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Chapter 68: Settle Scores

Her declaration caused an uproar among the crowd.

What did Chu Liuyue say

She wants to sever all ties with the Chu family

Is she crazy

“What did you say” asked First Elder subconsciously, stunned.

Chu Liuyues resolute look and resounding words struck everyone like thunder, causing horrifying waves! “I said that my father and I will have nothing to do with the Chu family from now on! Do you understand”

“Do you know what youre saying” First Elder stared at Chu Liuyue in disbelief.

He never imagined that she was capable of saying such things! “Both of you have the blood of the Chu family flowing through your veins.

You have shown us great impiety and disrespect to say that! I knew you were going to turn things against us when you got accepted into Tian Lu Academy!”

Not only First Elder, but the entire Chu family was in a state of shock.

It had just occurred to them that, once Chu Liuyue had turned over a new leaf, she might hold a grudge against them because of what happened in the past.

She might even seek revenge.

However, nobody imagined that she would have the resolve to choose to leave the Chu family!

Even though she had become a genius, it was wishful thinking if she believed she could pit herself against the entire Chu family!

The Chu family was one of the Imperial Citys four great families and had a prestigious status.

How many people would like the chance to form a connection with them How could she have made such a decision

“Im not here for a discussion, but to inform you.” Chu Liuyue didnt seem to care about the commotion that her words had caused at all.

Her expression remained calm and relaxed.

Her words were simple and clear, yet they carried a hint of indisputable authority!

Third Elder finally frowned.

“Liuyue, you cant say such nonsense.

I know youre upset, but youre being too impulsive…”

“Third Elder, Ive made up my mind.” Chu Liuyue was still polite when she spoke to Third Elder.

This was because of the memories retained by the original body.

Third Elder was one of the considerable few in the family who had ever helped her and her father.

Chu Yin had no children.

He had always held Chu Ning in high regard, even treating the latter like a son.

However, too many things happened after that incident.

As much as Third Elder wanted to help Chu Ning, he was unable to do anything about their situation.

Third Elder wanted to say something when he looked at Chu Liuyue.

In the end, he only managed a sigh.

The bottom-line was that he was a useless man.

If he had more authority in the family and helped them a little, Chu Ning and Chu Liuyue wouldnt have been reduced to such a state…

If Chu Liuyue hadnt been accepted into Tian Lu Academy today, there was no way he couldve mustered the courage to confront First Elder.

This girl has obviously given up on the Chu family! It is too late for us to want to keep her now!

Chu Yan—who had been seething with anger—finally came back to his senses.

With some urgency, he abruptly asked, “Chu Liuyue! Chu Ning is not here now.

Are your words also a representation of his wishes”

The departure of Chu Liuyue and Chu Ning might not be a good thing for the Chu family.

However, it would be beneficial for Chu Yan and his family!

Chu Ning would no longer be around to compete with him for the position as the next family head.

Chu Liuyue would also be unable to utilize Chu familys best resources for geniuses!

Everything in the family would belong to him when they left!

Chu Liuyue saw the spark in his eyes.

It was easy to guess what Chu Yan was thinking.

She smiled and took her time to answer him.

“Whatever Ive said definitely reflects my fathers wishes.

Rest assured, my father and I will walk away with no further disputes.

We also wont be involved with the Chu familys matters after weve settled the final issue.

She raised a finger.

“First, my mothers dowry weighed a total of 120 catties when she married my father.

If I remember correctly, after my father was injured back then, you used the pretext of letting him recuperate without worries to allow Lu Yao to handle the dowry at her full discretion.

Since I am severing my ties with you, its time for you to return the dowry to me.”

Chu Yan and Lu Yao suddenly went pale in unison.

“Second, my father is the family heads son, after all.

I was also once the entire Chu familys eldest daughter.

Although the master of the family is not here, he will definitely feel bad if he knows that my father and I have left without a penny.

Its not too much for us to ask for one-fifth of the Chu familys fortune, right”

“Youre dreaming!” Chu Yan was the first to object.

“We have so many sons and daughters in the family.

Do you and your father think it is that easy to walk away with one-fifth of our familys fortune”

Chu Liuyue bluntly said, “Im sure all of you have witnessed how much my father has done for the Chu family over the years.

If you dont want to give it to us, thats fine.

I will go to His Majesty and seek justice.

Lets see if it is fair for us to have a part of the fortune then.”

Chu Yan promptly shut his mouth.

Everyone knew that Chu Ning had injured himself all those years ago because he was protecting the emperor.

If word of this really reached His Majesty, the emperor would definitely treat Chu Ning fairly, even if it was out of consideration for his benevolent reputation!

That would only humiliate the Chu family more!

First Elder laughed in exasperation.

“Fine! Fine! Youve got it all figured out! Since this is the case, both of you are not allowed to set foot in the Chu family again from now onwards! Id like to see how you are going to survive in the Imperial City!”

Without the Chu family to back them up, they might not even have a place to stay!

Chu Liuyue blinked and smiled.

“You neednt worry about us, First Elder.

I already bought a new mansion on West Street a few days ago.

It might not be as big as the Chu Mansion, but its very clean and free from all the nonsense.

Today is the tenth day of the eighth month—an auspicious day to rid ourselves from the bad and move into a new place!”


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