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Jian Shuye clenched his fists and harshly coughed.

“…So this means that you really did this to help… Hongyu”

Jian Fengchi laughed even more coldly.

“If you dont believe me, we can go to Chong Xu Cabinet now to ask Chu Liuyue.”

It seems… like… I really misunderstood my own son Jian Shuye finally felt bad.

“Then previously, you and Liuyue—”

Jian Fengchis eyelids twitched, and he suddenly had a bad feeling.

“You misunderstood us… You still wanted to invite her to Dragon Teeth Mountain What is that about”

Jian Shuye laughed.

“Ah! Nothing much, nothing much! I was just casually talking to Liuyue!”

But Jian Fengchi didnt believe him as he took two steps forward and looked at his own father.

He then asked, “Did you say something you shouldnt”

Jian Shuye avoided his gaze.

“Um… Actually, I didnt say much… I just saw that the girl was smart, pretty, and well-mannered, so I thought shed be a good daughter-in-law… But dont worry! I didnt say all of this!”

“Father!” Disbelief filled Jian Fengchis face as he instinctively glanced at Mu Hongyu at the side.

“Chu Liuyue and I are really just friends!”

I only didnt come back for a period of time.

Why did such a big misunderstanding occur My father even thought that I liked Chu Liuyue, and he wanted her as his daughter-in-law Jian Fengchi knew his father too well.

If he really thought that way, one could just imagine what he had said to Chu Liuyue that day.

Once he thought of this scene, Jian Fengchi felt so awkward that all his hair stood on end.

Jian Shuye strangely muttered, “Since youre just friends, why wont she come to Dragon Teeth Mountain…”

Jian Fengchi held his forehead helplessly.

He felt that he had no more face to see Chu Liuyue again.

And Mu Hongyu…

Young Master Jian—who had spent more than 20 years in a carefree and happy manner—finally experienced what it was like to be backstabbed.

He felt extremely uneasy and wanted to find a hole to hide himself in.

And all of this was because of his father!

Jian Shuye glanced at Mu Hongyu and suddenly thought of something.

“Then, you brought Mu Hongyu back today because…”

Jian Fengchis voice was so cold that it had ice shards in them.

“I still thought that you would be happy to accept a disciple with the Faint Yuan Body… Now, it seems like I thought wrong…”

Jian Shuye was stunned and recovered his senses afterward.

He was elated and surprised.

“Youre saying that Hongyu wants to enter Dragon Teeth Mountain This is great!”

Afterward, he quickly sized Mu Hongyu up again.

Faint Yuan Body! This girl has the Faint Yuan Body! Many people beg for it but cant even get it! If she really can become my disciple, Ill have so much face when I go out! That bunch of old people would be envious to death! After so long, it turned out that Jian Fengchi wasnt doing this for himself but because of this!

Jian Shuye was overjoyed and hurriedly nodded.

“Good, good, good! Why dont you acknowledge your mentor today Today!”

Jian Fengchi heaved a sigh of relief.

Originally, he was still worried that his father would be hesitant because of Mu Hongyus current status as a slave.

But now, it seemed like there was no problem at all.

However, his expression didnt change much as he coolly said, “Arent you too anxious”

Its not like youve never had a disciple.

Is there a need to be this excited

Jian Shuye thought and agreed. Mu Hongyu just came; I shouldnt scare her.

Thinking of this, he smiled happily and said to Mu Hongyu, “Hongyu, today is your first time at Dragon Teeth Mountain.

Why dont you let this kid bring you around”

Mu Hongyu also didnt take the previous misunderstanding to heart.

Seeing that Jian Shuye was so enthusiastic and polite, she was also happy as she smiled brightly with her almond eyes shining.

“Thank you, Master!”

Jian Shuye instructed them a while longer and then left.

Jian Fengchi and Mu Hongyu were left behind as they looked at each other.

Jian Fengchi thought for a moment and said, “Ill bring you around first so that you can familiarize yourself with the environment.

Then, you can also let them tidy up a place for you to stay.”

Mu Hongyu nodded and looked very sincere.

“Young Master Jian, you and Master are all good people! I really dont know how to thank you!”

Jian Fengchi chuckled, stretched out his hand, and wanted to use his fan to knock her head.

But when he saw her slim face, his heart tingled, and he changed to his other hand as he flicked her forehead.

“You can just thank me alone then.”

Hundred Herbs Buildings third floor.

“Master, this is Ms.

Liuyues room…” Yue Ling stood at the side, and his shoulders were slightly lowered as he spoke respectfully.

He looked as calm and composed as usual, but his tightly tense chin showed off his current nervousness.

Even if someone beat him to death, he would never expect that his master would suddenly appear in Xi Ling at this point. Didnt they previously say that he wouldnt be coming anytime soon and that they wanted me to take care of everything Yet, he directly came in the blink of an eye!

Seeing his master appear here at this moment, he was so frightened that his heart was about to jump out from his mouth.

“Ever since I received news from you the previous time, I had already prepared this room.



Liuyue hasnt been here until today.”

Rong Xiu was wearing a white robe.

When he heard this, he asked, “What did she buy when she came here”

Yue Ling immediately said, “Ms.

Liuyue came a total of two times.

The first time she bought…”

He originally thought that his master was just casually asking, but after he named a few items in a row, he saw that his master had no intention of interrupting him.

Hence, he could only continue talking.

Luckily, he had already noticed that his master treated Chu Liuyue differently compared to others, so he paid extra attention to her matters.

If not, he wouldnt have been able to say anything now.

Yue Ling talked until his throat was dry before he managed to list everything.

Sweat broke out on his forehead. Master actually wasnt frustrated at all and listened from start to end.

“… All of these are the items that Ms.

Liuyue bought after she came here…”

Rong Xiu thought for a moment and said, “It seems like there are quite a few things that belong to Chong Xu Cabinets Master Weichi”

Yue Lings heart felt slightly cold as he didnt expect his master to know this as well.

He hurriedly said, “Master, youre very wise.

When Ms.

Liuyue previously came, she did buy all of Old Songs items.”

Shes already a disciple of Chong Xu Cabinet now, so one can just think to know that she had bought all of them back for Weichi Song.

Speaking of this, Weichi Song is still quite lucky…

“As expected.” Rong Xius lips curled up slightly. This is indeed something she would do.

Yue Ling noticed that his masters mood seemed to be better than when he first came, but he didnt dare to ask further.

Right at this moment, he suddenly heard some commotion outside.

He could vaguely hear the nameChu Liuyue.

Rong Xiu narrowed his eyes.

Yue Lings heart sank, and he immediately said, “Master, there seems to be someone causing trouble downstairs.

Ill go take a look.”

Rong Xiu slightly nodded.

Yue Ling rushed down hurriedly.

On the first floor, he saw a young girl standing in the middle of the hall.

She said in frustration, “I said that I want everything Chu Liuyue bought the first time she came here! Do you not understand what Im saying!”


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