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The crowd looked up! They saw two figures coming over on their swords.

The person at the front was in fine clothes, and her black hair flowed with the wind.

A lazy smile was on her breathtaking face—it was Chu Liuyue.

Behind her was a slim and tall youngster in gray, and his skin was so white that it glowed.

His five features were unimaginably distinct as his soft, loose, and golden strands of hair flowed with the wind.

Even though his expression was cold, he still had the unique youth and energy of being young.

It was Qiang Wanzhou!

Below them was a peacock-blue longsword that faintly glowed with light, and it looked like a silver river in the night sky.

Wherever it passed, it silently left behind a black crack in space.

It was very imposing!

The two of them were dressed very ordinarily, but it couldnt hide their outstanding appearance and demeanor.

Once they appeared, they instantly attracted countless gazes.

Weichi Song heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, and faint smiling intent appeared on his frail face.

Many disciples from Chong Xu Cabinet also looked elated.

Lu Zhiyao directly jumped up enthusiastically and waved toward them.

“Little Junior Sister! Little Junior Brother! Were here! Si… It hurts!”

He tore his wound again as he was too agitated, and it was so painful that he bared his teeth.

Ye Ranran hurriedly helped him up.

“Senior Brother Lu, be careful!”

“Its fine, its fine! With the two of them here, Im at ease! What does this small injury count for” Lu Zhiyao laughed elatedly without a care.

For some reason, his frustrated heart was instantly comforted the moment he saw Chu Liuyue.

She seemed to have an invisible strength that could make people believe in her unconditionally.

As long as she was around, there was nothing much to worry about!

Ye Ranran couldnt help but smile as well.

“Yeah! With the two of them here, we can definitely win!”

Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou landed.

The crowd immediately made way for them.

The two of them then walked straight to where Chong Xu Cabinets people were.

“Mentor.” Chu Liuyues duo greeted him.

“Were not late, are we”

“Nope, nope.

You came just in—” said Weichi Song when his expression suddenly changed.

After rapidly sizing Chu Liuyue up, he furrowed his brows tightly and anxiously asked, “Liuyue, whats wrong with you Why are there so many wounds”

Chu Liuyues hands were covered in scars and wounds, and it seemed like they had just formed! Her body even had an intense, bloody smell.

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Mentor, its a very long story.

Ill tell you in detail afterward, but you dont have to worry.

All of these are just superficial wounds, and Ive basically recovered.”

Before she came, she specifically showered and put medicine on her wounds before changing into a clean set of clothes.

She didnt expect Weichi Song to notice something wrong with just one glance.

Actually, her wounds had basically recovered.

Only a few bloody wounds left on her body hadnt recovered.

Even though they already formed scabs, they still looked quite scary.

Luckily, I specifically changed into a black outfit that could cover most of my wounds.

If not, I dont know how I would explain it to people.

Weichi Song believed her words half-heartedly but was still very worried in his heart. Chu Liuyue previously said that she still had something to do, so she had to stay at Yan Lin Peak for a while.

But only half a day has passed, so why would she suddenly get so many wounds

“I wondered who was so arrogant,” mocked Zhang Hua uncontrollably when he saw Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou appearing.

“It turns out to be Chong Xu Cabinets famous new disciples! I thought you were cowards and didnt dare to come! But… There isnt much meaning to rush over at the last minute.”

There were still four matches left.

Even with Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou, they couldnt win all of the matches!

The results were obvious!

Chu Liuyue turned around and smiled.

“The competition hasnt ended yet.

Master Zhang, dont be too confident.

It wont look too good if you slap your own face.”

Zhang Huas expression changed as he sneered.

“I havent seen you in a while, yet youve become more arrogant.”

“Everyone knows that Im always on the luckier side.

I dont have a choice myself.” Chu Liuyue smiled with even deeper intent, but her eyes were still very cold.

Zhang Hua was so angry that he laughed.

“Great! Then, I want to see how capable you actually are to speak so arrogantly!”

The crowd exchanged glances as they didnt expect Chu Liuyue to be so strong and to go against Zhang Hua directly once she appeared.

Weichi Song knitted his brows and softly asked, “Liuyue, is your body… okay If youre unwell, dont force yourself.”

Even though the competition was important, Chu Liuyues body was equally important.

Seeing her covered with wounds and scars, he was very worried, let alone letting her risk her life to compete.

Chu Liuyues eyes curved up like a crescent moon.

“If youre really worried about me, I can go to the Xuan Master competition, right”

Previously, she already heard someone say that the competition was now left with two warrior matches, one heavenly doctor match, and one Xuan Master match.

Chong Xu Cabinet was behind by three points.

If they wanted to make a comeback, they had to win all four matches.

They couldnt even tie a single round!

Weichi Song was dazed.

“Xuan Master Arent you a warrior and heavenly doctor… You cultivate everything!”

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded.

During the Wan Zheng Competition previously, she didnt show her capabilities in this aspect, so close to nobody knew about it.

Moreover, she cultivated during the day and sharpened her sword at night in Chong Xu Cabinet during this period, so she didnt have the chance to tell them about this.

Weichi Song was shocked, and he felt guilty at the same time. Liuyue is my disciple, but I didnt even know that she cultivates as a Xuan Master… Ive really failed as her mentor…

Chu Liuyue understood his expression as she lightly said, “Mentor, let me compete in this match if you believe me.”

Weichi Song hesitated for quite some time before nodding.


Chu Liuyue pointed at Qiang Wanzhou.

“Then… Why dont we let Little Zhou try the eighth warrior match”

Weichi Song naturally had no opinions on this.

“I have this intention too.”

Qiang Wanzhou was the only stage-six warrior that hadnt competed on their side.

There was nobody more suitable than him.

Chu Liuyue turned around to look at Qiang Wanzhou before she raised her chin and smiled.

“Little Zhou, why dont we compete to see who will win first”

Qiang Wanzhou held the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword in his hands tightly.

Looking at the smile plastered on Chu Liuyues face, he slightly nodded.



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