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Chapter 57: Ill Take the First Place

Her eyes flickered to hide the shock, but it was quickly replaced by confusion.

“Tianling Dynasty”

“You dont know Oh, right.

You used to have such a miserable life in the Chu family.

It is only normal that you dont know about the existence of different levels.” Si Yang finally gained some internal balance.

At least he knew more than Chu Liuyue in this aspect.

As the descendant of the Si family, all he heard was actually a few rumors.

However, this was more than what any ordinary person could hear.

Chu Liuyue curled her fingers, seemingly unperturbed by his words.

She smiled.

“What Is that so-called Tianling Dynasty that powerful”

“More than powerful! The whole Country Yao Chen has to look up to them.

That…” Si Yang got more and more excited as he spoke.

Then, Si Ting gave him a look.

“Si Yang.”

Si Yang suddenly quieted down and coughed.

“… I know, I know.

I shouldnt speak about such things.”

Chu Liuyue was silent for a moment before she asked, “Earlier, you said that whoever comes in first gets to see the ambassadors”

Si Yang cautiously glanced at Si Ting.

When the latter didnt object, he nodded.

“Thats right.

Although we dont have the chance to go to the Tianling Dynasty, its a great opportunity to be able to see their ambassadors too!” Saying that, he looked at Chu Liuyue and shook his head.

“Its futile for you to ask.

The assessment is over.

You came in second, so theres no chance for you.”

Chu Liuyue lowered her eyes.

Si Ting suddenly asked, “You seem to be very… concerned about this” As a bystander, he saw everything clearly.

Chu Liuyue seemed to be different after hearing the news.

When she came in second place during the assessment earlier, she was extremely calm, as if she didnt take these things to heart at all.

It was like she was just doing it casually.

But just now, Chu Liuyue had asked a question casually.

However, the fact that she had asked about it meant she was concerned about this.

“From what Si Yang said, this is a rare opportunity.

If I didnt know about it, thats fine.

But now that I know, I naturally want to see too.” Chu Liuyue looked honest, with regret in her eyes.

“Unfortunately…” I was reborn in Country Yao Chen, which is a great distance from the Tianling Dynasty.

She originally thought that it would take many years before she could go back and exact revenge on those people.

However, she never expected that people from the Tianling Dynasty would come themselves!

Although she wasnt sure who the ambassadors were, she would be able to find out some information at the very least.

However, it was exceptionally rare for the Tianling Dynasty to send ambassadors to its subsidiary countries.

At least, she had never sent anyone to Country Yao Chen during the years she was in power.

What is it this time Chu Liuyue withdrew her gaze and looked at the Xuan formation again like she was trying to comprehend it.

In reality, her mind was still thinking about the ambassadors from the Tianling Dynasty.

She wondered how long she would have to wait for any relevant news about the Tianling Dynasty again if she missed this opportunity.

Country Yao Chen was but an unremarkable country among the Tianling Dynastys dozens of affiliated countries.

This was a rare opportunity.

Her current strength certainly wasnt enough to help her exact her revenge, but… it wouldnt be a bad idea to obtain some information! A full year had now passed since the day shedied. She wanted to know what happened after her death.

Chu Liuyue was torn as though two vile creatures were fighting inside her.

“Brother, you must definitely tell me what it is like to meet the ambassadors!” Si Yang leaned closer to Si Ting with envy and yearning written all over his face.

“Ive heard that all of them there are top-notch powerhouses… I wish I had the chance to go there to take a look in this life!”

Si Ting smiled slightly.

“Your chance will come if you work hard.”

Si Yangs eyes lit up.

He nodded vigorously, but his face fell in an instant.

“Ugh, I wonder when that will be!”

It took decades for Country Yao Chen to have such an opportunity.

It was rare indeed.

Chu Liuyue suddenly spoke up.

“Elder Sun, I would like to ask you a question.”

Sun Zhongyan nodded.

“Go ahead.”

“I wonder if the academy has a rule that a person can only participate in one assessment”

Sun Zhongyan shook his head.

“There doesnt seem to be such a rule.

However, there are no such precedents previously because the assessments are divided into three categories—warriors, Xuan Masters, and heavenly doctors.

Each student has their own specialized discipline, so they basically only take part in the one they study.”

He looked at the young girl before him.

Suddenly, he could vaguely guess what she was thinking.

“You… wish to take part in the other categories assessments”

Chu Liuyue pursed her lips and smiled, her eyes brilliant.

“Elder Sun is wise.”

Another teacher spoke out and expressed his objection.

“How can you do that Youve already participated in the assessment for Xuan Masters.”

Chu Liuyue was calm.

“Teacher, you seem to have forgotten that I just enrolled today.

I… havent decided which discipline I am going to specialize in yet.

This means that Im eligible for the other assessments, arent I”

Her words shut everyone up.

Oh, right! Chu Liuyue had entered the academy with three passes in all three assessment categories.

Therefore, she could actually take the examination for any category before she decided which one to specialize in.

Another teacher couldnt stop himself from commenting.

“B-But, you have the most talent as a Xuan Master, and you have already come in second place.

You wont be able to get a better result, even if you partake in the other assessments!”

Chu Liuyue, however, was unmoved.

“I wont know until Ive tried.”

“Youre crazy!” Si Yang was stunned for quite a while before he realized what Chu Liuyue was planning to do.

He rushed to her side and shouted, “I admit that you are gifted as a Xuan Master, but that doesnt mean youll have an advantage in the warrior assessment or the heavenly doctor assessment! Youre going to get yourself killed.

Coming in second place is good enough.

Why cant you just think about it carefully If you get beaten half to death, lets see what pride youll have when you come back!”

Chu Liuyue looked at him with some surprise. Is this brat worried about me getting bullied

Si Yang blushed and raised his voice when she saw his embarrassment.

“Dont you dare think otherwise! Youre one of us now that everyone knows youre the second-best Xuan Master! If you embarrass yourself, people will laugh at us too!”

Putting the heavenly doctors aside, the warrior students and Xuan Master students had been secretly competing against each other.

Si Yang had already recognized Chu Liuyue as one of his own.

Now that he saw her like this, he naturally objected.

Chu Liuyue patted his shoulder.

“Dont worry.

Ill be back after taking first place.”


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