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Sun Qi looked at Jiang Yucheng, who had patches of bloodstains on his body.

“But Eldest Young Master, you—”

“Go quickly!” Jiang Yuchengs lungs were about to explode!

Sun Qis heart skipped a beat, and he immediately replied, “Yes!”

He said to the two guards behind him, “Immediately go and chase Xia Mu! You—immediately lock up the entire Jiang Residence! Dont let anyone in!”

The two guards hurriedly acknowledged his orders and left respectively.

Sun Qi also jumped out of the window and looked in the direction that Xia Mu left.

At the same time, he took out a bamboo cylinder from his arms and harshly pulled it.


Fireworks exploded in the sky.

This was something that would only be used in times of emergency.

Sun Qi usually accompanied Jiang Yucheng and had never used it before.

He didnt expect to use it at the Jiang Residence today.

Very quickly, the Jiang Residences guards rushed over from all directions, and more than a hundred people gathered together in no time.

Also, all of them were very strong!

Sun Qi rapidly said, “Just now, someone sneaked an attack on Eldest Young Master and has now escaped outside.

Everyone, follow me and look for him!”

Everyone was shocked. Someone actually dared to sneak an attack on Eldest Young Master in the Jiang Residence How daring must this person be Does that person not want to live

“That person is slim and is wearing grayish-black clothes.

He has a metal half-mask on his face, and his looks were burned by fire.

Anyone who finds him must immediately capture him back!”

“Yes!” Under Sun Qis leadership, the crowd followed out in unison.

On this end, the crowd in Wutong Garden had their faces overwhelmed with shock. How stupid must Xia Mu be to go against Eldest Young Master

“Impossible… thats impossible…” Qi Dahe was also stunned. With Xia Mus guts and abilities, its impossible for him to do such a thing!

At this point, the departing guards had already brought a team of people to lock up the entire Wutong Garden.

Everyone couldnt leave at will.

An elder hurriedly rushed over.

Upon seeing him, all the guards made way instinctively.

“Elder Feng!”

This was a heavenly doctor that specifically served the residence, and he was also Eldest Young Masters confidant—Feng Shanyuan.

Feng Shanyuan swiftly entered the house and saw the pale and enraged Jiang Yucheng with one glance.

His expression changed slightly, and he rapidly went forward.

“Eldest Young Master! Whats the matter”

Jiang Yucheng moved his hands away, and Feng Shanyuan saw that a small bloody hole had appeared in his stomach and that there was a bloodstained brush beside Jiang Yuchengs feet.

This should be what that person caused just now. Feng Shanyuan was stunned.

He hurriedly picked up a pill and gave it to Jiang Yucheng while handling the latters wound at the same time.

“Eldest Young Master, your body has just recovered.

Im afraid you need to rest for quite some time again like this… How can that person be so accurate with his attack It actually hit right at this spot… If he used a bit more force, he mightve even hurt your dantian…”

There was no need to mention how ugly Jiang Yuchengs face was.

The other party was much weaker than him, yet his sneak attack succeeded.

On the one hand, he wasnt on-guard at all back then.

On the other hand, that person was really quick!

Feng Shanyuan rapidly treated the others wound.

Then, Jiang Yucheng stepped out and wanted to chase that person.

“Eldest Young Master, its not convenient for you to move now! You should rest properly! Sun Qi and the rest will help you to find him back!” Feng Shanyuan kindly advised.

“Your body is extremely weak now, and it cant handle any troubles.

If not…”

Jiang Yuchengs eyes seemed to be burning intensely with fire.

“I know my own body well! I must capture that Xia Mu back today!”

Todays wound is an utter humiliation to me! He stepped forward and turned back to say to the guard outside, “Bring that Qi Dahe down! Guard him properly!”


That Qi Dahe seems to be on good terms with Xia Mu.

Who knows if this has got to do with the former

Qi Dahe couldnt defend himself at all as he was quickly silenced and brought down.

Jiang Yucheng took a deep breath in.

The medicinal effects had now kicked in, and the pain had lessened.

After treatment, his wound didnt bleed anymore.

He walked outside without hesitation. I must chop that Xia Mu up into pieces!

“Eldest Young Master—” Feng Shanyuan wanted to advise him again.

A scorching burn suddenly came from his wound—which made Jiang Yuchengs vision turn black—and he almost couldnt stand still.

He immediately halted in his tracks, clenched his teeth, and looked down at his stomach.

That burning feeling quickly subsided as if it had never appeared.

“Eldest Young Master, whats wrong” Feng Shanyuan saw that there was something wrong and immediately asked.

Jiang Yucheng waited for a moment and realized that the feeling didnt appear again, and he felt slightly more appeased. It should be the medicinal effects…

“Nothing,” said Jiang Yucheng swiftly as he rushed out without any care.

Even though Feng Shanyuan was worried in his heart, he also knew that Jiang Yucheng wouldnt change his mind on things that he had set his heart on.

Now that hes been injured by a random nobody, he must need to crush someones bones to relieve the anger in his heart. Watching Jiang Yuchengs departing back view, Feng Shanyuan furrowed his brows. Eldest Young Masters body… cant handle any more stress…

On the other end, Sun Qi quickly brought people and found that guard who was sent to chase after Xia Mu earlier on.

“Wheres Xia Mu” Sun Qi surveyed the surroundings but didnt see anyone, so he hurriedly asked.

That guard trembled as he muttered, “I-I lost… him…”

“You lost him!” Sun Qi couldnt contain himself and gave a tight slap.


“You cant even do such a small matter right! Whats the point of having you! You even dare to lose that person! Are you tired of living!”

The guard hurriedly admitted his mistakes, but he was also very helpless in his heart.

“O-Officer Sun… that Xia Mu is very agile… I only saw him jump over that wall before he completely disappeared…”

Sun Qi followed the direction he was pointing in and knew that Xia Mu had already escaped from the Jiang Residence.

The Wutong Garden was very near the back gate, and very few people were guarding it.

Hence, it wasnt impossible for him to escape rapidly.

“Disperse quickly! The roads are covered in snow now.

I dont believe that he wont leave behind a single trace!”


On the other end, Xia Mu had swiftly escaped from the Jiang Residence and walked along a small path.

Now that the city was covered in snow, his clothes were too eye-catching.

Based on his speed and hiding skills, he could hide for a while without any issues.

However, the people from the Jiang Residence definitely wouldnt take this lying down.

Hence, he had to think of a complete plan…

At this point, a horse carriage suddenly sounded from behind.

Xia Mu was dazed as he turned around. Why would there be a horse carriage at this time, and nobody is looking after it.

Xiu xiu!

Sounds of things piercing through the air could be heard—countless figures were rapidly nearing this area.

“He mustnt have gone far! Immediately lock this entire place and search carefully! Even if you dig up the ground, you must find that person!”


Its Jiang Yucheng! He actually chased me until here Hearing the others approaching voice, Xia Mu was determined and jumped toward the horse carriage.

But the moment he reached the front of it, the curtain was suddenly pulled open from the inside as an arm stuck out and rapidly pulled Xia Mu in.


Xia Mu fell into a warm and wide embrace.

Xia Mu instinctively jumped up and locked the persons wrist against the wall, holding him down tightly.

“How dare…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his nose suddenly smelled a familiar, cold fragrance.

The man that was being tightly pressed laughed deeply.

“Yueer, are you this anxious”


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