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As Chu Liuyue returned to her residence, she met many of her seniors along the way.

All of them were looking at her strangely, their gazes filled with curiosity and excitement.

“Youre back, Liuyue!”

“Liuyue, someones looking for you!”

She raised her brows slightly when she saw their reactions. What a familiar scene.

Didnt they react the same way when Yan Qing came previously If not for the fact that everyone is busy with the preparations for the upcoming clan competition, Im afraid there would be even more people than before.

She greeted each and every one of her seniors and made her way back to her room under their watchful gazes.

The door was wide open, and she stepped in to see three men in the room.

One of them was Yan Qing—who she had just met a few days ago—and he was standing straight in respect.

The second was Qiang Wanzhou, who stood stiffly in the middle of the room with his eyes coldly fixed on the man standing next to the bookshelf.

She looked over to see the third man, who had a tall and broad figure and was dressed in white, fluttery clothes.

Although his back was facing her, she could still sense the cold air of nobility around him.

Her heart thumped and started racing as her eyes widened slightly in surprise.

“Rong Xiu”

Upon hearing her voice, Rong Xiu turned his head around and hooked his thin, scarlet lips up.


Chu Liuyue couldnt help but be mesmerized by the faint yet gentle smile on his chiseled, jade-like face and his deep eyes that shone like the starry sky.

Its really him! She was pleasantly surprised by his appearance, and she could hardly believe her eyes.

“Why are you here”

Didnt he return to Mingyue Tianshan But he showed up here in the blink of an eye! So thefriend Ye Ranran was talking about is him! No wonder the seniors looked so curious… A man with such good looks like him will naturally become the focus of attention wherever he goes!

Rong Xiu put down the book in his hand and said smilingly to her, “Ive been busy with a certain matter recently.

It just so happens that Im passing by here, so I thought Id come to see you.”

What could he be busy with that requires him to pass by Xi Ling A hint of suspicion arose in her, but it quickly faded and was soon replaced by the joy of reunion.

It hadnt been a month since they parted, yet she felt as if a long time had actually passed.

Her longing for him that was buried in the deepest part of her heart gushed out like a torrent.

When Rong Xiu saw her twinkling eyes, emotions welled up in his heart as he moved toward her.

Standing in front of her, he looked down and carefully studied her face before wrapping an arm around her slender waist and pulling her into his embrace.

Qiang Wanzhous face instantly turned cold.

He was just about to step forward when he sensed someone staring daggers at him from the side.

He looked over to see Yan Qing shooting him a warning look with his brows slightly raised.

What a joke! My master came all the way to Xi Ling just to see the woman hes been missing dearly, so who would dare to go up and stop him

“Master, Ill take my leave.” Yan Qing bowed respectfully to Rong Xiu before moving toward the exit.

When passing by Qiang Wanzhou, he stopped and lifted his chin.

“Qiang Wanzhou, huh I heard that youre quite capable.

Why dont we go out and have a little sparring session”

However, Qiang Wanzhou gave him a cool look and remained stuck to the spot.

Rong Xiu had introduced himself as Chu Liuyues friend when he first arrived.

But upon seeing Yan Qing, Qiang Wanzhou realized that Rong Xiu must be the person who had previously given her the Cosmic Ring.

It was clear that they were more than just friends.

Why are kids so tactless these days wondered Yan Qing with his eyes closed.

After that, without giving any warning, he clamped down on Qiang Wanzhous arm and dragged him out.

Qiang Wanzhou immediately tried to put up a struggle, but he found himself unable to break free from Yan Qings grip.

It turned out that he was no match for the other at all.

And just like that, Yan Qing dragged him out of the room without giving him any chance to even retort.

He even thoughtfully closed the door behind him once they were out of the room.

Chu Liuyue encircled her arms around Rong Xius waist.

When she pressed her face against his chest, she could hear the regular thumping of his heart loud and clear, and that sound seemed to be transmitted from her eardrum to her heart.

A familiar cool fragrance wafted to her nose, and the places where they touched each other turned warm.

A spot in her heart seemed to be instantly filled.

She only lifted her head and turned to take a look at the door when she heard it closing.

“Why did Yan Qing suddenly want to spar with Little Zhou”

Rong Xius long eyelashes fluttered.

“Little Zhou”

Chu Liuyue looked up at him.

“Yeah, the kid with short blond hair.

Thats Qiang Wanzhou.”

He rested his chin on the crown of her head for a moment before whispering into her ear, “Dont think about the irrelevant people… For now, just think about me…”

“Rong Xiu…” Her voice sounded so soft as if it would be gone with the wind.

It was only when Rong Xiu felt as if he was burning with emotions that he finally let Chu Liuyue go.

One hand remained on her waist while his other hand gently stroked her long, dangling hair.

When Chu Liuyue looked at him with much tenderness, he kissed her eyes in a bid to cover them.

“Dont look at me like that, Yueer.”


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