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Chapter 59: Appearances

Chu Xianmin read Rong Jins mind immediately.

He had just dissolved his marriage agreement with Chu Liuyue.

As a result, she had entered Tian Lu Academy and even came in second place for the Xuan Master assessment.

That was equivalent to slapping his face hard!

At a time like this, she must take first place in the warrior assessment to regain her pride and prove that she was truly better than Chu Liuyue.

Not only did this concern her, but it also concerned the Crown Prince! That was why he came under such circumstances.

He wanted to show everyone that he had nothing to lose by choosing Chu Xianmin over Chu Liuyue.

Chu Xianmin knew this was her chance and promised him.

“Brother Jin, rest assured that I will do my best.”

As long as she performed well today, the Crown Prince would have an out, and everything after that would be easy.

Rong Jin nodded with satisfaction.

What he liked most about Chu Xianmin was her intelligence; she knew the appropriate action for every occasion.

The teacher-in-charge of the assessment shouted, “Chu Xianmin, Gu Mingfeng, are you done with your preparations The finals are about to begin!”

Chu Xianmin and Gu Mingfeng heard that, and they walked towards the open space in the middle.

The other students had already formed a circle, waiting for the finals to begin.

The two of them naturally had the talent and strength to be able to stand out among hundreds of students.

“The final will determine who takes first place! The battle has no time limit and will only end when one side concedes! However, absolutely no killing is allowed during the battle! Otherwise, you will be disqualified from the competition!” The teacher supervising the exam raised his voice as he looked at both of them.

“Do you understand”

“We will remember it in our hearts.”

“The match… starts now!” With the teachers announcement, the atmosphere at the arena immediately became serious.

“Please share your experience with me,” said Chu Xianmin politely.

As her words trailed off, she was the one who quickly moved her feet towards Gu Mingfeng with a swift attack!

A sharp glint flashed in Gu Mingfengs eyes!

The two were engaged in a melee battle.

“These two are about to advance to the fourth stage as warriors.

It should be some time before the winner emerges.”

Some teachers from the academy were among the audience.

They whispered while watching the battle on the field.

“Chu Xianmin has been playing it safe.

I think she is the stronger one.

She should win.”

“Ive heard that Gu Mingfeng has been diligently cultivating recently.

Its still too early to tell who will be the winner.”

Chu Xianmin and Gu Mingfeng did not have the same teacher; naturally, they would be compared at such times.

A teacher beamed.

“Actually, Id like to head over to Xuan Masters assessment to watch…”

“Hey, Yu.

Normally, theres nothing wrong with you except that you like to go where the crowd goes.

The Xuan Master assessment is nothing more than a mystic formation.

You wont understand it even if you went.

I believe you probably want to see Chu Liuyue, right”

There was derision.

One who had been unmasked must simply admit it.

“Arent you curious Everyone says shes a loser, but she became a Xuan Master in the blink of an eye.

Did the whole Chu family go blind and never realize she was a genius throughout all these years”

“Yu, lets stay out of their family business.”

At this point, everyone looked at each other.

They said nothing more and quickly changed the topic to the match between Chu Xianmin and Gu Mingfeng.

An hour passed, and the two were still fighting.

Chu Xianmin began to panic.

She realized that Gu Mingfeng was much more formidable than she expected.

If they continued like this, she might not get first place!

She stole a quick glance at Rong Jin, who was among the audience.

Indeed, he looked sullen.

Chu Xianmin gritted her teeth. This mustnt go on! I must finish it quickly.

She took a deep breath, transferred all her force, channeled it into her longsword, and thrust the longsword straight ahead.


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