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“Ranran is very talented at refining pills, so I believe that shell benefit a lot from this trip.

Besides, Little Zhou and I will be around to protect her,” Chu Liuyue told them earnestly.

“Cabinet Master, Master, Ill definitely cultivate well and be careful not to be a burden to Liuyue and Wanzhou!” added Ye Ranran as she hastily raised her hand. I do want to go to Dahuang Swamp, but I might as well not tag along if I were to become a burden to them.

When Chu Liuyue saw how the two elders remained a little hesitant, she said, “We can better look after each other with Ranran around too.”

Weichi Song looked at Elder Xia Yi.

“Shes your disciple, so its your call.”

After a long silence, Elder Xia Yi finally gave his agreement.


You may go, but you have to keep your word, Ranran!”

Ranran isnt as good at fighting as Liuyue and Wanzhou, and her only merit probably lies in being a heavenly doctor.

Itd be good if she can gain some experience from this trip.

All I hope is that she doesnt become a burden to the other two.

Ye Ranrans face lit up in happiness as she thanked the elders.

“Thank you, Master! Thank you, Cabinet Master!”

“You should thank Liuyue instead! You dont have much time left, so you should start preparing yourselves over the next couple of days,” said Elder Xia Yi laughingly; to which, the three disciples responded with a nod.

Chu Liuyue then got up to leave together with Qiang Wanzhou and Ye Ranran to discuss the trip.

After they left, Elder Xia Yi looked at Weichi Song gravely.

“Have you heard what happened at the Jiang Residence, Cabinet Master”

“Are you talking about… the assasination attempt on Jiang Yucheng” asked Weichi Song.

Elder Xia Yi nodded and then shook his head.

“Its no surprise that someone would try to assassinate Jiang Yucheng since hes offended so many people, but… Its rumored that the assassin hid among the former underlings he summoned to his residence and nearly managed to kill him.

Do you know that the people he summoned that day were actually the very ones who followed him to Nan Jiang back then”

Weichi Song nodded.

“Of course.

Speaking of this, hes just doing a show for me.

To be more specific, its a show for Chong Xu Cabinet.”

Elder Xia Yis eyes widened slightly.

“Do you mean that—”

“I looked for him and told him about the Messed Yuan Gravel, but he vehemently denied that it was his doing and said that hed help to investigate this matter.

Thats why he gathered all those people.

Although it appears to be a low-key affair, anyone can find out as long as theyre determined to look into it.”

“I see… That way, he can pretend to help you in the investigation without alerting anyone… Hes quite a schemer, huh!”

“Hes always been like this.

He refuses to take any losses,” said Weichi Song lightly as a hint of sarcasm showed in his eyes.

“Then again, the assassination attempt was probably an accident.

He probably didnt expect it to happen in his own home.”

Baffled, Elder Xia Yi asked, “I thought the assassin didnt manage to hurt him”

“Would he have flown into such a huge rage that he sent his men looking for the assassin in Xi Ling City during the night otherwise Hes probably searched the entire city already over the past couple of days.

If he wasnt hurt, he wouldnt have bothered looking for the assassin at this juncture.” Weichi Song snickered. Its highly inappropriate for him to do this when his wedding date has just been set.

“…Thats true.” Elder Xia Yi laughed.

“I wonder who the culprit is! That person must be someone extraordinary if they can get away with doing that! Im curious to know how he got hurt!”

Weichi Songs eyes gleamed coldly as he said, “He deserves it.”

When Chu Liuyue returned to her room, she started cultivating in peace and felt more energetic after circulating her internal force for one Heavenly Cycle.

Ever since she became a stage-five warrior, she could feel that her senses had become much sharper than before.

Her cultivation speed had also increased after she connected her five treasures, which brought about a great relief to her since strength meant a lot.

She even looked forward to the Dahuang Swamp trip a little.

At the thought of this, she carefully took inventory of the items 36 Respected Elder Ming and Rong Xiu had given to her.

She found plenty of good stuff in the pile, and she had enough items that could help save her life in times of danger.

Among the pile of items, she took out a bronze disc. If I remember correctly, this thing allows me to teleport

She didnt think much of the disc at first, but now that she had taken it out and gotten a closer look at it, she recalled that this thing was worth a fortune.

One might not even be able to buy it even if they had the money.

Depending on its grade, the teleportation distance varied too.

Chu Liuyue looked at the bronze disc in her hand, which weighed quite a bit despite being only the size of her palm.

One could easily tell from its dusty and rusty surface that it hadnt been used for a long time.

I wonder how far this thing can teleport me… Out of curiosity, she wiped off the dust and injected a little force into it.

It remained still though.

“Eh” She found it strange that nothing happened to the bronze disc since injecting force into Yuan instruments ought to bring about some movements.

However, it didnt even show a slight ripple.

She thus injected more force and used 50% of her force this time.

When the bronze disc remained unchanged, it triggered her competitive streak.

She refused to believe that she couldnt open the bronze disc, so she took in a deep breath before injecting her full force into it.


Did I spoil the item It was specially gifted to me.

If its spoiled… Chu Liuyue froze for a moment before hurriedly bringing the bronze disc close to her eyes to check it carefully.

Sure enough, there was a tiny crack in the middle of the disc.

She felt slightly troubled.

Just as she was thinking how to fix this thing, a bright stream of light shone through the crack and quickly disappeared.

If she wasnt staring so closely at it, she surely wouldve missed it.

“Hm What was that”

With her brows knitted, she stared at the crack for a while. I think theres something wrong with this thing…

She ultimately decided to continue pouring her force into it.


That crack line became bigger, and the flashing light appeared more frequently as well.

She continued injecting her force nonstop.

After some time, a piece of the bronze disc suddenly shattered and dropped to the ground, while something inside it rose.

When Chu Liuyue took a closer look at it, she was surprised to see a flower petal.

Of course, that flower petal wasnt real and was carved out of a transparent crystal.

Although it was transparent, it looked exceptionally beautiful with colorful lights reflecting it.

The bronze disc had crack lines running all over it as if a layer of bronze skin was peeling.

She injected more force into it again.



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