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Chapter 60: The Warriors Assessment

Gu Mingfeng raised his sword at the same time!


The two swords clashed with an ear-piercing sound and sparks!

Chu Xianmins heart sank.

The power contained within Gu Mingfengs sword was even stronger than hers.

He is hiding his strength! Chu Xianmin began to panic even more at this thought. No way! I must not be defeated by Gu Mingfeng! I must win first place today.

Gu Mingfeng pushed with his wrist again, and the longsword came crashing down on Chu Xianmin.

She felt her entire arm go numb, making it difficult for her to grip the sword in her hand.

Suddenly she had an idea! She loosened her grip on the sword, lowered herself, and stepped aside to avoid his sword.

Gu Mingfeng initially thought she would attack again, but he didnt expect her to abandon her sword and lose her pivot all of a sudden.

The longsword in his hand, which had been filled with the force, fell short! He wobbled.

Chu Xianmin had circled to his side by this time.

In her hand, something flashed with a biting, cold light.

… A sharp dagger!

By the time Gu Mingfeng reacted, the dagger was already in front of him, no more than half an arms length from his neck!

He subconsciously tried to turn his longsword around, but it was too late!

In his hurry, Gu Mingfeng had to retreat quickly! However, he hadnt been able to stand firm just now, and this caused him to lose his center of gravity directly.

His gaze turned icy when he looked at Chu Xianmin. How dare she use such a devious move against me!

The anger burned inside him.

He was about to move, but he suddenly thought of something.

His expression changed, and he hesitated. No, not now.

Chu Xianmin had already arrived before his eyes at precisely this moment.

Gu Mingfeng secretly removed half of the force from his leg and kicked Chu Xianmins wrist!


He actually kicked her dagger away.

However, Chu Xianmin was prepared and immediately used the momentum to lift her leg.

Her kick landed right in the middle of Gu Mingfengs chest.

With a muffled sound, his whole body flew back, somersaulted, and hit the ground hard.

It left a long trail on the ground.

The crowd outside the arena quieted down.

An assessment teacher shouted, “Gu Mingfeng, out of bounds! Chu Xianmin wins the battle!”

As soon as she heard that, Chu Xianmin finally set the boulder of worry in her heart down.

Everyone exchanged looks with each other.

“This… whatever Chu Xianmin did just now couldnt be intentional, right”

“I think so.

The two of them are on par when it comes to strength.

How could she have lost her grip on her sword so easily If it werent for that, Gu Mingfeng wouldnt have missed.”

“You guys arent jealous that Chu Xianmin won first place, are you Its not like we dont know about her talent and strength.

She didnt have to resort to these tactics! The teachers also havent said anything!”

“But it just looked a little off…”

One teacher laughed.

“It is a competition after all.

Sometimes, its not a bad idea to be smart.”

There were other teachers who showed their disapproval, but they didnt say anything in the end.

All of them could clearly see that Chu Xianmin had pushed the envelope.

Although her actions werent very good, it wasnt a big mistake.

They would encounter much more dangerous situations than this when they fought in the future.

Besides, Gu Mingfeng didnt seem to have any intention of fighting for first place…

Hearing the teacher say all this, the questioning voices in the crowd gradually subsided.

Chu Xianmin walked up to Rong Jin and said with relief, “Fortunately, I didnt disappoint Brother Jin.

Rong Jin smiled.

“Your strength has increased by so much more than before.

It wont take you long to become a stage-four warrior.” The process didnt matter.

What he wanted was the result.

“I promised you before that I would give you a reward as long as you could pull off a victory.”

Rong Jin was in a good mood.

He was beginning to look at Chu Xianmin much more favorably again.

The position of main consort was no longer available to her, but the position of side consort was still good.

“Warrior assessment for the 453rd batch, first place goes to Chu—”

The assessment teacher couldnt finish the announcement.

He was interrupted by a clear female voice.


Everyone looked toward a certain direction in unison, and they were all taken aback.

“Chu Liuyue, what are you doing here” The teacher was initially frustrated by the interruption.

But as soon as he saw Chu Liuyue, his tone became gentler.

Chu Liuyue smiled and replied, “I would like to participate in the warrior assessment.”


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