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She genuinely treated Weichi Song as her mentor and genuinely respected him. In the past, I didnt have this chance and owed him a lot.

Now, I finally have the chance to repay him.

Weichi Song looked at Chu Liuyue, and his eyes seemed to ripple as he gently spoke after a long time.

“Liuyue, youve just accepted me as your mentor, yet youve done so much…”

Logically speaking, even for a mentor and disciple, they wouldnt do so much for each other after just knowing each other.

But since the start, Chu Liuyue seemed to be unreserved toward Chong Xu Cabinet and me.

No matter if it is her disregarding everything and choosing Chong Xu Cabinet out of all the clans or helping me redeem all these items later on… She did too much—this is definitely not something one can do because theyre rich.

This is even more so since it encompasses her sincerity.

Chu Liuyue tilted her head and smiled.

“Mentor, didnt you help me a lot too If it werent for you, Little Zhou and I might not even have a place to stay now.”

Weichi Songs lips curled up, but he didnt say anything. According to Chu Liuyues abilities, they could definitely find other good places to stay even if I didnt help them and give them that house to live in.

He originally wanted to ask further, but he suddenly couldnt speak when he was faced with Chu Liuyues genuine smile.

When he first saw her, he actually also had a very good impression of her.

For some reason, he always felt extra soft-hearted and close to Chu Liuyue when facing her.

If not, he wouldnt have given her the whistle he planned to give to Little Crescent.

That was something he wanted to bring to his grave, even though he did give Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou one each.

In actual fact, a very large part of the reason was because of Chu Liuyue.

Perhaps fate between people was this magical sometimes…

“Liuyue, do you want to accompany me and play a game of chess” said Weichi Song suddenly.

Chu Liuyues heart tingled.


Weichi Song said, “I was playing with myself earlier.

Youre white; its your turn now.”

Chu Liuyue picked up a chess piece from the container next to her.

It was cold to the touch and very smooth and hard.

It was clear that Weichi Song had played chess quite often, which was why the chess piece became this smooth.

Chu Liuyue looked at the chessboard, thought for a moment, and placed the white chess piece down.


The two jade stones made contact and let out a tiny, crisp sound.

Weichi Songs attention was quickly attracted by the chess game.

The two of them went one after another and started to fight mercilessly.

After a while, Chu Liuyue spoke as if she were nonchalant.

“Mentor, your chessboard seems different from normal ones.”

Weichi Song smiled comfortingly and said with reminiscence, “Little Crescent personally made this for me.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

After a while, she placed another piece down and lightly said, “I always hear you talking about her.

I wonder what kind of person she is”

This question made Weichi Song open his chatterbox.

As he played chess, he told Chu Liuyue about all sorts of things regarding Little Crescent.

In the past, he couldnt bear to and was unwilling to talk to others about this.

But perhaps he had suffered too much impact lately and was very tired mentally, so he wanted to find someone to rant to and unwittingly spoke a lot.

Chu Liuyue quietly listened and acknowledged his words once in a while.

But after listening, she realized that Weichi Song had remembered many things she herself didnt remember clearly.

Her heart seemed to be wrapped by something soft.

After experiencing the heart-wrenching betrayal, this type of warmth and care became extremely precious.

The duo unknowingly played a few rounds of chess like this.

After more than half a day, Chu Liuyue then stood up to leave.

The next few days, Chu Liuyue cultivated in her own room during the day.

At night, she went to the mountain peak to refine the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword.

Even though the refinement speed of the sword was very slow, she did indeed become increasingly well-versed with it.

In the end, her progress gradually became obvious.

The more comforting thing was that during this process, her physical strength did improve by quite a bit.

Hence, she had even more motivation to refine the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword.

Just like this, Chu Liuyue stayed at Qing Yuan Mountain and spent her daily life plainly and simply.

Chu Liuyues side was quiet, but Xi Ling City became livelier.

The news of Jian Fengchi generously bidding 6.6 million white crystals for a slave with the Faint Yuan Body spread around the entire Xi Ling City quickly.

Mu Hongyu was a live person and had no way of hiding.

Even if she could temporarily hide for one or two days, she would still immediately be discovered when she appeared in front of the crowd in the future.

Hence, Jian Fengchi had never thought of hiding this incident.

Anyway, he had legitimately spent money, and nobody could stop him.

In the end, he didnt expect that even though the outside world was peaceful, his own father violently hit him when he brought Mu Hongyu back to Dragon Teeth Mountain.

The moment he stepped into Dragon Teeth Mountain, he was captured by Jian Shuye.

“Stupid brat, how dare you come back!”

Jian Fengchi was taken aback and was dazed when he saw his furious father.

“Father, whats with you”

“Whats with me How dare you have the cheek to ask me whats with me Why dont you look at the things that youve done!” shouted Jian Shuye as he continued to hit Jian Fengchi.

Jian Fengchi wanted to run without hesitation. I cant return to this home!

But how could he be Jian Shuyes match His path was blocked before he could run far, and he had to come back.

Jian Fengchi immediately admitted his faults sensibly.

“Father, I was wrong!”

Jian Shuye then stopped.

However, one of his hands was still hanging in midair as if it would continue hitting him at any moment.

“Speak! How are you wrong”

Jian Fengchi racked his brains, but he had no idea.

He could only test the waters and ask, “…Ive done too many wrong things.

Which are you referring to”

“Scoundrel!” Jian Shuyes palm still landed harshly.

“Normally, youre very arrogant and ill-disciplined, and your mother spoils you.

Now, youre even better.

Just because you have some money, you can even buy a slave! Youve really learned well!”

Jian Fengchi then understood that it was because of Mu Hongyu.

He shied away and explained, “Father, I did this for a reason!”

“What reason Dont tell me you took a fancy to her Faint Yuan Body! Do you think I have no idea what kind of person you are I already heard that the lady is very pretty.

Did you target her because of that”

Its fine that hes normally flirtatious, yet he still did such a thing today! How humiliating!

Jian Fengchi was dazed and then understood what his father meant.

He strangely asked, “Father, you thought that I bought her back because I like her looks”

“If not!” Jian Shuyes chest rose as he glared and shouted, “If its not for you being so immature, why would Liuyue abandon our Dragon Teeth Mountain and run off to Chong Xu Cabinet!”


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