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The bronze layer fell apart in an instant, and a few flower petals started furling up.

Chu Liuyues eyes widened slightly as she stared at the beautiful, fully bloomed, and transparent crystal peach blossom—which felt cool to the touch—in her hand.

The petals were oval with jagged edges, and in the middle of it all were a few stamens.

So this is what lies underneath that rough bronze exterior She was caught between laughter and tears as she played with the item in her hands. Its a teleportation device… but how do I use it

All of a sudden, the petals closed slightly, and the sensation of this made her subconsciously inject her force into it.

The stamens shook and cut her slender finger, and her crimson blood instantly seeped into the crystal, staining it pink.

She completed the entire process in a smooth and natural way, feeling no fear in the face of this scene.

She merely continued to stare intently at the crystal.

With a flash of light, the crystal peach blossom disappeared.

Feeling pain in her left wrist, Chu Liuyue looked down and noticed that a pink peach blossom mark had appeared on the inner side of it.

The finger-sized, fully blossomed flower appeared vivid on her fair and slender wrist.

Did it just recognize me as its master She wondered in puzzlement. I dont know what this thing is called, but it just transformed into a mark on my wrist before I knew it…

When she circulated her internal force toward the flower mark, she saw a flash of white light and felt as if she was falling.

The next instant, she vanished from her spot.

Darkness flashed across her eyes, and Chu Liuyue felt as if something was pulling her body down.

However, that feeling only lasted for a brief moment.

Before long, her feet were touching solid ground.

As the darkness gradually faded, she opened her eyes and took in the scene in front of her, her heart nearly jumping out of her mouth as she did so.

This place was none other than her zither room—the place she loved the most in her previous life and where everything in it was arranged according to her preferences.

All it took was a glance for her to recognize it. Its my zither room indeed.

The bookshelves, the table, and the zither…

The shock she felt from coming to this place where everything was all too familiar to her almost made her blood freeze.

Her mind had drawn a blank for once, and for a moment, she didnt know what she should do.

It took some time before she inhaled deeply and slowly calmed her racing heart.

All sorts of questions filled her mind in the meantime. The crystal peach blossom really can teleport me around, but why did it bring me here Although many places came to my mind previously, this is the last place Id think of! Could it be that… I subconsciously wanted to come here

“Its just as well.”

“The purplish-gold Buddha leaf is right here!” said the legendary three-eyed eagle out of the blue.

“For real Are you sure” Chu Liuyue froze. I know the layout of the zither room very well, but I dont remember placing a purplish-gold Buddha leaf here.

The eagle couldnt be more certain about it though.

“Of course! Good thing your body has a little of my aura because of the contract youve made with me.

The purplish-gold Buddha leaf is still sleeping now, so its a good time to take it away.”

“Where is it then” Chu Liuyue looked around her. Since were already here, we have to make full use of this opportunity! If I have to follow normal procedures, god knows when Ill be able to enter this room!

Despite returning to this place of her past, she had no time for reminiscing.

All she could think about was finding the purplish-gold Buddha leaf.

“Its in the zither,” answered the eagle.

“What!” she exclaimed in surprise, having never expected that the legendary purplish-gold Buddha leaf would be hidden within her phoenix-tailed zither.

Her voice shook as she asked with uncertainty, “Do you mean to say that… the leaf is hidden underneath the zither”

“No, its inside that zither.”

The corners of Chu Liuyues eyes twitched.

“So I have to split open this zither in order to get the purplish-gold Buddha leaf”

This was a zither that she cherished dearly, so she was very reluctant to destroy it.

Besides, despite the zithers delicate appearance, it was actually made out of an incredibly hard wood.

Given her current cultivation level, splitting it apart would take her quite a bit of effort.

The most important thing, however, was that Jiang Yucheng had this place tightly guarded.

She would attract herself a lot of trouble if she were to cause a commotion here.

“No need for that.

The purplish-gold Buddha leaf is spiritual in nature.

Since it chose to stay there, it must be because it likes the zither.

All we have to do is lure it out.”

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief.

“And how do we go about doing that”

“The purplish-gold Buddha tree is a divine tree in our clan, so we have some sort of pull toward each other.

Ill lure it out myself.”

That couldnt be any better! Chu Liuyue nodded approvingly. As expected of a divine tree—even its leaves are so hard to handle.

A black shadow then slowly appeared in front of her.

In order not to attract attention, the legendary three-eyed eagle took on a smaller form—which was about the size of a normal eagle—than usual.

When it spread its wings, it was only as long as that antique zither.

As it hovered in the air and looked down at the zither, it slowly emanated a heavy pressure that formed a barrier around the zither.

There was a seeming flash in the zither that Chu Liuyue failed to notice, but the eagle did, and it opened its third eye right away.

Meanwhile, there was a strange movement on the zither as if something was running across it.

When Chu Liuyue took a closer look at it, she saw a small undulating ripple.

It seemed that there was something inside the zither that wanted to escape, but it could only run back and forth just like this because the zither had been sealed with the legendary three-eyed eagles aura.

Slowly, the ripple became even smaller, and the little thing finally revealed its true glittering appearance—it was a purplish-gold Buddha leaf.

Chu Liuyue was amazed by it. So this is the legendary purplish-gold Buddha leaf! Although it looks like an ordinary leaf, its more like an intelligent spirit!

The eagles third eye stared intently at the leaf, and it was just about to put it away when a flurry of footsteps was heard coming from outside.

“Greetings, Eldest Young Master!”

Chu Liuyue was shocked to hear that. What prompted Jiang Yuchengs sudden visit!


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