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Rong Xiu was bewildered. 36 Respected Elder Ming, I think you said the wrong lines.

You only met Yueer for the first time today.

Is it suitable to say such words

As if Rong Xius gaze was too cold and filled with grumbles, the slow 36 Respected Elder Ming finally realized something as he quickly turned around and glanced at him.


See, Rong Xiu is also very worried about you! Itll be more assuring if you let me follow you!”

Rong Xiu was speechless.

He suddenly felt thankful that he didnt let 36 Respected Elder Ming see Chu Liuyue the previous month.

If not, he wouldnt have had a good time during this period.

“36 Elder, Im afraid we cant do this…” Chu Liuyue smiled helplessly. Shangguan Wan has caused quite a bit of commotion regarding this, and its clear that the choosing criteria of people is very strict.

Eight clans, and each clan has to send ten.

Those who dont understand might really think that this is an absolutely great opportunity, and they would fight to get chosen.

Since shes so strict with her control over these clans, she definitely wont allow 36 Respected Elder Ming to follow us.

Upon hearing this, 36 Respected Elder Mings face was filled with disappointment. I still thought I could protect Little Liuyue a little…

“But dont worry.

Ill be very careful and watch my safety,” said Chu Liuyue again.

“Sigh, okay.” 36 Respected Elder Ming sighed deeply again as he started to search for things in his Cosmic Ring.

“If this is so, then I cant help you with anything else.

I can only give you some items to protect yourself.

Here, this, and this.

Ah, theres this too! Take all of them!”

Then, he passed another bunch of things.

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Its really hard to guess how many treasures are hidden in the bosss Cosmic Ring…

“You cant disappoint 36 Elder.” Rong Xiu raised his hand, and everything shifted to Chu Liuyues side.

Then, he took out a bunch of items himself and similarly shoved them to her.

“These are from me to you.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Why do I smell a faint murderous aura…

Chu Liuyue felt really embarrassed as she kept rejecting them.

Hence, she successfully put all of them into her Cosmic Ring.

The three of them were elated and happy.

As Chu Liuyue was busy receiving gifts until her hands were sore, she didnt know that Xi Ling City had already become very lively due to these two incidents.

The wedding between the Third Princess and the Eldest Young Master! The Third Princess was also going to lead troops into Dahuang Swamp personally, in search of medicine for His Majesty.

The disciples from the few major clans were all excited.

That was Dahuang Swamp! Even though it was filled with danger, countless treasures were also hidden within.

If they could find some treasure or even… receive the heirloom of a certain strong warrior… That would be a heavenly opportunity.

In this world, all cultivators wished that they would become stronger.

Hence, even if they knew that Dahuang Swamp was very dangerous, it couldnt stop them from wishing to go there.

As a result, the few clans had already started their selection.

Dragon Teeth Mountain.

“I dont want to go!” Jian Fengchi shook his leg and waved his fan as he looked lazy and was filled with nonchalance.

“Who wants to go to that kind of deserted place!”

Jian Shuye looked at him in disagreement.

“What deserted place! That place is somewhere where a legendary fiend has appeared!”

“Lets not talk about whether the rumor is real or fake.

Even if its real, do you think that legendary fiend can be mine” Jian Fengchi chuckled.

“If only it was so easy to have a legendary fiend!”

Jian Shuye also knew that his words made sense, so he didnt argue with his son on this.

“Even if you cant find a legendary fiend, its also good if you can go train yourself.

Youve grown up in Xi Ling since you were young, and you almost never go outside… This opportunity is very rare, and you should go out to experience it! Besides, the Third Princess is going to find herbs for His Majesty.

If youre not interested in legendary fiends, you should be interested in herbs, right”

Jian Fengchi glanced at his own father.

“Father, Im doing quite well in Xi Ling.

Why do you insist on me going Even if I didnt experience those… Am I not doing well now Im a heavenly doctor, and youre also a heavenly doctor.

Why are you still forcing me to fight with that bunch of warriors and Xuan Masters”

Jian Shuye really couldnt do anything about his son. He only cares about being free and wants the best for everything, but he isnt willing to experience any hardships at all.

Jian Fengchi glanced at him and continued, “Besides, Mu Qinghe is the one who discovered that place.

Can there be someone who understands Dahuang Swamp better than him With him around, the many other people following are just joining in for fun.”

I simply dont like it.

Shangguan Wan will be there, and Im afraid itll ruin my good mood.

Besides… Shangguan Wans words are just used to bluff other people.

Only she herself knows what she really wants to go there for! Why dont I stay in Xi Ling and do what I need to

Seeing that his child really couldnt be convinced, Jian Shuye could only give up.

“Mentor, can I go” At the side, Mu Hongyu suddenly spoke up.

Jian Shuye was dazed and immediately nodded.

“Of course!”

Even though there were only ten spots, Mu Hongyu had the Faint Yuan body.

She had been greatly improving these few days, so she definitely could go if she wanted to.

“Thats great! Thank you, Mentor!” Mu Hongyus eyes lit up. That place sounds very interesting! And if Im not wrong, Liuyue will definitely go too!

Jian Fengchi knitted his brows slightly and was about to stop her, but he swallowed his words when he saw Mu Hongyus excited expression.

Jian Shuye shook his head at Jian Fengchi.

“Since youre not willing to go, suit yourself.

There are many disciples on the mountain who want to go!”

Jian Fengchi wasnt convinced as he stood up, stretched, and leisurely walked outside.

When he walked past Mu Hongyu, he used the fan to knock Mu Hongyus head and whispered, “You really dont know that youre walking toward death.”

Mu Hongyu blinked and wrinkled her nose. Who is walking toward death

Just as she was about to retort, Jian Fengchi had already walked far away.

Imperial Palace, Huayang Palace.

Shangguan Wan sat there thinking of something.

Chan Yi was tidying things by the side.

They were going to set off for Dahuang Swamp three days later, and this trip would probably take more than a month.

Hence, she had to bring quite a few items.

Dahuang Swamp was a very dangerous place.

If it were in the past, Shangguan Wan did have the guts to go there.

But now… her body…

She was quite uneasy. Its lucky that Ill be bringing quite a few people along with me this time.

“Your Highness Your Highness” Chan Yi called Shangguan Wan twice before the latter recovered her senses.

“Whats the matter”

Looking at her gaze, Chan Yi asked hesitantly, “Third Princess, are you worried about something Lieutenant Mu is going to lead the troops this time, so it should be fine.”

“Him” Shangguan Wan snorted.

“He wont listen to me anyway.”

Even though she knew that Mu Qinghe was Jiang Yuchengs person, she still couldnt fully trust him—probably because he had followed Shangguan Yue for years.

If we werent going to Dahuang Swamp this time and only Mu Qinghe was suitable, I really wouldnt bring him along.

“Your Highness, dont worry too much.

Isnt Eldest Young Master going with you too If youre really worried… Why dont you bring that item along”

Shangguan Wan turned around.


Chan Yi bowed and whispered, “Did you forget that that person left armor behind”


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