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Mu Hongyu heard this and immediately looked up.


Her face bloomed into a surprised smile as she quickly lunged toward Chu Liuyue.

However, she staggered forward and almost fell onto the ground.

Chu Liuyue hurriedly went forward and helped her up.

“Hongyu, youre injured now.

Be careful—”

“Liuyue! Liuyue, it really is you!” Mu Hongyu didnt care about her injuries as she elatedly sized her friend up before tightly hugging her.

“This is great!”

As she hugged the latter, her tears started to fall.

“I thought I wouldnt be able to see you ever again…”

She thought that she was done for.

However, she didnt expect that not only did she escape from the cage in the blink of an eye, but she even met her closest friend!

Chu Liuyue gently patted her back.

“Its okay.

Im here.”

She comforted Mu Hongyu as she gave Jian Fengchi a grateful smile.

“Young Master Jian, thank you so much for this.”

Jian Fengchis lips curled up.

“No need.

Just remember to give me back the money later.”

Shui Liuer glanced at him. Pfft, he was clearly so anxious when trying to save her earlier.

But now, hes putting up a front again.

Chu Liuyue smiled brightly.


Jian Fengchi was dazed because he didnt expect Chu Liuyue to agree to it so swiftly.

Shui Liuer lowered her voice and reminded, “Have you thought this through clearly If she returns the money to you, Little Hongyu will have nothing to do with you anymore.”

When they went to fetch Mu Hongyu earlier, Shui Liuer had heard about Mu Hongyus happenings in a short amount of time.

Jian Fengchi raised his brows slightly. Hm This sentence sounds alright, but why does it feel weird Thinking about it seriously, exchanging over six million white crystals for Mu Hongyus Faint Yuan Body actually isnt a loss…

Mu Hongyus emotions came and went quickly.

After crying for a while and releasing all her indignation and reminiscence from the past few days, she felt better.

Noticing that she had calmed down, Chu Liuyue gently said, “Hongyu, well go home first, okay”

I really need to treat her wounds as soon as possible.

Mu Hongyu finally let go of her, but she still clutched the others hands tightly.

She rapidly wiped her tears away and nodded forcefully.


The few of them left together, and Jiang Yuzhi coincidentally came out.

Seeing the few of their back views, Jiang Yuzhi knitted her brows in confusion. Isnt that Jian Fengchi The person beside him seems to be Chun Feng Restaurants Shui Liuer.

She was previously following behind them and coincidentally saw the woman with the Faint Yuan Body walking out. Could the person who bid for that woman earlier be Jian Fengchi

At the start, she was still shocked.

But a thought popped up in her mind, and she realized that Jian Fengchi did have such financial power and charm.

He was always carefree and only did the things that he liked.

There were many aristocratic children in Xi Ling City, and most of them were controlled by their families.

But only Jian Fengchi… was living his life in a very carefree manner.

Besides, who didnt know that he bet on Chu Liuyue to take first place and earned a huge sum of money a few days ago

But the girl he bumped into later… As she was a distance away and Jian Fengchi and Shui Liuer blocked her vision, Jiang Yuzhi couldnt see that persons appearance clearly. However, she is obviously a woman.

Not only does that woman know Jian Fengchi, but it also seems like she knows the woman who was auctioned… If not, the two of them wouldnt be this close.

Besides, I feel that the back view is a little familiar as if Ive seen it before…

“Yuzhi, what are you looking at” Xiahou Tingan walked out and followed her line of sight, but there was nobody there.

Hence, he curiously asked that question.

Jiang Yuzhi fell into deep thought.

“The previous six million-plus bid was made by Jian Fengchi.”

“Its actually him” Xiahou Tingan was stunned. Its no wonder it was so much money…

Xiahou Tingan instantly felt jealous and unfair. We clearly have similar statuses and identities, but its already very hard for me to spend 10,000 white crystals to buy a sword.

On the other hand, Jian Fengchi can just casually throw out a few million.

This difference is like heaven and earth.

Xiahou Tingan forced a smile and said, “You also know that hes always like this.

Just because hes Dragon Teeth Mountains young master, he does whatever he pleases…”

Jiang Yuzhi lightly grunted.

“Thats because he can earn money! If not, do you really think Jian Shuye will let him be”

Xiahou Tingan was stumped, and his expression was ugly. What does Jiang Yuzhi mean Does she look down on me

But Jiang Yuzhi didnt notice the change in his expression as she unwittingly muttered, “But that woman…”

“Which woman” asked Xiahou Tingan.

Jiang Yuzhi briefly described the scene she saw just now.

Xiahou Tingan kept quiet for a moment and suddenly thought of something.

“Oh, yes.

I previously went to ask around, and guess who came here today”


“A girl with the last name Chu!” Xiahou Tingan pulled Jiang Yuzhi to the side.

After ensuring that nobody was around, he lowered his voice and said, “The people from Yu Xiang Hall have tight lips.

No matter how we ask, theyll definitely not reveal the VIPs identities.

However, we can ask the pageboys at the front!”

This was the method he brought up to Jiang Yuzhi previously.

“Whoever comes here has to enter from the main entrance, and the pageboys remember them clearly.

We have seen all the people on the first and second floors, so the remaining ones not seen have to be in the rooms.”

“I previously went to ask, and there was indeed a new customer today! If I havent guessed wrongly… It should be Chu Liuyue!” Xiahou Tingan couldnt conceal his excitement.

Actually, it was quite hard for him to find out about this, and he had spent a lot of effort.

But now, it seemed like it was worth it.

Jiang Yuzhi found it weird at first and was shocked later on.

After piecing everything together, she could basically guess what happened.

“So it means that the woman I saw earlier was Chu Liuyue”

She indeed has an extraordinary relationship with Jian Fengchi.

Besides… she also came from outside Heavens Canopy! Perhaps… they already knew each other earlier on

“Not only this, but I also suspect that the person who snatched the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword was her.” Xiahou Tingan boomed, “She did similar things previously.

Who knows if shed do it a second time I knew that the sword wasnt worth 10,000 white crystals.

Why would someone fork out so much money… She was clearly targeting us!”

No matter if it was targeting Jiang Yuzhi and me… She is too arrogant!

“Youre right… It must be her!” Jiang Yuzhis expression changed, and she clenched her silver teeth. Most people in Xi Ling City would give in to me because of my brother, except for that Chu Liuyue!

“I want to look for her!” Jiang Yuzhis blood boiled as she turned around and was about to chase them.

Xiahou Tingan hurriedly pulled her back.

“Yuzhi, we cant go there now! Did you forget about what I told you earlier on”

Jiang Yuzhi paused in her tracks.

“Besides, she did spend money and legitimately bid for that sword today.

If we go over like that, were not in the right…”

Jiang Yuzhis chest rose and dropped rapidly.

After a while, she said with much hatred, “I wont let her off so easily next time! Ill find my brother right away!”


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