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The other clans looked disappointed.

Other than Chong Xu Cabinet, the other three major clans were powerful.

Hence, they had very low chances of winning.

They couldnt do anything except secretly envy Jiu Xing Alliance.

Very quickly, the remaining clans started to compete against each other in pairs.

Dragon Teeth Mountain against Sheng Yan Harem.

Purple Xiao Sword Sect against Tian Ji Residence.

Xuan Feng Hall against Sky-Soaring Clan.

The eight clans were split into four groups and went to the four respective areas in the cross gully.

Even though they were separated by a deep gorge in the middle, the clans could still clearly see each others battle situations.

The surrounding spectators could freely choose to head to whatever area they were more interested in watching.

Undoubtedly, most people were in the area where Chong Xu Cabinet was going against Jiu Xing Alliance.

When everyone was in their places, someone felt that something was wrong.

“…Thats weird.

Is Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou not coming Why didnt I see the two of them amongst Chong Xu Cabinets disciples”

“Hm I think so too! The two of them really didnt come!”

“That cant be true… Chong Xu Cabinet doesnt have many presentable disciples.

Now that they finally recruited two decent chaps, they actually didnt come”

One spread to ten, and ten spread to hundreds.

The news of Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou not coming quickly spread throughout the crowd.

Logically speaking, not all of a clans disciples would come, so this was nothing surprising.

But the key was that Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou came in first and second in the Wan Zheng Competition, so their capabilities were unquestionable.

It was really strange that they didnt come.

Hearing the surrounding discussions, Ye Ranran couldnt help but pull Lu Zhiyaos sleeves and whisper, “Senior Brother Lu, do you think Liuyue and Wanzhou will come”

Lu Zhiyao also lowered his voice.

“Didnt Little Junior Brother say that hes going to wait for Little Junior Sister and come together I think theyll come, right Little Junior Sister has recently been going to Yan Lin Peak quite often, and I think shes refining her sword…”

All of their Yuan instruments were either bought, given to them by ancestors, or obtained through their own fates.

It was truly very rare to see someone refining their own sword.

Ye Ranran asked worriedly, “I really hope they can come… Jiu Xing Alliances bunch has always been eyeing us, so they definitely wont let go of this chance!”

One could just think to know that Jiu Xing Alliances people would definitely drag them down from the top four clans during this clan competition at all costs.

Lu Zhiyao glanced at the few people from Jiu Xing Alliance and sneered.

“I remember that the two who put you in a spot at Xin Li Garden were from Jiu Xing Alliance”

Ye Ranran nodded and raised her finger.

“Its that skinny and tall man in purple and the woman in green beside him…”

Lu Zhiyao nodded.

“Dont worry.

This time… we will definitely win! By then, well show them whos boss!”

The crowd partook in heated discussions.

The people from Chong Xu Cabinet and Jiu Xing Alliance each took one side as they left out a large area in the center.

Quite a few spectators stood at the side in pockets.

Zhang Hua and Weichi Song stared at each other, and the atmosphere was stiff.

“The rules are the same as usual.

Well compete according to heavenly doctors, Xuan Masters, and warriors.

For every type of competition, each clan needs to send out nine disciples.

If you win one round, you get one point.

If you lose, one point gets deducted.

If its a tie, you get zero points.

When all 27 competitors of each clan have competed, well judge based on the number of points the clan has accumulated.

The clan with the highest number of points… wins!”

Zhang Huas gaze swept past Chong Xu Cabinets disciples, and he chuckled.

“Weichi Song, can your Chong Xu Cabinet even send out 27 disciples now”

Who doesnt know that the current number of people in Chong Xu Cabinet has dropped drastically and that theyre only left with tens of people now! Other than those who are left to guard Chong Xu Cabinet, the remaining ones shouldve all come.

“Speaking of that, I need to envy you on behalf of my disciples.

In our Jiu Xing Alliance, let alone talking about the right to compete, they even need to fight for their lives to get a spot to spectate.

This is unlike your Chong Xu Cabinet… All those who arent missing any limbs are able to compete…”

Weichi Songs gaze became extremely cold.

“Itll be better if you dont say certain words too extremely.

If so many of you come today yet still lose to us in the end… Wont that be humiliating Lets not talk any more nonsense and begin!”

At the same time, at Yan Lin Peak.

On the smooth and tidy mountain peak, a gigantic black star stone was placed atop.

A thin girl in red was sitting cross-legged and refining a sword.

She held the sword handle in one hand as the other pressed on the sword body while she kept sharpening it non-stop.

From start till end, she only had that one action.

But every time she repeated it, it was the exact same as before.

No matter if it were her movements, posture, or strength… Every aspect was very precise without any mistakes.

As she moved, the place where the sword body and the star stone made contact would start producing sparks.

The girl looked solemn as her eyes kept staring at the sword beneath her hands as if she never knew what exhaustion was.

In reality, she hadnt closed her eyes for a day and a night.

From the day before, she had already felt that she was going to reveal the heart of the sword completely.

This also meant that as long as she finished this mission, she wouldve sharpened the entire Queling Coppers sword heart!

The color of the sparks gradually changed.

The blue colors intensity increased bit by bit and became darker as it grew increasingly similar to the sword bodys dark color.

After some time, a blue fire appeared in front of her following her movements.

Chu Liuyues eyes suddenly lit up. Its done!

Shangguan Jings voice suddenly sounded beside her ear.

“Girl, be prepared! Im going to trigger the lightning bolts!”


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