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With his eyes wide open and mouth agape, Shangguan Jing was shocked. S-she can still do this Isnt this girl too strong Who directlyscolds the lightning to get down like this However, the 21st lightning bolt really appeared! Moreover, it didnt even pause at all after it appeared as it rapidly struck down.

Chu Liuyue stood up and raised the sword in her hands.

Fire crazily burned on the sword body, and the sword intent was harsh!

The next moment, Chu Liuyue jumped up and harshly crashed against that lightning bolt.


Following the loud sound, rays of silver light spurted everywhere as the violent strength crazily spread in all directions.

The exact same scene that previously happened occurred again.

Without using much effort, Chu Liuyue successfully settled that lightning bolt.

When that silver light quickly flowed away from the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword, another lightning bolt rapidly appeared in the skies.

“You shouldve done this earlier.” Chu Liuyue looked up, and her lips curved up slightly. The earlier you appear, the earlier we can settle this.

The Tianling Dynastys ancestor was speechless.

He started to feel that his initial worry was irrelevant.

No, very irrelevant!

Square Gully.

Half of the competition was over, and everyone had high fervor.

The competitions in the four venues carried on very intensely.

But on the side of Jiu Xing Alliance and Chong Xu Cabinet, it could be known asmiserable.


A figure flew out of the warriors match and hit the floor heavily, making a low sound.

“The sixth warrior competition, Jiu Xing Alliances Cui Sang wins!” A loud sound echoed throughout the arena.

The surrounding crowd had all sorts of expressions.

After a temporary silence, they started to discuss softly, “Jiu Xing Alliance won this match again! Including this, theyve won a total of five matches out of six.

How can Jiu Xing Alliances disciples be this strong!”

“Judging by this flow, Im afraid Chong Xu Cabinet cant hang on anymore… I originally thought they could hang on through the heavenly doctor competitions, but out of the seven matches, they won three, lost two, and tied two… It cant be considered much of an advantage…”

“Thats not all.

On the Xuan Masters side, they seemed to be the ones that are losing more, right If we count the numbers, I think that Chong Xu Cabinet is way behind Jiu Xing Alliance.

They have to win all the remaining matches if they want to make a comeback…”

Everyone partook in heated discussions.

Jiu Xing Alliances members were very confident as many of them had delighted looks on their faces.

“Master, what you said previously was right! When those few people went to compete, Chong Xu Cabinet immediately couldnt retaliate.

They could only be crushed by us! Judging by the current situation, well win smoothly!”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Hua snorted.

“Isnt this very normal Chong Xu Cabinet is strong on the outside but weak on the inside.

They were long doomed! Even if we dont use… They wouldnt be our match! Jiu Xing Alliance will definitely be one of the top four clans this time!”

“Master, youre wise!”

On the other end, two disciples from Chong Xu Cabinet rapidly went forward and helped that person down.

Ye Ranran went forward nervously.

“Senior Brother, how are you”

It turned out that this matchs participant was Lu Zhiyao.

Lu Zhiyao looked up and forced a smile.

“I-Im fine… Im sorry, everyone… for losing to Jiu Xing Alliance…”

His face was as pale as ever, and the corners of his mouth and chest were stained with spots of blood.

One could tell that he was severely injured.

This weak smile looked even more heart-wrenching.

Weichi Song boomed, “That person isnt weak and uses very ruthless methods.

Its not your fault that you lost, so you dont have to blame yourself.”

Lu Zhiyao tightly pressed his lips against each other as regret flashed across his eyes, and he looked down. Even though Cabinet Master said that, I still cant forgive myself in my heart.

Weve only won one match in the first five warrior matches, and the situation is very urgent.

They really needed me to win this match.

After much struggle, I still lost.

Undoubtedly, this added more burden to our troubles.

He thought for a moment and returned to Weichi Song before speaking hesitantly.

“Cabinet Master, I just have this feeling… Their people seem amiss…”

Weichi Songs eyes sparkled slightly.

Actually, he could tell too.

He had seen those few disciples from Jiu Xing Alliance that had participated in the warrior matches before.

During the last clan competition, these few people only had decent abilities.

But in less than a years time, all of them had improved by so much.

Given their previous talent, it was impossible for them to have such cultivation speed.

After watching a few matches, he had started to think that there was a problem here.

“Do you have any evidence”

Lu Zhiyao shook his head in regret.

Weichi Song sighed in his heart and patted his shoulders.

“Its okay; you can go rest first.

There are a few matches behind.

We wont know who wins or loses, not until the last minute.”

Lu Zhiyao knew that it was pointless to say more, so he could only go back and rest.

When he walked past Ye Ranran, he said with determination, “Ranran, you must win the heavenly doctor match later!”

“Mm! The one going against me is the man that ridiculed me that day! I must show him whos boss today!” Ye Ranran clenched her fists tightly and nodded very seriously. I still remember the humiliation from that day!

Lu Zhiyao touched her forehead.

“Were counting on you!”

Ye Ranran participated in the eighth heavenly doctor match.

The crowd was dazed when they saw that Chong Xu Cabinet sent out a round-faced lady who looked like she was in her teens. At this point, shouldnt Chong Xu Cabinet send out their strongest Why did they randomly find someone to represent them

“Hah! Is Chong Xu Cabinet really left with nobody They actually sent you out!” On the opposite end, a man in blue crossed his arms and sized Ye Ranran up with contempt.

“What Havent you been bullied enough at Thousand View Garden that day, so you purposely came here”

Probably because the disciples thought that Jiu Xing Alliance would definitely win, so their tones were already very impolite.

Their speech and actions were very unreasonable.

But Ye Ranran wasnt angry as she picked up her cauldron and said carefully, “Its enough just to send me up to win against you.

Why do we need to involve my senior brothers and senior sisters”

The man in blues face changed.

A woman at the side of the competition venue suddenly sneered.

“Im afraid your senior brothers and senior sisters cant even stand up now, so they sent you over, right”

Ye Ranran turned around to take a look.

It was the girl who forcefully wanted to take her seat that day.

Ye Ranran stared at her closely and moved her lips to spit out a few words coldly.

“For a person who doesnt even have the right to compete, why do you speak so much nonsense”

That woman was stumped, and her face immediately flushed to the color of pig liver. After not seeing her for a while, this lady has become much more sharp-tongued.

But its a pity that no matter what she says, it wont change the fact that theyre going to lose today!

The man in blue said frustratedly, “If thats the case, lets not talk any more nonsense.

Our hands can do the talking!”

Below the stage, Lu Zhiyao surveyed the surroundings and couldnt help but mutter, “Little Junior Sister, Little Junior Brother, why are you not here yet…”


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