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Shangguan Yue was also in this position back then.

Her wedding date with Jiang Yucheng was also her ceremony to ascend the throne.

But she died later on, and it naturally couldnt continue.

Now that its finally my turn, how can it keep dragging on As long as I cant reach that position, I wont be able to rest assured.

Jiang Yucheng saw her determined expression—it was as if she really made up her mind—and felt his head ache.

“But… Waner, did you forget the most important thing If you really want to ascend the throne legitimately, you have to wield the Tianling Power Staff personally… But your current body…”

Shangguan Wans expression changed, and she harshly clenched her teeth. Of course, I remember this! Every emperor in the Tianling Dynasty had to pick up the Tianling Power Staff in front of the crowd when they ascended.

This signifies their status and power, and it also represents the limitless power they had in the Tianling Dynasty.

But the Tianling Power Staff was very heavy, and only people who were at least stage-eight warriors could lift it up.

Now, Shangguan Wans Yuan meridian was destroyed, so she couldnt do it at all.

She could use some methods to hide the fact that she was already a good-for-nothing, but she definitely couldnt scrape past the Tianling Power Staff.

“Have you ever thought about how the crowd will look at you if you cant successfully pick up the Tianling Power Staff at that time They will definitely think that you dont have the capabilities and the right to ascend the royal throne.”

The Tianling Power Staff was a seemingly legendary existence in the entire Tianling Dynasty.

Countless people respected it and admired it—it was everyones belief.

Only those who were affirmed by the Tianling Power Staff could be the true rulers.

If Shangguan Wan failed, she might not be able to walk out of this shadow for the rest of her life.

Shangguan Wan bit her lips. We previously wanted to wait for Father to wake up before conducting this series of plans, but it now seems like itll take an unknown amount of time.

However, Shangguan Wan was anxious for this throne.

She said, “Ill think of a way to heal my Yuan meridian then! Anyway, the Wan Zheng Competition has ended—”

Jiang Yucheng dazedly stared at her before he knitted his brows and said, “No! Its still early! If we make this move now, well definitely attract suspicions…”

“So what if they suspect us Didnt a lot of people suspect Shangguan Yues death back then Didnt everything turn out fine” Shangguan Wan lightly chuckled.

“As long as we hold the true power, all doubts will vanish into thin air.”

Jiang Yucheng glanced at her coldly.

“Do you know how much effort I spent to appease all those suspicions back then”

Shangguan Wans eyes turned, and she walked toward Jiang Yucheng.

The arrogance on her face was now replaced by a sweet, mesmerizing smile.

She leaned against his arms and hugged his waist as she whined.

“Of course, I know.

Yucheng treats me the best, right”

She didnt address herself respectfully.

“Since things have come to this point, we cant change anything.

Perhaps theres only one method that can help me heal my Yuan meridian… Even if we dont do it now, we still need to do it in the future.

As long as were more careful, it wont pose a problem.” Her hands gently brushed past his arm, and she looked a little upset.

“Both of us were injured back then, and you already fully recovered a year ago.

But I…”

Jiang Yucheng closed his eyes and hid the anger in his eyes.

He hated Shangguan Wan bringing this up as she kept reminding him that this arm wasnt his! Even though there was no strange feeling now, he still felt uncomfortable in his heart.

If I dont agree to Shangguan Wans request today, she wont take this lying down. After a long silence, he finally nodded.


Shangguan Wan looked up at him elatedly.

“You agreed Really”

Jiang Yuchengs lips curved up, but his smiling intent didnt reach his eyes.

“Of course.

Ill personally arrange this, so you just need to focus on the problems near His Majesty.”

“En! I knew you wouldnt not care about me, Yucheng!” said Shangguan Wan as she hugged him.

She then asked, “Right! Since it has already been decided, why dont we settle our wedding date too”

Jiang Yucheng was about to reject but swallowed his words when he saw her expression.

After a slight pause, he said, “What about the sixth of August”

Shangguan Wan was slightly disappointed.

“Isnt that half a year later Thats too long.

Why dont we set it for the sixth of June Everything should be done by then.”

Even though it was a question, her tone didnt allow for any refusal.

Jiang Yucheng nodded.

“The sixth of June then.”

Jiang Yucheng then chatted with Shangguan Wan for another while and settled a few matters before the latter left in satisfaction.

Shangguan Wan had already thought of how to deal with those old fogies the next day.

After settling two things that had been bothering her, she was elated and couldnt see the tinge of frustration in Jiang Yuchengs eyes.

After she left, Jiang Yucheng stayed in the guest hall alone for a while before calming himself down and walking out. Since everyone has started preparations, I must hurry up on my side as well.

I especially… cant let Weichi Song catch onto anything! I must settle this danger as soon as possible!

The crowd had been waiting at Wutong Garden all along.

The snow hadnt stopped, and it had already accumulated to their shins, which was extremely chilling to the bone.

But the yard was as quiet as ever, and nobody could grumble at all.

They didnt even dare to look upset.

Sun Qi stood on the stairs, and his gaze swept past the crowd before landing on the room.

Xia Mu was sitting inside and looked very relaxed.

Sun Qi was extremely angry, but he couldnt release his anger. This Xia Mu is really weird! With the attitude that Eldest Young Master had when he left, hes clearly saying that Xia Mu has issues.

However, the latter seems to ignore it.

Not only is he not worried about his situation, but he even sat down leisurely as if this is his house! In the past, I didnt think that this Xia Mu was so daring!

Look at that Qi Dahe! After he exited the room, he stood there honestly.

I heard that the two of them were on good terms, but why is the difference so huge If it werent because Eldest Young Master might come back and continue interrogating them—which means I cant do anything to Xia Mu—I wouldve long chased him out of the room and commanded him to kneel outside for a day and a night.

“Eldest Young Master.” A pageboys voice suddenly sounded from outside.

The crowd in the yard—including Sun Qi and the rest—looked over.

Jiang Yucheng walked over.

There was a thick layer of snow on the ground, but he didnt leave any footprints on the path he walked past.

The crowd was shocked, and they all lowered their heads to greet him.

“Greetings, Eldest Young Master!”

Jiang Yucheng ignored them and went straight to the room with a cold face.

Once he went in, he saw two guards standing there alertly and someone sitting on the chair nonchalantly.

It was Xia Mu.

Jiang Yucheng was enraged.



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