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Jiang Yuzhi was stunned.

She didnt expect that she would be rejected by her brother when she specifically went to ask him for help.

He would never do this in the past!

“Brother!” She quickly went forward and pressed on the table with both her hands as she looked at Jiang Yucheng in disbelief.

“I was bullied by someone, yet youre just going to let it go like that If shes targeting me, doesnt it mean that she disregards you too!”

Brother has always minded this very much.

Why did he suddenly change his stance today

Jiang Yucheng looked up at her.

“Its an extraordinary period now, so dont get into trouble.

I know you have suffered in this incident.

Later, you can go to the storeroom and pick a few items you like—”

“Its not about money!” Jiang Yuzhi didnt back down.

“Right, didnt they say that Chu Liuyues backer is Mu Qinghe Brother, cant you just call Mu Qinghe over and tell him to teach Chu Liuyue a lesson”

Not only will Chu Liuyue suffer this way, but we can even clarify Chu Liuyues relationship with Mu Qinghe.

This will let the entire Xi Ling know that she actually doesnt have a backer at all.

But Jiang Yucheng ignored her as he lowered his hand and did his own things. I really spoiled her rotten.

If I dont properly discipline her, I dont know what other trouble shell get herself into in the future.

In the past, she could cause a scene as much as she wanted to.

But how can she do this now Once I marry Shangguan Wan, and she ascends the throne… There cant be any mishaps at all.

Besides, Ive been very frustrated lately.

The Emperor has been in a coma all along and shows no signs of awakening.

The Messed Yuan Gravel on Qing Yuan Mountain has been cleared, and Weichi Song suspects me, so I have to find a way to cover this up.

There is also Shangguan Wan, who has become very unpredictable lately…

All these things frustrated him.

How would he still be in the mood to handle Jiang Yuzhis matters

“Brother, youre really not planning to help me, is it” Jiang Yuzhi stepped back, and her eyes were filled with anger and indignation.

“Isnt it just because of her face”

Jiang Yucheng paused in his actions, slowly raised his head, and said expressionlessly, “What did you say”

His tone sounded calm, but anger filled his eyes.

However, Jiang Yuzhi only cared about herself at this point.

“I knew it! Its because of her face! Her eyes; dont they look extremely like the Princ—”


Jiang Yucheng suddenly slammed the table and frightened Jiang Yuzhi until her entire body shuddered.

Looking at Jiang Yuchengs ice-cold face, she finally realized that she seemed to have said something wrong.

“Brother, youre actually throwing your temper at me because of a Chu Liuyue” Her eyes quickly reddened as she teared up in grievance. Brother has never been like this all these years!

“Or… is it because of the Princess!”

Jiang Yucheng suddenly said coldly, “Get out!”

Jiang Yuzhis heart trembled.

The next moment, it was as if she decided to go all out as she chuckled.

“Everyone thinks that youre on very good terms with the Third Princess.

But if it really is so, why would you secretly paint a picture of the Princess! Do you think I dont know—”


A crisp slap sound was heard.

Jiang Yucheng looked at her coldly.

“I think I have spoiled you too much! During this period, youd better stay in the residence.

Youre not allowed to go anywhere!”

Jiang Yuzhi was hit until her head tilted to one side, and she hadnt reacted yet.

Jiang Yucheng had already left.

“Also, Ill temporarily put your wedding with Xiahou Tingan on hold.”

Then, he directly left the study.

Very quickly, people came in and wanted to invite her out.

Jiang Yuzhi felt suffocated as her eyes turned black, and she directly fainted.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Yan Qing rushed back the entire way, but he was still late.

Everyone in Peerless Palace had been killed, and Rong Xiu had already returned with his troops.

Yan Qing felt extreme regret in being unable to see Yu Mos farce.

However, he would still be comforted after seeing Yu Mos swollen face.

“Wheres His Highness” He also had Ms.

Liuyues letter with him, so he naturally had to present it as soon as possible.

However, Rong Xiu wasnt in.

Yu Mos cheeks swelled up as he raised his chin and softly said, “The entire Peerless Palace has been killed, and all the different departments were affected.

Quite a few people started attacking His Highness.

All the elders have now come, and theyre waiting in the main hall.

His Highness just went over.”

Yan Qing was taken aback.

“All the elders are here Why did they come so quickly”

Yu Mo lightly grunted.

“Someone disliked His Highness from much earlier on, so why would they let go of this chance now”

Yan Qing nodded and looked solemn.

“This day must come.

Since His Highness has already started taking action, he must have done sufficient preparation.

This time… we should be able to clear quite a few dirty things.”

Tai Yuan Hall.

All the elders were split into two sides and sat according to their ranks.

The entire halls atmosphere was solemn and cold.

“His Grace has been too wilful to suddenly kill the entire Peerless Palace!”

“Why did he suddenly do this out of nowhere Even if the Peerless Palace really did something wrong, he shouldnt have done something so cruel!”

“Everyone is partaking in heated discussions now… Theyre all waiting for His Grace to give an explanation—”

“Even though His Grace holds power, his actions are too overboard…”

An announcement was suddenly heard, and it broke the suffocating atmosphere.

“His Grace is here!”

The voice sounded, and everyone immediately looked toward the hall entrance.

A tall and bulky figure with a black cloak and a cold, bloody aura walked in.


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