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Chu Liuyue opened her eyes again, and she had returned to her own room in Chong Xu Cabinet.

After confirming that she had returned back safely, she sighed deeply. How close… I was almost discovered by Jiang Yucheng! If I were any later… Who wouldve thought that Jiang Yucheng would suddenly go to the zither room at this time

She removed her black robe and said to the legendary three-eyed eagle, “He didnt see you just now, right”

“Nope.” The legendary three-eyed eagles voice was as cold and nonchalant as usual, with a hint of contempt.

“Hes just strong on the outside, but nothing on the inside.”

Compared to normal cultivators of the same standard as him, Jiang Yuchengs reaction speed was absolutely horrible.

There had to be something wrong with his body.

Even though the legendary three-eyed eagle didnt have a physical body, it was a legendary fiend after all.

Besides, its own body had always been recovering after it made an agreement with Chu Liuyue.

Though it was slow, its aura was indeed strengthening.

It was no problem to deal with a Jiang Yucheng.

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue relaxed and couldnt help but sneer upon hearing the legendary three-eyed eagles analysis.

“I noticed that too.

His abilities… are indeed much weaker than before.

It seems like he really is the culprit behind the Messed Yuan Gravel incident back then.”

Even though I dont know what method he used to make his cultivation level seem like it didnt change, his abilities have obviously deteriorated.

In addition to the bloody wound I gave him previously… Jiang Yuchengs body is probably a mess now.

“But… This item is pretty good… It was such a long distance to go there and back, yet it only used up a small portion of my force,” said Chu Liuyue as she looked at the peach blossom mark on the inner side of her left wrist.

The peach blossom was bright as it bloomed gently.

Though she didnt know how this item suddenly brought her to the zither room, the fact that it could bring her back safely and smoothly proved its abilities.

This item was much more useful than she had thought.

“When I see 36 Elder next time, I must thank him properly.” Chu Liuyue then confirmed that all her doors and windows were locked once again and that nobody would disturb her before taking out the ancient zither from her Cosmic Ring and carefully placing it in front of her.

She had almost accepted the purplish-gold Buddha leaf earlier, but she had to stop once Jiang Yucheng came.

Looking at this ancient zither, Chu Liuyue felt conflicted. I really didnt expect myself to bring it back in such a strange manner… Jiang Yucheng wont dare to broadcast this matter loudly, so Im not worried that hell openly investigate the matter.

After thinking for a while, Chu Liuyue collected her thoughts and prepared to find the purplish-gold Buddha leaf.

After looking left and right, she finally saw a hint of purplish-gold at the corner.

It was as if a brush had gently brushed one stroke, and its color was brilliant.

That speck of purplish-gold moved slightly as if it was tempted to escape.

But its edge was covered by a light layer of black, so it couldnt struggle free.

This was the seal the legendary three-eyed eagle had hurriedly laid on it.

Chu Liuyues gaze darkened.

“Lets begin!”


The legendary three-eyed eagle appeared again.

A gigantic black figure hung high in the sky, and tremendous suppression filled the entire room.

The legendary three-eyed eagles third eye suddenly opened, and that light layer of black on the ancient zither rapidly disappeared.

A purplish-gold leaf suddenly jumped out.

A bright-red ray shot out of the legendary three-eyed eagles eyes.


That purplish-gold leaf was instantly wrapped up, and it could not move.

With one glance, the exterior was presented in an ovular shape that was shining brightly, looking like a crystal.

Chu Liuyue stretched out her hand and took the item.

It was slightly warm to the touch, and it exuded a light leafy fragrance.

In her hands, she could clearly feel the overwhelming lively and energetic aura and strength within.

Chu Liuyues force seemed to be brought along by this strength as it gradually increased its flowing speed.

“This purplish-gold Buddha leaf is actually this powerful” Chu Liuyue was shocked in her heart as she widened her eyes slightly.

This purplish-gold Buddha leaf alone contained strength that overwhelmed all the herbs she had seen before.

“This is a leaf from a magical tree, so it naturally cant be compared to ordinary herbs.” The legendary three-eyed eagles voice was filled with faint pride.

Something that could be seen as a magical tree by the legendary three-eyed eagles clan was definitely something extraordinary.

Chu Liuyue held that small ball in her hands.

“So youve locked this temporarily”


When you find the remaining items, I can then restructure my physical body!” Even the calm and cold legendary three-eyed eagle couldnt conceal its excitement when it talked about this.

It had been trapped in the Heavenly Square Cauldron for thousands of years, and it originally thought that it would vanish into thin air after being destroyed by the endless torture and pain.

It never expected for its fate to be changed and that it would have a chance of rebirth.

Logically speaking, a purplish-gold Buddha leaf was impossible to appear in a place like the Tianling Dynasty.

However, it actually did!

If this wasnt fate from the heavens, what else could it be

Chu Liuyue was also happy that the legendary three-eyed eagle was another step closer to recovering its physical body.

However, she had a question in her heart: “Why would this purplish-gold Buddha leaf suddenly appear in the zither”

She never told the legendary three-eyed eagle her true identity.

Hence, it didnt know that the zither actually belonged to her.

She had played this zither for more than ten years, but she never knew that a purplish-gold Buddha leaf was hidden within. Could it be that it hid too well, so I never discovered it After all, if it werent for the legendary three-eyed eagles reminder, I wouldnt have known about this.

“This purplish-gold Buddha leaf shouldve stayed in this ancient zither for a few years.

As to who put it there… I dont know.”

Chu Liuyue was quite surprised.

“Youre saying that… someone purposely put it inside”

“Of course.

In this world, there are only two purplish-gold Buddha trees.

One is in my clan, and the other is in an extremely east area.

How far is that place from here Its impossible that a small purplish-gold Buddha leaf can land here single-handedly.

Therefore, someone mustve purposely brought it here.”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. A few years… There was an extra purplish-gold Buddha leaf here, but why didnt I know about it at all


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