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Chapter 558: The Subordinates Self-Awareness

Tianling Imperial Palace, Huayang Palace.

“Elder Duanmu, how did the investigation go” asked Shangguan Wan nervously.

Duanmu Chun shook his head.

“Dont worry, Your Highness.

Everything is fine; the Long Yuan Sword is still there.”

It was only then that she could set her mind at ease.

“Thats good… Thats good…”

The elder gave her a strange look.

“Your Highness, why did this matter suddenly cross your mind Without the Long Yuan Sword, the Tianling God Realm is unlikely to continue existing.”

Shangguan Wan forced a smile.

“I know.

Ive just been a little distraught ever since I opened the Tianling God Realm to the public for the competition.

Somehow, I feel that my ancestors would blame me for doing this.

Thus, I requested for you to go check things out and make sure that nothing is affected there.”

Her brows furrowed slightly as she patted her chest.

“Id be a sinner if something were to happen in the Tianling God Realm because of my decision…”

Duanmu Chun couldnt help but sigh inwardly at this sight. The Third Princess is rather outstanding in all aspects, but she just doesnt have enough resolution.

It was her idea to open the Tianling God Realm to the public, yet shes worrying and even regretting her decision now.

This never wouldve happened with Princess Shangguan Yue if she was still around…

Unfortunately, the Third Princess is currently in power and has absolute say.

Even though there are other princes and princesses in the royal family, nobody is more suitable than her for this position.

If His Majesty remains in a coma forever, then its highly likely that shell directly ascend the throne.

“You worry too much, Your Highness.

You did it for the Tianling Dynastys sake after all.

The Tianling God Realm…” He paused, hesitating to speak further. To be honest, I sensed something amiss with the place as soon as I entered it.

Although the Long Yuan Sword was still there, the entire realm was in chaos, and the sword didnt look like it had been sleeping for thousands of years.

However, I have never entered the Tianling God Realm before, so I cant be certain about whats going on there.

“Whats wrong, Elder Duanmu” asked Shangguan Wan.

Duanmu Chun pushed his suspicion away.

“Its nothing.

I just think that you might feel more assured if you were to go there and take a look for yourself.”

Shangguan Wan froze for a second.

“Im preparing for a breakthrough, so Ive been focusing on my cultivation lately.

I dont have the time to go there now; lets talk about this another day!”

Not doubting her words in the slightest, Duanmu Chun bent his waist.


Once you make a successful breakthrough, you can attempt to wake the Long Yuan Sword.

If you succeed…”

His voice trailed off as he swallowed the rest of his words.

A hint of resentment flashed across Shangguan Wans eyes as her lips formed a small smile.

“I understand.”

With a bow, Duanmu Chun took his leave.

As soon as he disappeared, the smile on Shangguan Wans face slipped off.

She knew exactly what the elder meant. With Father in a coma and me being the eldest of my siblings, its only right for me to take over Fathers duties.

Even though I currently have the power to handle all of the Tianling Dynastys affairs, the power isnt truly mine since Im ultimately just a Third Princess in title.

The Tianling Dynastys throne wasnt passed on to princes only.

Princesses stood a chance to compete for it as long as they were outstanding enough.

It was just like how the emperor had wanted to pass his throne to Shangguan Yue when she got married.

Hence, Shangguan Wan only had two ways if she wanted to become the ruler.

With the first method, she could naturally succeed the throne once her father passed on.

However, this method wasnt viable because she couldnt let him quietly pass away just like that and had to make him regain his consciousness instead.

On the other hand, the second method was that she prove her own capabilities and take the throne for herself.

Alas, the problem with this method was that she wasnt Shangguan Yue, who had a Tianjing Yuan meridian.

The people below her would thus be reluctant to submit to her.

If I can invoke the Long Yuan Sword, Ill be able to prove that Im qualified to take the throne and squash out all the rumors about me at the same time! But stepping into Tianling God Realm is already a tall order for me, let alone invoking the sword! Annoyance surged within her.

“Chan Yi, go summon Yang Qiner over!”

When Yang Qiner arrived at Huayang Palace and saw the expressionless woman sitting at the seat of honor, a sense of foreboding flooded her.

She walked over and went down on her knees right away.

Shangguan Wan looked at her, sneering.

“Do you know why you were summoned over”

Yang Qiner answered in trepidation, “B-because of the Long Yuan Sword…”

Shangguan Wan slowly said, “Thats right.

According to our investigation, the Long Yuan Sword is still inside the Tianling God Realm.”

Just as I expected! How can that be though Yang Qiner was flustered.

“Thats impossible… It cant be… I saw it clearly back then…”

“Are you doubting my words” Shangguan Wan asked in return.

Yang Qiner nearly bit her tongue off right there and then.


Shangguan Wan rose to her feet and slowly walked up to her.

“Raise your head.”

Yang Qiner stiffly did as told.


Following the loud slap resounding across the room, Yang Qiner fell over to the ground.

The cheek on one side of her face turned red and swollen instantaneously.

“How dare you make a fool of me! You must be tired of living!”

Yang Qiners voice trembled as she held her stinging face.

“B-but Your Highness, Ning Jiaojiao was also there back then—”


She was met with another slap across the face.

“Who are you compared to Ning Jiaojiao” Shangguan Wan found it ridiculous that Yang Qiner even mentioned Ning Jiaojiao. Ning Jiaojiao is ultimately the sole daughter of Xuanfeng Halls clan leader, so I cant possibly do anything to her.

However, that isnt the same for a nobody like Yang Qiner.

As she stared Yang Qiner, she suddenly asked, “I remember that you have a superior Dijing Yuan meridian, is that right”

Chu Liuyue was surprised to find a freshly written plaque—it read: Chu Residence—hanging above her mansions front door when she returned home in the evening.

Based on the handwriting, she could tell that it was written by Weichi Song.

She pushed the door open, only to realize that the mansion looked entirely brand new.

Gone was the gloomy atmosphere.

Just two steps into the mansion, and she saw Qiang Wanzhou emerging from a corner. Is that a cloth in his hand

Ye Ranran was right behind him.

Her sleeves were rolled up as she held onto a broom.

Chu Liuyues eyelids twitched at the sight.

“W-what are you guys doing”

A shy smile—as well as two little dimples—appeared on Ye Ranrans round face.

“Youre back, Liuyue Were tidying up the place.

How do you think it looks now”

Of course, I can see that.

Its just that… “How did you persuade Little Zhou to help you with the chores” He doesnt seem like hed do such chores.

Based on his character, he doesnt look like hed agree to do them either…

With a bright smile, Ye Ranran said, “I was actually going to do it on my own, but Wanzhou offered to help.

Hence, I let him do it!”

As Chu Liuyue turned to look at Qiang Wanzhou in shock, he turned his face away in embarrassment and hid the cloth behind him.

“I cleaned your room.”

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