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This commotion immediately attracted the crowds attention.

Everyone in the surroundings seemed to have looked over.

Those who stood a bit further away would even stand on their toes and stick their heads in to take a closer look.

“Whats the matter Whats the matter Whats with the sound just now”

“I think Ning Zhiqings pill exploded…”

“Exploded! What does that mean”

“What else can it mean His pill has problems! Something mustve happened when he was producing it, which affected this pills medicinal effects.

Hence, it would explode under such a circumstance.

Did you see it Theres a large crack on the pill!”

“Haha! I didnt expect the one to have problems not to be Chu Liuyue but Ning Zhiqing! This time, Jiu Xing Alliance has really shot themselves in the foot! They originally couldve tied, but this happened in the end… Arent they bound to lose!”

The bustling noises came from all directions.

Everyone in Jiu Xing Alliance was stunned.

Zhang Hua was also dazed.

Ning Zhiqings face turned as white as a sheet, and he closed his eyes in despair. As expected… I couldnt avoid it…

“Theres something wrong with this pill.” The judge retracted his fire.

The Rong Ling Pill lay quietly in his palm.

A clear crack could be seen on it, and above that, the edges also seemed to be burned.

This pill couldnt tolerate the impact, so it directly became like this and couldnt withstand his checks for long.

“Your pill shouldve had issues long ago.

You forcefully merged the last few herbs inside and hoped that you could hide your mistakes, right” asked the judge solemnly and sternly.

Ning Zhiqings lips trembled.

He didnt dare to deny or acknowledge it.

Seeing this, what else did the crowd not understand He was long guilty! Its no wonder he kept stopping Zhang Hua earlier on.

It was to prevent himself from being exposed! Its a pity that Zhang Hua was bent on trampling Chong Xu Cabinet and insisted on his way.

He couldnt even listen to anything.

After everything thats happened, they pushed themselves down the water!

Seeing the damaged pill in his hands, the judge was also scarred. If it really was because of my mistake that ruined this competitions results, I would definitely be very guilty.

I wouldnt be able to face the crowd.

I couldnt check the first time because firstly, I wasnt meticulous enough.

Secondly, Ning Zhiqing disguised himself too well.

Thinking about it now, it was very close.

Thinking of this, he said words filled with apology to Weichi Song and Chu Liuyue.

“Im really sorry.

I almost made the wrong judgment, and you almost lost your victory.”

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly.

“Youre too kind.

Without you, we wouldnt have known that this was the result.

We still have to thank you.”

The judge looked at Zhang Hua and said ambiguously, “If you want to thank someone, you should thank Master Zhang! If he didnt insist on a re-check, I wouldnt have discovered these problems! I almost got cheated!”

This sentence was akin to a rod that harshly hit Zhang Huas head.

His vision turned black, and his body wavered.

He almost couldnt stand still.

He had seen the previous scene very clearly, and he had completely understood the words they said.

At this very moment, a thought filled his entire brain and kept resounding within: Ning Zhiqings pill has problems! Ning Zhiqing lost! Jiu Xing Alliance lost!

The position as one of the top four clans still belongs to Chong Xu Cabinet! All our efforts have been totally wasted! He suddenly turned around and kicked Ning Zhiqing! “This is the good thing you did!”

Following a crisp bone-breaking sound, Ning Zhiqing fell to the ground harshly and spat out blood.

“…Master… I… I know Im wrong…”

Zhang Hua couldnt release his hatred as he hurriedly went forward and directly lifted Ning Zhiqing by his collar.

“Whats the use of knowing youre wrong! Ning Zhiqing, I think youre really tired of living!”


Ning Zhiqing was thrown to the floor, and his entire body was in so much pain that he couldnt stand up.

The judge finally said nonchalantly, “Master Zhang, what are you doing Hes indeed in the wrong for hiding the fact that his pill had problems and that he tried to push his pill across, but hes still your Jiu Xing Alliances disciple after all.

It seems… rather inappropriate for you to be so harsh, right”

Zhang Huas chest kept heaving up and down. Inappropriate I can even kill Ning Zhiqing now!

He took a deep breath in and suppressed his exploding anger with much difficulty.

“Quickly, bring him down! What an eyesore!”

Two people immediately rushed forward and carried Ning Zhiqing down.

The spectators exchanged glances. Even though Ning Zhiqing was in the wrong, Zhang Huas actions are too heartless.

No matter what, hes one of the top few disciples in Jiu Xing Alliance.

Hes only lost to Chu Liuyue by accident, yet hes treated like this now… It could be seen how ruthless and selfish Zhang Hua is as a person.

If such a clan really became one of the top four clans, it would only spell trouble.

The judge surveyed the surroundings and boomed, “Chu Liuyue won the ninth heavenly doctor match! At the same time, Chong Xu Cabinet has eventually won after tallying all 27 matches points! Jiu Xing Alliances challenge failed, and Chong Xu Cabinet will continue to be one of the top four clans!”

He cupped his fists toward Weichi Song and smiled.

“Old Song, congratulations!”

Weichi Song returned the action, but he was still in a daze. We won… just like that We saved… our position

“This is great!” Lu Zhiyao and the rest reacted for a moment and immediately yelled out in excitement and elation.

“Little Junior Sister, youre amazing!” The crowd ran over and surrounded Chu Liuyue and Weichi Song.

All of them had big smiles plastered on their faces.

“Little Junior Sister won! We won!”

“Hahaha! Someone previously said that our Chong Xu Cabinet wasnt going to make it and that they wanted to replace us.

What happened in the end They still couldnt win against us!”

“Thats right! If you dont have the ability, dont think too much! If not, youll just be a laughingstock!”


If I were part of the Jiu Xing Alliance, I really wouldnt have the cheek to continue staying here! My face… hurts!”

This side was very lively, while Jiu Xing Alliances side was miserable.

They looked completely different from their arrogant selves when they first came.

Who wouldve thought things would end up like this Everything was clearly going well beforehand…

In the end, Chong Xu Cabinet won all four of the last matches, and they forcefully turned their loss into victory!

Three of those matches were even won by Chu Liuyue herself! How perverted!

The commotion on this end had attracted the other clans attention.

When the crowd found out that Chong Xu Cabinet had saved their position with the help of Qiang Wanzhou and Chu Liuyue, they all had different reactions.

“It seems like Chu Liuyue didnt count on luck to take first place in the Wan Zheng Competition…”

“I really dont know what kind of luck Chong Xu Cabinet has to be able to revive under such circumstances…”

“Jiu Xing Alliance really wasted their efforts.

With two such disciples, Chong Xu Cabinet will definitely be one to watch in the future!”


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