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Shock surfaced in Xie Lingyangs eyes when he saw that Chu Liuyue had also triggered the Heaven and Earth Force. An advanced stage-four warrior can also execute an earth-grade warrior skill It consumes a lot of force.

Isnt she worried that she might not be able to last

Those thoughts only flashed across his mind for a second, and he didnt dwell on them.

Instead, he gathered his focus and circulated his internal force once more.

A faint blue talisman gradually formed in front of him.

On the other end, the starlight on Chu Liuyues finger was slowly becoming brighter.

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force gathered around her as if something was attracting it.

The starlight illuminated her porcelain-like face, making her eyes seem deep and bright as if they held countless stars in them.

Actually, she hadnt fully executed the complete Jingshen Finger last time, so this was her first real attempt at executing the skill after she had fully comprehended it.

Thus, she was curious to know how powerful it could be at her current cultivation level.

While the two of them were currently gathering their force to execute their warrior skills, the two fiends in the air were in a standoff.

Well,standoff might not be an accurate term for it, for the size difference between them was simply too big.

Tuan Zi was just the size of the green triangular-scaled pythons eye.

The latter could easily swallow it if it opened its mouth.

Furthermore, one was a third-grade fiend, and the other was a sixth-grade fiend.

Wasnt it obvious which of them would win

The python saw red as it stared at the blood ferret in front of itself.

Logically speaking, a mere third-grade fiend shouldnt be able to dodge its earlier attack.

But because Tuan Zi moved and reacted faster than ordinary blood ferrets, it easily evaded the pythons consecutive attacks.

This dealt a blow to the pythons ego.

Seemingly sensing the pythons anger, Tuan Zi blinked its eyes, lifted its paws, and hooked a claw at it. Come and catch me if you can!

The green triangular-scaled pythons pupils instantly contracted to become slits.

It then opened its wide mouth and tried to swallow Tuan Zi by sucking it closer.

Strong winds started blowing around Tuan Zis surroundings, and its body was dragged backward as if an invisible force was pulling it.

Soon, it was right in front of the pythons sharp and glimmering teeth.

At that moment, Tuan Zi took the initiative by lunging forward toward the python.

Caught off-guard, the python tried to block it, only to realize that the blood ferret had landed on its head.

It shook its head in an attempt to shake Tuan Zi off, but Tuan Zis sharp claws cut through the scale right on top of its head, making it hiss in pain.

That was its most important, as well as its most fragile scale—the triangular scale.

The python started thrashing about wildly, but Tuan Zi clung tightly to that broken piece of scale and refused to get off its head no matter what.

As the pain intensity increased, the python became anxious and decided to flick its tail at Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi lifted its head and quickly plucked out the triangular scale from the pythons head.

The pain from this made the python tremble as blood splashed everywhere.

Tuan Zi didnt waste a second longer and immediately retreated.


The pythons tail hit itself on the head.

It failed to control its strength amidst its shock and anger, so that blow was pretty hard.

This worsened its condition as it was already injured on the head.

Stars appeared before its eyes, and it nearly conked out.

Meanwhile, Tuan Zi stood unharmed in the air as it clutched onto the bloodied piece of scale that was even bigger than itself.

This bizarre scene left the audience confused and at loss for words. Are third-grade blood ferrets so powerful these days

Although that triangular green-scaled python is a sixth-grade fiend, its IQ isnt high.

All it has is just brute force.

Tsk, no challenge at all. Tuan Zi looked at the scale in its claws in disgust before breaking it into two under the pythons horrified gaze.

As the python let out an agonized roar, the scales on its body started fading rapidly.

In just the blink of an eye, its original green color had become ash-white.

The audience was dumbfounded.

Upon sensing that something was amiss, Xie Lingyang looked up.

Color drained from his face when he saw the state the python was in. How did this happen

While the python wildly thrashed about in mid-air from the pain, the layer of ash-white scales slowly peeled off from its body.

It was forcing itself to molt.

The most praiseworthy thing about the green triangular-scaled python was its armor-like scales.

However, it had one fatal weakness—the triangular scale on its head.

Once broken, the rest of the scales on its body would become damaged as well and thus lead to molting.

It would take at least a month for it to grow scales as tough as before.

In other words, the green triangular-scaled python—in its current state—had lost its fighting ability.

Tuan Zi flew back to Chu Liuyues side and wagged its tail eagerly, wanting to receive praise.

Chu Liuyue smiled as she looked at it. This little thing seems to have become more capable… All I did earlier was give it a tiny reminder, and it acted so swiftly and aggressively that the python didnt even have a chance to fight back.

Chu Liuyue is too much! Opposite them, Xie Lingyang had turned purple in the face.

His blood boiled with anger as he summoned the python back and shouted, “Nine Soul-Catching Talisman!”

The talisman in front of him silently flew out, rising against the wind and expanding to the size of a man in no time.

A blue light flickered from it in a grotesque manner, and it exuded a heavy pressure.

Chu Liuyue pushed her right hand forward a little.

“Jingshen Finger!”


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