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Chapter 559: How Do You Know

Chu Liuyue burst out chuckling as she walked over.

“You dont have to do these chores.

I can tidy up my own room.”

Qiang Wanzhou looked at her in puzzlement.

“But Im your subordinate now.”

“What about it”

“So, this is part of my duties,” answered Qiang Wanzhou seriously. Although I havent done these chores in a long while, that doesnt mean I dont know how to do them.

“You can go take a look at your room.

If theres anything that youre not satisfied with, Ill change it.”

Blinking her eyes, Chu Liuyue realized something all of a sudden.

“Little Zhou, do you have this mentality that being my subordinate means that you have to do such chores”

“Yeah,” answered Qiang Wanzhou definitely. Otherwise, whats the use of having a subordinate

Chu Liuyue felt her head throb when she saw how certain he looked. I wonder what was on that persons mind when she taught him to do such things.

I have this feeling that she treated him like a servant, but his gaze always becomes much gentler whenever he mentions her.

Although he never says anything, I can sense that he misses her a lot.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have endured the arduous journey to come all the way from Nan Jiang to Xi Ling.

She mustve treated him really well for him to miss her so much.

At the thought of this, she smiled.

“You might be my subordinate now, but I wont make any demands of you.

You can do these chores if you want to, but its not required of you.

Understand” Otherwise, itll feel like Im bullying a little kid.

Qiang Wanzhou thought about it for a while.

“Do you not like this Is it because Im doing a bad job”

It looks like itll take some time for this kiddo to understand what I truly mean. Chu Liuyue smiled helplessly at him as she ruffled his hair.

“Thats not it; you did a great job.”

A skeptical look crossed his face.

“But you havent seen your room yet.”

At that, Ye Ranran excitedly said, “Yeah! Go take a look at your room, Liuyue! Its spanking clean! He did a better job than me!”

Is this something to be proud of—that two geniuses with Dijing Yuan meridians have to compete to see who does a better job at cleaning Helpless, Chu Liuyue could only raise her hands in surrender.

“Ill go check it out now.”

“Hurry up!” While Ye Ranran ran ahead of them excitedly, Qiang Wanzhou walked behind Chu Liuyue as usual.

After walking some distance, the trio arrived at Chu Liuyues room.

Even though it was her room, she hadnt had a chance to view it yet.

Under their watchful eyes, she pushed open the door and entered the room, only to be astonished by the rooms cleanliness.

Wow, its spic and span here.

Not only does the room look brand new, but even my shadow is clearly reflected on the floor! Chu Liuyue didnt take this matter to heart previously, but upon seeing it for herself, she finally understood why Ye Ranran was so excited. Qiang Wanzhou… seems to be extraordinarily outstanding in this aspect…

She couldnt resist turning her head to look at him as she asked, “Tell me the truth, Little Zhou.

Did you do such chores every day that you became—” So skilled

For a moment, she couldnt think of any suitable words to describe what she wanted to say.

When Qiang Wanzhous countenance darkened, she let out a cough before walking further inside.

On the small couch by the window was a mini wooden table.

On it was a chessboard, along with two jars of chess pieces.

The corners of her lips slightly rose when she saw this. I wonder where he found those things from.

They are quite well-placed.

All of a sudden, her eyes were drawn to the cup of ginger tea that was placed next to the chessboard, which was to her great surprise.

“Little Zhou, how did you know that I like to place a cup of ginger tea next to the chessboard when Im playing chess”

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