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“No…” said Ning Zhiqing and wanted to reject it.

But Zhang Hua had already agreed.

“Lets do it together then! If they check and determine that your pill is flawed, then they should judge this match as your loss!”

Chu Liuyue glanced at Ning Zhiqing with deep meaning as she smiled and nodded.


Then… What if they determine that Ning Zhiqings pill is faulty Shouldnt they judge that youve lost too”

Zhang Hua coldly chuckled.

“Theres definitely nothing wrong with his pill!”

Ning Zhiqing was a publicly recognized talent as a heavenly doctor, and he had joined Jiu Xing Alliance for three years.

The crowd also knew his abilities very clearly.

If Zhang Hua wasnt sufficiently confident in him, he wouldnt let him go up last.

Upon hearing this, Ning Zhiqings face turned even paler as his body suddenly wavered.

He almost fell to the ground.

The judge asked, “Ning Zhiqing, whats the matter If youre not feeling well, you can go down and rest first.”

Chu Liuyue smiled brightly.

“Yeah! This pill needs to be checked again anyway, and we dont have to worry about this process.”

Ning Zhiqing shook his head and braved himself with much difficulty as he whispered toward Zhang Hua, “Master, I think Chu Liuyues pill should be okay.

W-why dont… we let this go…”

“What are you saying” Zhang Hua glanced at him in extreme disapproval.

“Youre actually speaking for Chu Liuyue Do you still remember that youre a Jiu Xing Alliance disciple We must check this time! A tie is impossible! Besides, if it werent because youre too useless, why would there be so much trouble”

After being lectured, Ning Zhiqings face flashed white and red.

He was as anxious as ants on a hot plate. If they really check thoroughly… I dont know whether Chu Liuyues pill has problems or not, but my messy doings would definitely be discovered!

“Master, w-why dont we hold another match if its a tie I dont think we should check this.

I believe in the seniors judgment…” He tried to pull out the judge to convince Zhang Hua.

But Zhang Hua had already made up his mind. Why would he listen to him

On the other hand, Ning Zhiqings repeated disturbance made him suspect him.

Under Zhang Huas stern stare, Ning Zhiqings heart gradually sank to the bottom as he lowered his head.

At the same time, the hands in his sleeves clenched into fists. Now, I can only hope that my pill wont be detected to have any problems…

Weichi Song looked at Chu Liuyue with heartache.

“Liuyue, you must be tired, right Why dont you go to the side and rest first”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and smiled.

“Thanks, Mentor, but this check wont take too long.

I want to watch it personally.”

The judge placed the two pills in his hands.

His left hand had Chu Liuyues Zi Yang Pill, while his right hand had Ning Zhiqings Rong Ling Pill.

He first took Chu Liuyues pill out and examined it carefully before leaning in to smell it.


He snapped his fingers, and an orange fire immediately appeared between them.

The fire rapidly spread and quickly enveloped his entire palm.

It even swallowed that Zi Yang Pill within.

The next moment, the five lines suddenly moved on the Zi Yang Pill.

It was like a ripple on a calm lake—tidy and with rhythm.

He retracted the fire, and the lines on the Zi Yang Pill wavered slightly before settling down.

“This Zi Yang Pill has no issues at all,” said the judge with certainty.

Zhang Hua opened his mouth, but his eyes still had a tinge of suspicion and disbelief.

He had also watched clearly when the judge was doing his checks previously.

Even though he wasnt a heavenly doctor, he knew that the purer the pills effects, the better the medicinal effect.

The lines on the pill would also move in a tidier manner when it was burned with fire.

This definitely couldnt be faked, so this also proved that Chu Liuyues pill was a genuine fifth-grade one.

Zhang Hua knitted his brows and glanced at Chu Liuyue. Could she be hiding her skills

Weichi Song stepped forward, and his gaze was like daggers as he stared at Zhang Hua.

“What else do you have to say now As Jiu Xing Alliances master, you smeared my Chong Xu Cabinets disciple like that.

Zhang Hua, shouldnt you apologize”

Zhang Hua felt very awkward. Me apologize to Chu Liuyue Dream on!

“I just brought out a logical suspicion; I didnt really do anything.

Besides, isnt everything clearly proved now Old Song, youre Chong Xu Cabinets Cabinet Master, and youre considered to be a well-respected elder.

Why must you freak out over nothing and be so relentless on the issue”

Weichi Song was so furious that he laughed.

“Im relentless Didnt you bring this matter up The crowd can tell whats the truth and whats a lie.

Besides, Liuyue is my disciple, yet you dare to bully her like this right in front of me.

If I just let this off, everyone would think that my Chong Xu Cabinet is easily bullied and that anybody can trample all over us!”

Ever since Chong Xu Cabinet had experienced the accident more than a year ago, he had tolerated everything and rarely had such an outburst in front of the crowd.

His attitude was so strong today—it seemed like he was serious.

Zhang Hua was stared at by Weichi Songs cold gaze, and his aura was comparatively weaker.

He coughed and said, “Just take it that I misunderstood.

Is that okay”

Without waiting for Weichi Song to speak, he continued, “But the more important problem now is that this match is a tie, which means that our two clans are tied.

I think we should add another match!”

Todays competition involved the positions of the top four clans.

How could they just end it with a tie

Zhang Hua was very confident. Anyway, Jiu Xing Alliance still has our trump card, while Chong Xu Cabinet… Both Qiang Wanzhou and Chu Liuyue have already competed, especially Chu Liuyue, who cant participate in any other aspect.

Chong Xu Cabinet doesnt have any disciples they can bring out! If we add one more match, no matter if it were warrior, Xuan Master, or heavenly doctor, our Jiu Xing Alliance will definitely win!

“Hold on!” Chu Liuyue suddenly spoke as she smiled slightly and lifted her chin.

“Ning Zhiqings pill hasnt been checked yet.

Master Zhang, you dont have to be too anxious.

Its not too late to talk about this until his results are out.”

Zhang Hua coldly chuckled.

“His pill definitely has no problems! Theres not much meaning if you continue to delay it!”

Chu Liuyue smiled and didnt say another word as she looked at the judge.

Ning Zhiqing didnt say anything as he froze there, and his gaze was dodgy.

The judge returned the Zi Yang Pill to Chu Liuyue as he started checking Ning Zhiqings Rong Ling Pill.

After looking at it for one round and smelling it, it was the same as before and had no issues.

He then summoned the orange-red fire in his palm again.

The fire immediately wrapped around the Rong Ling Pill.

Very quickly, the lines on it started moving.

The first few lines were very normal, but the fifth line was slightly slower.

Even though it was only a momentary distance, it was very clear that the few lines started moving in different directions.

Zhang Huas expression suddenly froze.

The judge suddenly furrowed. If this is the situation…

His fingertips moved, and the fire suddenly burned even more intensely than before.

The fifth line on top started wavering even more.



The Rong Ling Pill suddenly exploded!


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