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“…Master, what should we do now” The atmosphere on Jiu Xing Alliances side was very stiff, and nobody dared to speak.

Only an elder braved himself, stepped forward, and spoke carefully.

Zhang Hua clenched hard on his molars. Weve already lost, so what else can we do If I knew earlier, I wouldnt have made this extra move back then.

I wouldve directly added an extra match.

However, there isnt any medicine for regret in this world. 

“Lets go!” He flung his sleeves harshly and turned around to leave quickly.

The Jiu Xing Alliance crowd also hurriedly followed as they ran off under countless pairs of stares.

After walking out of the crowd, Zhang Hua turned around to look.

Chu Liuyue seemed to have noticed it as she looked up and raised her brows slightly.

Zhang Hua said with hatred, “Chu Liuyue, just you wait! You wont be this delighted all the time!”

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly, and her eyes curved up.

“Its good if I can be more delighted.

Its better than being disappointed all the time!”

Zhang Hua was stumped, and he almost puked blood as his blood boiled with anger.

He quickly disappeared from the crowds gazes.

In no time, everyone from Jiu Xing Alliance had left Square Gully.

Only the crowds endless whispers were left.

The other three groups matches had also ended respectively.

Without any surprise, the victorious ones were still those few clans.

After one big round, the positions of the top four clans still belonged to the same four.

However, Sheng Yan Harem and the other clans that had lost the competition werent as frustrated as Jiu Xing Alliance.

They long knew that with their clans abilities and skills, it was impossible for them to be compared to Dragon Teeth Mountain and the rest.

Hence, it was normal for them to lose.

Moreover, Chong Xu Cabinet—which they previously thought was bound to lose—actually flipped the tables at the last minute and stabilized their position.

This made them feel very surprised.

At the same time, they also felt lucky. Even Jiu Xing Alliance lost, let alone us.

Luckily, we werent the ones who competed with Chong Xu Cabinet today.

If not, we would end up as humiliated as Jiu Xing Alliance. 

But this also gave them a warning.

The current Chong Xu Cabinet might look like an empty shell, but it shouldnt be underestimated.

A starving camel was still bigger than a horse.

With Jiu Xing Alliances painful lesson in front, it was better for them to be more obedient.

With that, the clan competition swiftly ended.

The news quickly spread around Xi Ling City.

Amongst which, the happenings between Jiu Xing Alliance and Chong Xu Cabinet amazed people.

Especially when Qiang Wanzhou won against the other party with two sword moves and how Chu Liuyue consecutively won three matches alone as they forcefully turned the tides.

This news spread even further.

The people who thought Chu Liuyue only took first place in the Wan Zheng Competition due to her luck had started to change their views of her.

Chu Liuyue was originally quite famous in Xi Ling.

Now, her name was even more well-known.

In no time, she was in the limelight.

In the palace, Huayang Palace.

Two palace maids were softly talking under an osmanthus tree.

“Hey, do you think that Chu Liuyue is really that capable”

“If shes not capable, how can she win three matches consecutively To a great extent, it was all because of her that Chong Xu Cabinet could save its spot as one of the top four clans.”

“Didnt they say that she came from an ordinary background and that her cultivation level isnt high”

“Who knows if she hid her cultivation level Even if she didnt, shes really capable! When she first came, she won against a stage-five warrior more than one time as a stage-three warrior! Besides, how long has she been in Xi Ling Less than two months, right She has already broken through to become a peak stage-four warrior from a stage-three warrior! Her speed is super enviable!”

“Thats true… Not mentioning how she cultivates in all three aspects, but shes even very outstanding in all of them.

There arent many such talents in Xi Ling! When thinking back, Princess was also like this…”

“Shh! Are you courting death How dare you bring up that person Be careful in case Third Princess hears it—” One of the palace maids hurriedly slapped the other ladys elbow and spoke anxiously.

The lady who was hit held her elbow in pain and said nonchalantly, “Third Princess went to Qingfeng Palace today, and she wont be coming back within two hours—”

“What are you talking about” A light but cold voice suddenly sounded from behind the duo.

The two ladies hurriedly turned around.

Once they saw the incoming person, they immediately kneeled down in horror.

“Third Princess, may you live for a thousand years!”

Shangguan Wan was decked in a luxurious palace outfit, and her hair was tied up nicely.

Her makeup was exquisite, and she looked very elegant.

Chan Yi was supporting her from the side.

“Just now, I seem to have heard you talking about my elder sister” Shangguan Wans gaze swept across the duos faces as she asked lightly.

“I know Im wrong! Third Princess, please forgive us this time!” The two palace maids kept kowtowing and acknowledging their mistakes.

With their foreheads harshly smashing against the stone ground, blood quickly appeared.

Shangguan Wan looked down.

Seeing her nails that had just been manicured, there was no expression on her face.

“Its originally a severe crime for one to privately talk about their masters.

Besides, you were still talking about my elder sister.

Your crime is even worse.

Chan Yi—”

“Im here.”

“Chase them out of the palace.

They arent allowed to enter for the rest of their lives.”


Upon hearing this, the two palace maids were shocked as they cried and begged.

“Third Princess, we really know that were wrong! Please dont chase us out!”

They had been serving in Huayang Palace for quite some time and had heard quite a few rumors.

For example, the palace people who were chased out because they offended the Third Princess actually didnt even get to step out of the palace before they silently disappeared.

It was unknown what was waiting for them.

This resulted in the duo crazily begging for mercy.

Chan Yi gave a look to the two eunuchs standing nearby, and very quickly, a few people rushed up to cover the two palace maids mouths as they were dragged away.

Their cries gradually disappeared.

Chan Yi said, “Third Princess, dont worry.

They wont appear in front of you again.”

A tinge of cold frustration then appeared on Shangguan Wans face.

“Tell them to clean up properly.”

“Dont worry.”

Shangguan Wan then walked toward her sleeping area.

After taking a few steps, she couldnt help but ask, “Whats with the clan competition”

Chan Yi briefly told her about the incident.

The palace never participated in this incident, but all of them knew what they should.

As she listened on, Shangguan Wans expression gradually turned cold.

“…This is basically what happened.

Now, everyone in Xi Ling City is talking about her,” said Chan Yi.

Shangguan Wan suddenly sneered.

“Shes really becoming very incredible.

Shes only come to Xi Ling for more than a month, but she has been in the limelight quite often.”

Chan Yi lowered her head and didnt say a word.

“I didnt know this before, but she actually cultivates in all three aspects… What a coincidence.

Are all of the people with aYue in their names like this”

She is indeed pretty similar to my elder sister with a short life.

No matter if its her talent, name, or… looks! This caused Shangguan Wan to feel as if her heart was being pricked every time she thought of it.

“Speaking of this, shes an outstanding talent that even I cant compare with!”

Chan Yi said, “Shes just a lowly commoner.

How can she be worthy of comparison to you, Third Princess”

Shangguan Wan walked to the door of her bedroom.

She placed one foot in and suddenly stopped.

“Invite her into the palace.

Say that I… admire her very much and that I want to invite her to come to the palace.”


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