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Chapter 63: Chu Liuyues Enlightenment

“M-My face!” Chu Xianmin felt that something was amiss and immediately touched her face.

Her hand felt sticky.

That excruciating pain made her heart tremble.

Chu Liuyue actually ruined my face! Anger erupted from the bottom of her heart, and Chu Xianmin threw away the last bit of her rationality.

She quickly looked at the bottom of Chu Liuyues foot.

As expected, a few very sharp blades were hidden underneath.

Chu Liuyue used this to cut her face just now.

There was an 80% chance of her face being scarred.

While covering her face in a hurry, she questioned with a shaking voice, “Chu Liuyue! What hatred do you have towards me for you to harm me like this”

Chu Liuyue calmly glanced at the sword she dropped on the floor.

“Werent you planning to disfigure me first”

Chu Xianmin was instantly stumped and felt guilty.

Actually, it all happened in a single moment.

When she decided to leave a scar on Chu Liuyues face, she only shifted her wrist slightly.

If one did not observe the battle closely, they would not have noticed that something was wrong.

However, Chu Liuyue had accurately guessed her intentions.

“No, I-I didnt! W-Were only dueling, so why would I do such a thing You! Its you! You wanted to do this much earlier, right If not, why would you react so quickly”

Chu Liuyues lips curved up slightly as she mocked Chu Xianmin mercilessly.

“Im fast because Im stronger than you.

You shouldve known this from the start, right”

Chu Xianmins anger was stuck in her chest; she felt so uncomfortable that she was about to explode.

She had no way of retorting Chu Liuyues words.

Chu Liuyue was indeed very fast when the two of them first exchanged blows.

However, how could Chu Xianmin be calm with her possibly disfigured face

Murderous intentions rose in Chu Xianmins heart.

“Im going to kill you!” Chu Xianmin screamed and rushed towards Chu Liuyue.

Even though her face was harmed, she still had her abilities—which exploded at the highest speed with her current agitation.

Even the Heaven and Earth Force in the surroundings seemed to have converged towards her body.

In a short span of time, Chu Xianmins aura became even stronger.

“Stars and Sky Fall!”

The next moment, red force quickly gathered in her hands and formed burning fireballs.

She harshly flung the red balls out afterward.

The balls burned brightly in the air and headed straight for Chu Liuyue.

The strong force was hurled towards the front at a high temperature, leaving the ground with long scorch marks.

“She truly is about to become a stage-four warrior.

She can actually forcefully expand her warrior skills now.

It seems like shell still win this battle in the end…” said a teacher softly.

All of them had seen Chu Xianmins talent for themselves.

If not, she would not have come in first place during the warrior assessment.

Bai Chen sneered.

“Not to mention the fact that she isnt a true stage-four warrior yet, she might not even be Little Liuyues match even if she were.”

This sentence immediately attracted the teachers attention.

“Bai Chen, why do you think so highly of Chu Liuyue You need to know that its a huge jump from warrior stage-three to warrior stage-four.

An ordinary person cant casually overcome this gap.”

“Considering Chu Liuyues previous reaction and moves, she shouldve undergone some simple training.

Her talent as a warrior is proven since she can execute such moves, but its a pity that she has a lacking Yuan Meridian and is helpless in front of such warrior skills.”

Bai Chen could not be bothered to speak to them. Even if Chu Liuyue really cant become a true warrior in the future, the capabilities she has are more than enough to go against a mere Chu Xianmin.

The scene of the entrance examination appeared in his brain once more.

He could still vividly remember that moment he felt his life being threatened when he fought against Chu Liuyue.

In the arena, Chu Liuyue did not appear anxious in front of Chu Xianmins unleashed powers—which were in an uncontrolled state.

She even raised her brows and laughed instead.

“Since you told me to enlighten you, watch closely.

This is how you use a sword!”

As Chu Liuyue said that, she rapidly stepped forward, lifted the sword with her foot, and quickly caught the handle.

“How fast!” The crowd gasped.

Chu Liuyues action just now was even faster than her previous moves.

Compared to her, Chu Xianmin seemed like she had purposely slowed down her movements.

Chu Liuyue spread her legs as she got into a stance and bent her knees slightly.

Her muscles tensed up and gathered all the energy to be unleashed.

She tightly held the sword in her hand and suddenly raised her arm when the fireball of force was about to reach her.

The sword was high in the air, and the cold light was harsh.


Chu Liuyue cleaved down without hesitation.

This move was executed at the speed of lightning.

The crowd did not even see Chu Liuyues actions clearly, and only saw the gleam of a blurred silver shadow.

They then heard a frightening sound of air being pierced through.

The next moment, that silver shadow cut right through the middle of the red fireball.

This all happened in just a moments worth of time.

To the crowd, Chu Liuyues sword cleave did not have any effect at all.

That frightening fireball of force was still flying towards her rapidly.

Chu Xianmin sneered.

“With your abilities, you must be dreaming if you think you can stop my attack.”

A loser who cant even be considered a warrior might not even know what warrior skills are.

Chu Liuyue will be handicapped with this one move, if not dead.

However, Chu Xianmins smile froze the next moment because that fireball had actually stopped one arm away from Chu Liuyue.

After a momentary silence, it suddenly exploded.


The fireball exploded into countless sparks.

The energy within the ball also quickly dissipated.

When the scattered sparks were about to land on her body, Chu Liuyue raised the sword once again, tilted her wrist, and sliced the front.

The strong sword power immediately erected an invisible shield in front of her, blocking all of the aftereffects.

The countless sparks fell around Chu Liuyue like the beautiful stars in the night sky.

However, her body was clean and did not even get dirtied by a single speck of dust.

Her pair of dark eyes seemed to shine even brighter.

Everyone was stunned! If they did not see it with their own eyes, they would never believe that Chu Liuyue could actually block Chu Xianmins warrior skills with a sword.

Chu Xianmin was shocked beyond words as her eyes widened; she had even forgotten about the excruciating pain on her face.

She looked at Chu Liuyue in a daze, and her mind was blank.

Chu Liuyue suddenly threw the sword towards Chu Xianmin the next moment.

The harsh murderous intentions came from all directions, wrapping around Chu Xianmin tightly.

The indescribable, deep fear made Chu Xianmins body go soft, and she could not retaliate.


The longsword flew past the top of Chu Xianmins head and instantly cut off a part of her scalp.

“Ah!” Chu Xianmin screamed and instantly collapsed onto the floor. I-I… almost died just now!

“Your reaction speed is too slow! Youre too slow, and your moves are too clumsy! It seems like youre not very good yourself.” A harsh and cold voice sounded from above Chu Xianmins head.

Chu Xianmin trembled as she raised her head and saw that the weak girl she had trampled on so many times before had completely changed her look.

It was as if Chu Liuyue had superior powers that no one could ever obtain, which humbled people and made them admire her from their hearts without any tinge of defiance.

“Third Sister, are you pleased with this enlightenment”


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