight with us once we started taking action.”

“Back then, both of us were very confused.

We had no grudge against Qiang Wanzhou, so why would he suddenly barge out and stop us We then realized that it was because… the one who wanted to steal the Long Yuan Sword was Chu Liuyue!”

Both Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng looked at Qiang Wanzhou. Thats right! Anybody can tell that Qiang Wanzhou and Chu Liuyue are on good terms.

One could even say that Qiang Wanzhou listens to Chu Liuyue regarding everything.

Other than Chu Liuyue, who else could make him take action

“I then fought with Qiang Wanzhou and lost after some time, so I was kicked out of the Tianling God Realm.

After I came out, I unwittingly saw Chu Liuyues name still on the black marble board, so I vaguely guessed that the person was Chu Liuyue.”

Shangguan Wans face darkened.

Seeing this, Yang Qiner was much more relaxed. I guessed correctly.

The Tianling God Realms Long Yuan Sword is indeed the Tianling Royal Familys Achilles heel.

Whoever touches it will die.

Since Chu Liuyue dared to take the Long Yuan Sword, then she will have to bear the Tianling Royal Familys wrath.

She quickly said, “After Ning Jiaojiao was eliminated, I wanted to fight with that person.

However, that person sent a legendary fiend to deal with me.

If I didnt see wrongly, it should be the rumored legendary fiend—legendary three-eyed eagle!”

“I couldnt go against that legendary fiend, so I was on the losing end.

Besides, Qiang Wanzhou also chased after me.

I couldnt handle them alone, so I was quickly eliminated.

Qiang Wanzhou pierced through my chest with one knife, and the wound is still here.” Upon talking about this, Yang Qiners voice started trembling as intense hatred flashed across her eyes.

“When I was leaving the Tianling God Realm, I coincidentally saw that person pulling out the Long Yuan Sword!”


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