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Mu Hongyu sighed.

“This started half a month ago…”

Originally, after Chu Liuyue left the Imperial City, Mu Hongyu also took leave from the academy and planned to follow her mother home.

Ever since she went to the Imperial City to study, she had never gone home before.

Her mothers body was recovering this time, so she wanted to go back and reunite with her family.

However, she didnt expect to meet with an ambush midway.

It turned out that Elder Wu Shan had betrayed them and attracted people to come and assassinate them.

Amidst the panic, Mu Hongyu used herself as bait and diverted those peoples attention so that Elder Ji Chang could bring her mother away and leave.

But because her mother kept objecting, Mu Hongyu personally used her sword and knocked her out cold.

Mu Hongyu originally thought that she was done for, but she fell down from the cliff and landed in the rapid waves at the verge of death.

She was severely injured then and floated in the river for three whole days.

If it werent for the golden mane bear cub, she might not have made it to this day and wouldve died in the river.

After surviving those blurry three days, she finally saw a boat at the lower stream.

There were more than 20 people on the boat, and they all seemed to be strong warriors.

Back then, she vaguely felt something amiss.

But she was hovering between the edge of life and death, so she couldnt care much when she saw a chance for survival.

Hence, she tried her best to beg and used all her money on her to exchange for a chance to get onto the boat.

She thought that as long as she could make it to the shore, she would definitely have a way to go back.

In the end, she didnt expect that she arrived at the edge of Heavens Canopy when the boat stopped once again.

When Emperor Jiawen previously summoned Heavens Canopy, Mu Hongyu had seen it from afar.

So when she saw the gigantic curtain-like Heavens Canopy, she finally realized that the boat she got on wasnt an ordinary problem.

When the group of people was planning to get down from the boat, they were accidentally discovered and were chased and killed.

Amidst the messy battle, Mu Hongyu ran with all her might but fainted in the end as her body couldnt support her any longer.

When she woke up once again, she realized that she was alone and that she had arrived within Heavens Canopy.

She and the golden mane bear cub were dazed and helpless as they continued to walk on.

When they were hungry, they would eat grass.

When they were tired, they would lie directly on the ground to rest.

They suffered more than they ever did in the past decades.

She walked like this for another two days and met with a group of people, and those people were from Yu Xiang Hall.

They were originally passing by unwittingly, and they caught Mu Hongyu when they saw her walking alone at the edge of Heavens Canopy.

Actually, they didnt think of Mu Hongyu as much earlier on.

But when they later discovered that Mu Hongyu could teleport on the spot and freely travel from this place to another, they realized her uniqueness.

In the end, they brought her back to Xi Ling.

Mu Hongyu tried to escape two or three times in between, but she was quickly captured by them.

To make her become more obedient, they fed her some medicine.

The next time she woke up, she was within the metal cage.

After Mu Hongyu finished talking, the room fell into a long silence.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and rubbed her brows.

“…Those people on the boat shouldve been smuggling in.”

There was indeed such a special existence outside of Heavens Canopy.

They hadnt attained the abilities of a stage-seven warrior, and they didnt know anyone within Heavens Canopy.

Hence, they couldnt legitimately enter Heavens Canopy.

But they had all sorts of imaginations and expectations toward Heavens Canopy, so they racked their brains and used all sorts of ways to smuggle into Heavens Canopy.

Heavens Canopy was very wide.

Even if many countries had sent countless warriors to guard the place, they couldnt ensure that every area could successfully defend against these people.

Mu Hongyu shouldve coincidentally caught up with a batch of them. Chu Liuyue thought about all the experiences her friend had mentioned and couldnt help but sigh deeply.

“…Its really the miracle of all miracles for you to be able to live until now…”

This journey was perilous and filled with all sorts of dangers.

If she was careless during any part of the journey, she wouldve been finished.

Yet, Mu Hongyu was lucky enough to avoid all of them… and even coincidentally met with them! One could almost say that she had help from the heavens.

At the side, Jian Fengchi and Shui Liuer also had conflicted expressions.

When they saw Mu Hongyus injuries previously, they knew that she suffered during this period.

But when she voiced out those matters, it still far exceeded their expectations.

Jian Fengchi slowly sighed and softly muttered, “This means that my six million-plus white crystals werent spent in vain…”

Shui Liuer glared at him. Do you know how to talk Isnt he always gentle, sensitive, and understanding when facing girls Why does he only know how to say this in front of Mu Hongyu

Jian Fengchi also seemed to have felt that it was inappropriate, so he coughed. Its good that Mu Hongyu doesnt seem to care about this.

Chu Liuyue thought for a while and said, “Your Faint Yuan Body… Whats up with that”

Mu Hongyu shrugged her shoulders and looked innocent.

“I dont know either.

I think I suddenly became like that.

After Yu Xiang Halls people caught me, I accidentally heard that they wanted to sell me, so I was scared and kept thinking of escaping.

In the end, I somehow managed to end up in another place.”

“They found me quite quickly after that, so I took advantage of the time when they werent paying attention and tried again.

And I succeeded! I then realized there was something wrong with my body.”

Chu Liuyue curled her lips slightly. How is this something wrong This is an enormous opportunity! The Faint Yuan Body hasnt appeared in the world for the past thousands of years.

Its no wonder that Yu Xiang Halls people wanted to find her no matter what and even specifically sent her to Xi Ling.

Mu Hongyu thought for a moment and said, “Oh, yes.

When I floated in the river for three days and boarded the ship after, my abilities seemed to strengthen slowly.

When Yu Xiang Halls people found me, I finally stopped at the standard of a peak stage-five warrior.

I think… Its related to that river water But none of the people on the boat were the same as me…”

Her body came without rhyme or reason, and she didnt even know how she managed to break through.

Chu Liuyue smiled. Now, we cant find out when and how Mu Hongyu suddenly gained the Faint Yuan Body.

But this isnt important.

The important thing is that she has the Faint Yuan Body!

This was something that countless people begged for but couldnt get, yet Mu Hongyu managed to gain it suddenly.

If they talked about it out loud, they would cause a lot of people to be envious to death.

“Hongyu, since those matters have already passed, you dont have to think about them anymore.

Since youre already in Xi Ling now, then you should just stay here.

You already have the Faint Yuan Body, so your talents are astonishing, and your potential is unlimited.

If you go back to Yao Chen again, your progress will just be delayed.

Only by staying here can you become a top warrior!”


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