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Normally speaking, the more talented one was, the earlier they would connect their five treasures.

The chances of succeeding on the first try were also higher.

But other than Rong Xiu, 36 Respected Elder Ming had never seen someone try to do this when they were breaking through to become a stage-five warrior.

This could only prove that Chu Liuyues abilities had far exceeded her cultivation level.

Rong Xiu turned around and looked at the room where the force kept coming out of, and his gaze deepened.

At the start, he actually didnt expect this either.

But when he brought her back the day before, he shockingly discovered that she had thick force within her body.

Once she started to break through, it would very likely cause a huge commotion.

It really turned out to be so!

36 Respected Elder Ming was stunned and did not speak for quite a while.

The silver barrier started shaking even more violently.

Actually, Chu Liuyue had already expected this scene before she broke through.

But when she detected that the two waves of ice force and fire force started extending toward her organs, she was still shocked.

She had a Tianjing Yuan meridian in her previous life, and she did indeed start connecting her five treasures when she broke through to become a stage-five warrior.

However, her current body only had a Dijing Yuan meridian.

Logically speaking, she shouldve been like other cultivators and only started the connection of five treasures when she became a stage-six warrior.

A thought popped up in Chu Liuyues mind. Could this be related to the water droplet in my body

However, this thought disappeared in no time.

She was stunned for a while before she swiftly gathered her focus and continued to absorb the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and checked herself.

Within the dantian, her water droplet slowly turned.

Waves of force flowed out, and they kept extending toward her five organs, attempting to connect with them.

The surroundings seemed like never-ending darkness, where one would never know how to find the exit.

But Chu Liuyue was extremely patient as she tried bit by bit.

After some time, stars began to form in the water droplet.

Almost at the same time, a strange connection was felt!

The heart was connected!

Bang bang!

Bang bang!

Her heart beat strongly, and the star within her water droplet also sparkled.

The force circulated two times quicker in Chu Liuyues body, and the fire in her hands burned even more intensely.

“Pfft, did she really do it” Noticing the strange waves, 36 Respected Elder Ming finally couldnt help speaking out.

As a respected elder, he was undeniably an elite, and he had also seen thousands of talented cultivators.

On the surface, 36 Respected Elder Ming was always laughing.

But in actual fact, he was an extremely picky person.

One could just think to know how high of an expectation such a person had.

And at this point, even he couldnt help but glance at Rong Xiu.

“No wonder… Kid, you really have good taste!”

Didnt they say that Chu Liuyue had an ordinary background Didnt they say that she used to be a good-for-nothing in terms of cultivation Then, whats happening now From what I know, Rong Xiu was interested in the lady when she first started cultivating.

Back then, I thought that it was rare for Rong Xiu to like a girl in such a manner.

Hence, it didnt matter much even if her background or talents were weaker.

I didnt expect that after so long, this kid brought back a true talent! To think I still considered so much before! Its really a waste of feelings!

Rong Xiu raised his brows, and his lips curved up into a smile.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

The delight in his eyes was unconcealable.

36 Respected Elder Ming was speechless. How shameless!


They heard repeated booms.

“Shes actually still continuing” 36 Respected Elder Ming was shocked and hurriedly looked over.

“Can she continue connecting her second treasure”

Within the room, Chu Liuyues eyes were tightly shut.

With the first success, the later process became much simpler.

Very quickly, the second star appeared in the water droplet.

This time… it was the liver!

After connecting two treasures one after another, the force within Chu Liuyues body kept flowing crazily without any intention of stopping.

Chu Liuyue made up her mind and decisively wanted to connect all five treasures at once.

Her entire person seemed to have slipped into a mysterious and magical place, where she had completely forgotten the flow of time in the outside world.

This all happened as she kept absorbing the energy from outside to convert into her own force before trying to connect the remaining three organs again and again.

The water droplet turned slowly, and the force that flowed out increased.

Finally, there was a light sound.

Lungs—the third star gradually sparkled!

36 Respected Elder Mings expression gradually became serious. Its very rare to see such a talent! Normally, its actually very hard for cultivators to succeed in connecting their five treasures on the first try.

Only a small group of people are able to connect three of them in one shot, and this—to a certain extent—also shows the cultivators potential.

If Chu Liuyue can continue…


As if to confirm his thoughts, another boom came from the room as a wave encompassing immense strength spread in all directions.

The barrier started shaking even more violently.

This was already the fourth treasure!

36 Respected Elder Ming—who originally didnt care about this incident—had his entire heart hanging high at this point.

Yan Qings usual ice-cold face also looked shocked.

Only Rong Xiu had his hands behind his back and looked very calm and nonchalant.

It was as if he had already predicted this outcome.

After connecting four treasures, four stars shone brightly in the water droplet within her dantian.

At this point, Chu Liuyue force absorption speed was four times faster than the initial stage.

It was lucky that her Yuan meridian was spacious and tough enough.

If not, it would be hard for her to endure such ferocious strength.

Waves of force kept rushing toward her body, and Chu Liuyue could clearly feel that her bodily aura kept strengthening.

Even though her eyes were closed, her five senses were much sharper than before.

Chu Liuyue held her breath in, and heat flashed across her heart. If I can connect the last treasure, itll definitely bring about a huge advantage to my future cultivation.

Hence, I have to succeed no matter what.

The last treasure was unquestionably the key and the hardest to unlock.

Amongst 1,000 stage-six warriors, there might not even be one who had connected all five treasures.

One could just imagine how difficult it was.

Chu Liuyue kept trying again and again.

When the first time failed, she tried twice.

The second time failed, she tried thrice.

After some time, the fifth treasure still didnt budge at all.

Chu Liuyues bodily force was continuously being used up, but she still didnt stop as she put in her all every single time.

She was as stubborn and persistent as ever.

“It has already been so long.

She shouldnt be able to connect the fifth treasure…” muttered 36 Respected Elder Ming as he glanced at the sky.

“Actually, its already very outstanding for her to connect four treasures at once… Its fine if she really cant connect the fifth one…”

Rong Xiu didnt move.

It seemed as though he was still waiting.

After a while, his gaze moved.



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