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Chapter 568: Money

“Ancestor” Chu Liuyue couldnt help but feel somewhat amused. Why is he trying to get involved in this matter

“Im not joking,” said Shangguan Jing seriously.

“Im serious here.

Although Im just a bit of consciousness, Im still capable enough to help you.”

“Thank you!” Chu Liuyues heart tingled. Even though I might not get the chance to use his powers, I appreciate his goodwill.

“Its nothing to be thankful about.

Ive long grown sick and tired of the Tianling God Realm after staying there for thousands of years.

If I didnt meet you, I wouldnt have the chance to come out again.

Besides… For some reason, my powers seem to have grown stronger lately…” said Shangguan Jing.

The last bit of information surprised Chu Liuyue.

“Arent you just a bit of consciousness How come youre getting stronger”

“I have no idea either.” Shangguan Jing was also very confused, but upon thinking that this was a good thing, he wasnt too bothered about it. Following this lass around doesnt seem to be a bad idea.

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears.

After thinking for a while, she decided to leave this matter aside and start discussing how to solve the problem of Messed Yuan Gravel with Weichi Song and Qiang Wanzhou instead.

Peerless Palace.

There was a bloodbath inside and outside the majestic palace, with corpses lying strewn across the ground.

The pungent stench of blood was suffocating.

The main hall was surrounded by many soldiers in heavy armor, and standing in the middle of it all was Zhang Youfang—Peerless Palaces owner.

Behind him stood about 100 people—who appeared to be in miserable states with injuries all over them.

At this moment, their eyes were all trained on the man in black in front of them.

He appeared stern and majestic as his cloak fluttered in the bitter wind.

His deep eyes were like ice that had been frosted for thousands of years, and an intimidating sense of malice exuded from him.

“Rong Xiu, what have my people done wrong that you have to go to the extent of eradicating them!”

With bloodshot eyes, Zhang Youfang glared at Rong Xiu—the person who had mercilessly destroyed the entire Peerless Palace.

“Others may not know, but dont tell me that you have no idea either, Zhang Youfang.

Do you really think that you can kill me outside Heavens Canopy” asked Rong Xiu lightly with a calm and aloof expression.

His thin lips curled upward as he shot the other man and his subordinates a cold, disdainful look as if he were looking at ants.

He spoke calmly.

“Arent you people… Overestimating your capabilities a little too much”

He has no regard for me at all! Zhang Youfang hated Rong Xiu even more when he felt that the latter viewed him as a clown.

If possible, he desperately wanted to charge up to the latter and kill him once and for all.

However, he couldnt.

While they might stand some chance if Rong Xiu was alone with his powers suppressed outside Heavens Canopy, it was impossible now.

The ones who would end up dead would be them.

If I had sent more manpower back then, Rong Xiu mightve already been dead now, and I wouldnt have brought such misfortune onto myself. Zhang Youfang regretted his past decision very much.

Taking a deep breath, he said, “Rong Xiu, arent you afraid of others crusading against you for your ruthlessness and cruelty!”

Its because I knew that he had such concerns that I dared to test the limits of his patience time and time again.

He bore with it even when his life was threatened on several occasions, so whats wrong with him this time!

Despite the smile on Rong Xius face, it didnt reach his eyes.

“Ive given you enough chances.

Besides… It just so happens that I lack an opportunity to establish new rules while I was away.

Youve solved my problem by offering yourselves at my doorstep.”

He hadnt taken any actions so far because he was still in the middle of preparations and wanted to lure out the people hiding in the dark.

Now that he was fully prepared, he naturally had no more concerns.

Thus, he decided to strike hard this time.

Weve become sacrificial lambs! It suddenly dawned on Zhang Youfang that Rong Xiu wanted to make an example of them and issue a warning to the others at the same time. He isnt worried about criticisms or even impeachment at all! Hes been waiting for this moment all this while! Recuperation Compliance It was a setup all along!

Rong Xiu raised his sword…

When the sword landed, Zhang Youfang was overwhelmed with deep despair.

The soldiers—who had been waiting around for a long time—charged forward at once, and the situation quickly became a one-sided massacre.

Rong Xiu watched this scene with utter calmness and indifference as screams and battle sounds gradually died down.

Right at that moment, a clear chirp was heard.

A bird then landed on Yan Qings arm when he lifted it.

From a close distance, one could see that this wasnt a real fiend but an intricately made sparrow.

However, it was so vivid and lifelike that it looked no different from an ordinary sparrow.

When Yan Qing tapped the sparrow on the head, it opened its mouth and spat out a small ball.

Having been told to pass all messages from Xi Ling to Rong Xius hands directly, he did as told—although this message came somewhat abruptly—and presented it to Rong Xiu.

“Its a message from Xi Ling, Your Highness.”

With a lift of Rong Xius hand, the small ball flew to his palm.

His long, slender fingers gently crushed it into powder, which quickly coalesced in the air to form a few lines of words.

His eyebrows rose slightly as his gaze swept across the words.

Standing aside, Yan Qing and Yu Mo suddenly sensed cold air emanating from Rong Xiu, which made them exchange glances right away.

Since its a message from Xi Ling, it must be concerning that person.

Shouldnt His Highness be happy about it But why— Yu Mo quickly scanned the few lines of words in the air. W-what Whose money

The words then disappeared with a light wave of Rong Xius hand.

Upon receiving a side-glance from him, Yu Mo hurriedly lowered his head in trepidation. Those were the only words I saw, I swear! Why is His Highness exuding such a thick murderous aura Its even scarier than when he ordered the deaths of the people working for Peerless Palace.

W-what exactly is going on

“Yu Mo,” called Rong Xiu.

“Yes, Your Highness” Yu Mo hurriedly responded.

“Ill leave you to deal with Zhang Youfang.”

Yu Mo was shocked to hear that. As Peerless Palaces master, Zhang Youfang is extraordinarily strong.

I can barely hold a fight with him, yet His Highness… wants me to deal with him… Its a tall order for me!

“Your Highness…” He was just about to beg for mercy, but he immediately zipped his mouth upon receiving a cool look from Rong Xiu.

Meanwhile, Yan Qing was looking at Yu Mo with schadenfreude. Hah, he deserves it.

Why would he go and dig his own grave when he knew that it was a message from Xi Ling Of course, His Highness would punish him.

Then again… What was that message about that caused His Highness to be so upset

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