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The skies were bright, and there were no clouds in the sky.

Early in the morning, quite a few people in Xi Ling City were heading toward Square Gully.

This was where the clan competition would be held.

The so-called Square Gully was an open field situated to the northwest of Xi Ling City.

A few hundred years ago, the place where Square Gully was situated was still covered in mountains.

Afterward, two strong warriors battled and fought for three days and three nights, leveling the surrounding mountains to the ground.

They even left a drain in the shape of a cross on the spacious ground.

The drain was deep, and it gradually expanded as time passed.

It had now become two deep and intersecting gullies.

The annual clan competition was usually held here, and this year was no exception.

However, this years clan competition was clearly different from before.

This was because everyone knew very clearly that the clan ranking in Xi Ling City would mostly change significantly.

It was still early, but Square Gully was already bustling with people, and it was very crowded.

“I heard that Jiu Xing Alliance was going to challenge Chong Xu Cabinet.

If the challenge succeeds, Chong Xu Cabinets title of being one of the four biggest clans will go to Jiu Xing Alliance!”

“Haha, I heard that Sheng Yan Harem has this plan too!”

“Arent all the few clans below tempted Chong Xu Cabinet doesnt deserve its title now and has long lost its right to continue occupying this spot.

Isnt it a matter of time that they get replaced”

“Didnt they say that Weichi Song had accepted two fairly capable disciples… Maybe—”

“Are you talking about that Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou Hehe, the two of them are decent, but I think its impossible if one wants to overturn the situation just based on the two of them.”

“I wonder which clan can replace Chong Xu Cabinets position…”

As time passed, the sun started to rise.

Everyone in the clans started to arrive respectively.

According to the past rules, other than the four biggest clans, there were four other spots for other potential candidates.

The clans in Xi Ling City had already been through an intense battle, and only the top four winners had the right to come here.

They were Jiu Xing Alliance, Sky-Soaring Clan, Tian Ji Residence, and Sheng Yan Harem respectively.

The clan elites had already undoubtedly appeared here.

Some of the clans elders and disciples also came over.

The pristine faces of those young disciples were mostly filled with the arrogance of being a talent as their eyes burned with faint excitement and temptation.

It was as though they were very confident.

This was because not even all of the disciples in the four biggest clans had the right to come here.

Those who could come here were all the top elites in the clans.

The clans representatives gradually arrived as they asked after each other a little.

However, their eyes looked at the side from time to time as if they were distracted.

Quite a few people partook in heated discussions.

“All of the clans have already arrived now except for Chong Xu Cabinet.

Why arent they here yet”

“They cant be too afraid to come right… I heard that there are only a few dozen disciples in Chong Xu Cabinet and that they cant even hold up their reputation proudly.”

“Only 15 minutes left till the start of the clan competition.

If they dont come on time, then it will be considered as them automatically giving up…”

Jiu Xing Alliances Master—Zhang Hua—laughed out loud and spoke as if he were joking.

“If Chong Xu Cabinet really doesnt come this time, does it mean that they automatically withdraw as one of the top four clans”

The moment he said this, he heard a burly voice from midair.

“Even if I give up on this position, some might not even have the right to take it up.”

The originally loud crowd was instantly silenced as everyone looked over in unison.

They saw countless figures arriving together from midair.

Who else could it be but Weichi Song leading the front

It was Chong Xu Cabinet!

Under countless stares, Weichi Song brought his disciples and arrived here.

The moment he landed, Weichi Song glanced at Zhang Hua and lightly said, “I just got held back on the way here, yet someone is already itching to snatch my Chong Xu Cabinets position”

Zhang Hua was stumped as he sneered.

“The strong are respected.

Youre useless yourself and cant protect your own things.

How can you blame others for being too strong”

Once the two of them met, they started going for each others throats.

The atmosphere immediately froze, and quite a few people glanced at each other awkwardly.

It seemed like Jiu Xing Alliance was bent on earning the title as they directly went head-on against Chong Xu Cabinet.

If they didnt have sufficient confidence, nobody would completely ruin their relations.

Weichi Song did not budge.

“We still need to see if youre that capable then! Its not too late to say some words after youve won! If not… youll just be a laughingstock!”

Zhang Hua threw his sleeves in anger.

“Youre just being stubborn! I really want to see who will be the one getting humiliated today!”

Seeing that the duo was fighting even more intensely, Jian Shuye came up to appease the situation.

“Old Song, you came at the right time.

The time has come, so shall we start now”

Both Weichi Song and Zhang Hua had to give Jian Shuye face, so they immediately stopped arguing.

Jian Shuye said, “Like before, Jiu Xing Alliance and the other three clans can choose from the top four clans to challenge.

The four winners will all become the top four clans!”

As he spoke, he looked at Zhang Hua and the rest.

“I wonder if youve already decided which clans all of you want to compete against”

The few of them did not say a word.

Jian Shuyes eyelids jumped.

Then, Zhang Hua glanced at Weichi Song and chuckled.

“How unfortunately coincidental.

But all four of us want to challenge Chong Xu Cabinet, and none of us want to give in.

Hence, we havent made up our minds until now.”

His tone was filled with mockery, and he didnt even hide his underestimation and contempt for Chong Xu Cabinet.

The surroundings fell quiet.

It was more obvious than ever as to why these four clans chose Chong Xu Cabinet.

It just showed the extent of the dire straits Chong Xu Cabinet had fallen into.

The atmosphere had now become very ugly… This was an absolute insult, especially for Chong Xu Cabinet.

But to everyones surprise, Weichi Song looked as calm as ever as if he didnt take this incident to heart.

The group of disciples standing behind him also looked very calm.

Jian Shuye looked at Weichi Song with much difficulty.

“Old Song, uh… Only you can settle this now.

Who will you choose”

This right to choose was definitely not something that made one happy.

Weichi Song raised his hands and pointed toward Zhang Hua.

“Jiu Xing Alliance.”

The crowd was stunned, and even Zhang Hua was in disbelief.

Jian Shuye knitted his brows.

“Are you sure”

It seemed like these four clans had similar capabilities, but Jiu Xing Alliance was actually the strongest amongst the four.

Hence, this wasnt a good choice for the current Chong Xu Cabinet.

“Yes.” Weichi Song nodded. Other people are already riding all over our heads.

If we dont retaliate, everyone really is going to think that our Chong Xu Cabinet is easy to bully.

Zhang Hua laughed out loud, licked his lips, and revealed a delightful and arrogant smile.

“Sure! Ill let my Jiu Xing Alliance watch and learn to see exactly how capable Chong Xu Cabinet is!”


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