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This voice came from the second floor.

Chu Liuyue took a look and realized it was a man in his thirties, but he looked unfamiliar.

Almost at the same time he spoke up, someone yelled from the third floor, “15,000!”

The crowd on the first floor was shocked.

They basically had no chance of participating in this auction, but it seemed like the people on the top two floors were about to start an intense battle.

The temptation of a Faint Yuan Body was indeed very strong as the starting bid was already 10,000 white crystals.

The price then became 15,000 white crystals in the blink of an eye.

But this was only the beginning.

Many people kept increasing the price after this, and the calls kept coming one after another, almost without a pause.

And every time the price went up, it was shocking!




In no time, the price increased by a few-fold.

There were many rich people in Xi Ling City.

Facing such a precious Faint Yuan Body, what was money

Shui Liuer walked to Jian Fengchi and followed his vision in deep thought.

“You know this girl”

It was as though Jian Fengchis face had a layer of frost.

His chin was tense as he nodded, and his icy eyes were filled with harsh, murderous intent.

Shui Liuers heart was cold. I have never seen such an expression on Jian Fengchis face before.

Who exactly… is this woman Previously, Song Zheng said that the woman smuggled in from outside Heavens Canopy.

So, Jian Fengchi knew her from outside Heavens Canopy

Shui Liuer looked on for a while and said, “Her injuries are quite serious.”

Even though they were a distance away, it wasnt hard to imagine what kind of torture she had been through.

“She looks like shes in her teens… I really dont know how she managed to cross Heavens Canopy on her own,” said Shui Liuer softly.

Jian Fengchis gaze turned even colder as he gradually gripped the fan with even more strength until his knuckles turned white, almost crushing the fan.

Nobody knew how enraged he was when he saw that the person trapped in the cage was Mu Hongyu.

At that moment, he almost wanted to rush out and crush the cage.

In his memory, Mu Hongyu was always smiling happily and passionately like fire, so it was really unacceptable for him to suddenly see her in such a state.

There seemed to be something stuck in his chest, and he felt suffocated.

Shui Liuers voice became even gentler.

“Since shes your friend, why dont we bid for her first and bring her back”

Jian Fengchi finally spoke coldly and clearly.

“Shes not an item!”

“I know.

But Song Zheng said that she smuggled over, so everyone thinks that shes a slave.

The only way to save her is by doing this.

Do you really want to cause a commotion in Yu Xiang Hall and forcefully take her away”

That was literally a daydream.

Jian Fengchi was indeed formidable, but his two fists were hard to fight against four hands.

This was Yu Xiang Halls territory.

Who could be their opponent

Besides, Yu Xiang Hall didnt lack elites.

Any few of them could come out and subdue Jian Fengchi.

Jian Fengchi knitted his brows tightly.

The bidding calls kept coming from outside, and they were screeching to the ear.




He looked at Mu Hongyu.

She sat in the cage alone, and she tightly hugged her golden mane bear cub in her arms.

She looked lonely and helpless.

His lips moved.


A low and cold voice instantly reverberated throughout the room.

This sentence was like a sharp knife that had cut away quite a few peoples voices.

The originally bustling auction venue was instantly silenced as if someone had poured cold water over them.

Five million… white crystals! This is an astronomical figure! Even if we are from Xi Ling Citys aristocratic families, we might not be able to fork out so much money at once.

The people who were previously pretty confident all kept quiet.

Even Song Zheng was taken aback. This is the highest bidding price in Yu Xiang Hall this year!

After a temporary daze, he suppressed his wildly beating heart and said loudly, “Is anyone going to increase the price Five million going once!”

Theres someone who actually bid five million Chu Liuyue—who was waiting for the chance to act—was also stunned. From more than one million, it suddenly rose to five million… Its clear that this person wants to bid for Mu Hongyu no matter what.

There arent many people who can afford this in Xi Ling City.

Who can it be…

Chu Liuyue was deep in thought as countless faces flashed across her mind.

But as the private rooms were protected too well, she couldnt guess who the other party was.

After all, the temptation of a Faint Yuan Body was indeed too great.

She anxiously paced around the room. Previously, I planned to bid for Mu Hongyu.

Without a doubt, this was the best solution, and I could afford this price.

But this person suddenly intervened, which made Chu Liuyue hesitant.

She wasnt worried about the money, but she was worried that the other party would increase the price incessantly.

After much thinking, Chu Liuyue still chose to bid.

“Six million!”

Originally, the crowd—who thought that five million would be the final bid—all gasped. Who exactly is so rich to increase the price by so much at once!

In comparison, the previous increases of tens of thousands were all considered to be peanuts.

Shui Liuer blinked.

“Thats weird.

Who would fight with you”

Jian Fengchi recently earned money, so he can fork out this money.

However, why is the other party so decisive

Jian Fengchi was about to increase the price when he suddenly thought of something, and his gaze became serious.


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