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“Youre talking about… the pure gold armor” Shangguan Wan knitted her brows.

“That thing is good, but it has always been put at Shaoyue Palace… Also, everyone in the entire Tianling Dynasty knows that it belongs to Shangguan Yue.

If I use it…”

“That person has already passed on, and its a waste if you just leave the holy items hidden in the palace.

If you can use it, and it can protect your safety, you are making good use of it.” Chan Yi seemed to be nonchalant as she advised, “Youre already above millions of people now, and youre officially getting married in a few months.

Nobody else in the world is better suited to be the pure gold armors new master.”

These words made Shangguan Wans heart falter.

This pure gold armor had quite a bit of history.

Back then, Shangguan Yue had just become of marriageable age and had led the Black Guard to check on the other territories.

During this journey, she unintentionally entered the ruins of an old battlefield and received that pure gold armor.

Afterward, she had only openly worn it once, which was during the last battle to calm Dahuang Swamp down.

Rumors had it that she wore the pure gold armor and had battled three stage-eight warriors on her own, eventually killing them all.

Ever since then, this pure gold armor had become famous after that one battle.

As the Heavenly Princess, Shangguan Yue had seen countless good items.

However, this pure gold armor definitely ranked in the top three of all the Yuan instruments she had.

It just showed how formidable it was.

Shangguan Wan was, of course, tempted to have it.

She had even wanted to occupy it for herself after she got rid of Shangguan Yue, but in the end, her Yuan meridian was burned.

She also didnt recover in the end, so she had forgotten about this incident.

Now that Chan Yi brought it up, she then suddenly remembered.

“Your words do make sense…” Shangguan Wan squinted her eyes, and her mind started whirring.

“Ill go right now!”

Shaoyue Palace.

This place used to be the most distinguished place in the entire palace, excluding the Qiankun Palace that the emperor was staying in now.

This was because the Princess used to reside here.

The past hustle and bustle had all faded away, and the current Shaoyue Palace became very cold and quiet.

Other than the palace people who were sent to guard this area, almost nobody came.

This was because the Princess had died after going crazy during her cultivation, and it sounded very bad.

In addition, the Third Princess was the one in power now, so the crowd very rarely talked about the old happenings.

In this palace, it was really a batch of officials following a ruler.

Even though the Third Princess and the Princess seemed extremely close and were on very good terms to the crowd, those who stayed in the palace for an extended period of time had sensitive feelings and somewhat knew of the differences within.

Hence, the palace staff at Shaoyue Palace were shocked when Shangguan Wan came here.

“Third Princess, may you live a thousand years!”

Shangguan Wan casually waved her hands and stepped into the court, going straight for the bedroom.

“I just came here to look around casually.

Just do what you have to do.”

After the crowd answered in unison and Shangguan Wan entered the bedroom, they then respectively exchanged looks and slowly dispersed.

Ever since the Princess had gone down, the Third Princess had come a few times.

She also came with tears in her eyes and left with them.

However, she didnt really come anymore this year.

This trip was really a little strange.

But no matter what, they still had to serve her carefully.

Shangguan Wan walked into the bedroom.

It was obvious that nobody had come to this place for a very long time as a faint smell of being left behind for a long time permeated throughout the air.

The sunlight shone in, and one could see the dust flying around.

Shangguan Wan knitted her brows, took her handkerchief, and covered her mouth and nose, feeling that it was laughable and infuriating in her heart. Who wouldve expected that the once ever so glorious Shaoyue Palace would one day end up in this state 

If it were any other day, she would definitely go out and lecture the palace staff immediately to express how close the two sisters were.

But she really wasnt in the mood for that today, so she was too lazy to do it.

She walked to the side and gently caressed the bed.

After feeling a bump, she pressed her finger.

The diagonal-facing wooden cupboard then silently opened.

A secret compartment appeared in front of her.

Shangguan Wan walked over and knocked against it a few times.


The secret compartment opened.

A pure gold armor was right inside.

Even in this silent and dark space, this pure gold armor still exuded a faint glory that couldnt be ignored as its entire body revealed an unspeakable elegance and a high and mighty aura.

One glance at it, and she seemed to be able to feel the ferocious and bloody aura from the armor.

This wasnt the first time Shangguan Wan had seen this pure gold armor, but every time she saw it, her heart would be shocked once.

It was a true holy item that had been passed down for many years since the ancient days, and it was an incomparable legendary existence!

Shangguan Wan was agitated as she couldnt help but slowly stretch out her hand and touch it.

It was cold and hard to the touch, but it exuded a strong suppression.

If I really wear it… I wonder what it will look like Shangguan Wan took a deep breath in and carefully took the pure gold armor as she held it in her arms and felt it for a while. This… is the true aura of being strong! 

This armor recognized its master.

It was a pity that her Yuan meridian was damaged, so she could only stare at it helplessly.

When my body recovers to normal… All of this will be mine! Shangguan Wan meticulously put away the pure gold armor within her Cosmic Ring and then returned everything to normal before leaving.

Chan Yi was waiting outside the door.

Shangguan Wan walked outside as she lightly said, “Sisters bedroom hasnt been cleaned in a long while.

The people in Shaoyue Palace havent discharged their duty, and they should all be chased out of the palace.”

Chan Yi bowed.


Jiang Residence.

“Eldest Young Master, you cant go with the Third Princess this time! If this goes on, Im afraid that your body…” advised Feng Shanyuan kindly when he came to the study again.

“You dont have to tell me all of this.

I must go on this trip.” Jiang Yucheng sat on the chair expressionlessly. The reason why Im going is not for any other, but… Im worried about Shangguan Wan.

Shangguan Wan wants to heal her Yuan meridian as soon as possible, and I agreed.

However, I didnt expect her to directly do this once she made a move! Its fine that shes bringing the royal family elders and 1,000 Black Guards, but whats with the other clans sending out ten disciples each to go together 

Others didnt know, but he knew the best! Shangguan Wan is too anxious! 

Feng Shanyuan knitted his brows.

“But if you and the Third Princess both go to Dahuang Swamp, whats going to happen to Xi Ling”

“Ill just leave it to the subordinates to handle.

Most of the problems have already been settled.

In such a short one month, nothing much will happen.” Jiang Yucheng was nonchalant.

Within these two years, he had insisted on the philosophy oflet those who comply with me thrive and those who resist me perish to suppress the rest forcefully.

Those who should be killed were killed, and those who should be captured were caught.

He had already handled most of the people that would pose a threat to him, and he wasnt worried that the remaining lame shrimps would do anything.

“But as for His Majesty—”

“Its precisely because I need to investigate that matter that I need to leave Xi Ling,” said Jiang Yucheng with deep meaning.

Feng Shanyuan did not speak further.

Knock knock…

“Eldest Young Master, Lieutenant Mu requests to see you!”


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