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“At least nine bolts.”

Chu Liuyues eyelids twitched harshly, and she almost suspected that she had heard wrongly.

She seriously asked, “Are you serious”

The ancestor fell into a temporary silence again.

“…You need to do this to trigger the lightning and refine the Yuan instrument… But dont worry.

With your current abilities, nine bolts of lightning wont be a problem!”

Chu Liuyue didnt feel assured by that at all.

Shangguan Jing continued, “Actually, this is also extremely beneficial for you.

If you can successfully endure the lightnings power, it will definitely stabilize your foundation further.

Your physical strength will also increase.”

It was naturally extraordinary to have lightning nourishing ones body.

Chu Liuyue thought for a while before slowly saying, “Okay!”

Since the ancestor has already suggested it, he must think that I can do it.

Since this is so, why dont I give it a try

The ancestor was clearly very happy as well. Back then, I personally triggered the lightning and refined the Long Yuan Sword.

If Chu Liuyue can succeed now, it would mean that she has inherited and completed my legacy to a certain extent.

“Theres a star stone that I used before in the Long Yuan Sword.

You can directly take it out to use it.

Its best if you can find a quiet and isolated mountain peak so that you wont affect others when youre triggering the lightning,” reminded Shangguan Jing seriously.

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment and recalled that Qing Yuan Mountains surroundings had a few peaks that nobody would go to normally.

Additionally, after Chong Xu Cabinet met with that crisis earlier on, those few mountain peaks were damaged to different extents.

Hence, they were even more isolated now.

It would be the most suitable to pick that location.

“Lets do it as soon as possible.

It would be easier to divert the Heaven and Earth Force at night, so why dont we go today”


Chu Liuyue went to Yan Lin Peak—which was beside Qing Yuan Mountain—alone.

Even if more than a year had passed, it was still easy to see traces of the intense battle that took place on the mountain peak.

Countless trees were broken on the peak, and they were sprawled everywhere.

Chu Liuyue came all the way to the peak.

The mountaintop had been shaved, and it was very smooth and tidy, which was convenient for Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue surveyed the surroundings.

After ensuring there was no problem, she stood still in the middle.

Then, she searched within the Long Yuan Sword for a moment.

A thought flashed across her mind.

With a low sound, a gigantic star stone appeared in front of her.

The star stone was as tall as a person, and it was presented in a cube form.

On the surface, it was a dark black-blue color.

Upon closer look, one could see the dots of stars on it, which looked as dazzling as the night sky.

There were countless clear sword marks on it.

One could just imagine what this star stone had experienced before.

A faint suppression exuded from it.

“All these stars are the lightning power that has been left in it.

After so many years, I thought it would be sealed forever.

I didnt expect for it to see the light of day again.” The ancestor sighed.

Chu Liuyue was amazed in her heart.

“Now, you just have to refine the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword against this until the heart appears.” Shangguan Jings voice became much more solemn.

“The entire process will exhaust a lot of energy and strength, so you must be prepared.”

Chu Liuyue nodded; then, she jumped up and landed on the star stone.

Her wrist turned, and the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword appeared in her palm.

She looked up.

The night sky had fallen.

Dazzling stars gradually appeared in the black curtain.

Slowly, they became a sea of stars that floated around.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and held the hilt with one hand as the other hand pressed the sword body against the star stone.

Then, she began to refine it.


At the same time, in the Jiang Residence.

Inside the study, Jiang Yucheng put down the pen in his hands and looked at Jiang Yuzhi.

“You came just to tell me this”

After Jiang Yuzhi came home today, she had been clamoring to see him.

But he was frustrated because of Weichi Song today, so he told her to wait outside first.

After handling his tasks and calming down, he then called her in. I originally thought that something that could make her willingly wait for so long must be something urgent.

I didnt expect that… It was actually because of Chu Liuyue!

Jiang Yuzhi looked indignant.

“Brother, that Chu Liuyue is such a bully! You must serve justice for me!”

Jiang Yucheng leaned against his chair and rubbed his brows.

He knew very clearly what kind of person his sister was.

Normally, he always doted on her and gave in to her for everything.

However, he didnt expect her to become worse and to become so relentless over a sword.

“Yuzhi, lets not talk about whether you can confirm if the person is her.

Even if it really is her, theres no reason for you to cause trouble for her.

No matter if its this time or the previous time, the other party gave money and didnt forcefully steal from you.”

Jiang Yuzhi angrily said, “It must be her! Other than her, who would dare to go against me in the entire Xi Ling Besides, Tingan said that the sword isnt even worth 10,000 white crystals, yet she had to fight with me.

Isnt she doing it on purpose!”

Jiang Yucheng looked nonchalant. Jiang Yuzhi cant tell, but Ive understood Xiahou Tingan very clearly.

He wanted to use this chance to get into Jiang Yuzhis good books, but he didnt expect someone to intervene.

Not only did that person steal his chance to suck up to Jiang Yuzhi, but she even angered him.

He is the Xiahou familys young master after all, and they are still raising him.

Thus, he totally doesnt have so muchextra money. In the end, he pushed all of the blame to Chu Liuyue.

He looked down on Xiahou Tingans actions and couldnt help but despise him.

“Do you listen to whatever Xiahou Tingan tells you Yuzhi, you must remember that hes chasing you and that hes not worthy of you.

You mustnt let him lead you by the nose.”

But how could Jiang Yuzhi listen to this at this point Her heart was just filled with the humiliation she suffered twice.

“I only listen to him when hes right! Chu Liuyue is clearly going against me.

Brother, you must help me teach her a good lesson.”

Jiang Yucheng was frustrated.

“She has already entered Chong Xu Cabinet and has become Weichi Songs personal disciple now.

Shes even quite reputable in Xi Ling City… If I touch her at this point, it will definitely attract a lot of attention.

This matter isnt as simple as you think.”

Jiang Yuzhi widened her eyes.

“Brother, youre the Third Princesss Prince Consort! Would anyone dare to say that youre wrong Whats there to worry about teaching a Chu Liuyue a lesson!”

Jiang Yuchengs gaze instantly turned cold as his eyes turned into daggers as he stared at her.

“Who taught you all of this!”

Jiang Yuzhi shuddered and then recalled what Xiahou Tingan said previously. Brother is high in power, but he must be very careful now…

She shrunk her neck and immediately softened her tone.

“Nobody taught me… Brother, Im your biological sister, and Im not stupid.

I know what to do and what not to do… I didnt mean it previously.

Please dont take it to heart…”

Jiang Yuchengs gaze turned warmer, but his voice was still cold.

“Go back first.

Ill take it as if you didnt mention this.”


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