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After thinking for a while, Chu Liuyue still couldnt figure out the answer, so she could only temporarily set this matter aside.

After carefully putting away the purplish-gold Buddha leaf, she entered into cultivation mode again.

Two days quickly passed.

On the third morning, Chu Liuyue had just finished one cycle when she heard Ye Ranrans voice from outside.

“Liuyue, we should set off!”

Chu Liuyue opened her clear eyes, which sparkled brightly within.

After connecting her five treasures, not only had her cultivation speed increased, but the force within her body was even purer.

She clenched her fists and stretched—she could even vaguely hear her body cracking.

The feeling of being filled with strength that she hadnt experienced in a long time rejuvenated her.

She walked over to open the door.

Ye Ranran and Qiang Wanzhou were already waiting for her together.

“Lets go!”

After the few of them left the mountain, they went straight for Ping Liang Square.

They were going to Dahuang Swamp from there.

The usually lively Xi Ling City seemed a little solemn today, and much fewer people were on the streets.

After they reached Ping Liang Square, they discovered that there were even fewer people here.

This was because the Black Guard had already guarded this area in advance.

In the large square, many transportation formations were temporarily closed.

Only the one in the middle was open.

The army of 1,000 Black Guards was on standby beside the transportation formation.

A young man wearing black armor was standing at the front of the Black Guards with his back straight and his entire body exuding an intense murderous aura—it was Mu Qinghe!

Even though he was a general, he wore casual clothes during most situations in Xi Ling City.

Today, he suddenly wore his armor, and the harsh and ferocious aura that came from killing millions of people during battle was instantly very obvious.

This made the crowd frightened.

Ye Ranran softly said, “Lieutenant Mu looks very different today… No wonder hes the Black Guards lieutenant!”

He definitely had his abilities to be able to rise up to this position in a short ten years.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him calmly and averted her gaze, with peace in her eyes. Whatever Mu Qinghe looks like now no longer has anything to do with me.

Ye Ranran glanced at her and saw that her reaction was calm, so she felt a bit strange.

“Liuyue, are you not on good terms with Lieutenant Mu Do you want to go say hi to him”

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly.

“The Third Princess and the rest will be coming soon.

Its not very appropriate at a time like this, right”

Ye Ranran thought for a moment and agreed.

After all, there were 1,000 Black Guards behind Mu Qinghe.

“Lets go over there and wait I think some people from the other clans have already arrived!”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

The three of them walked in another direction.

Mu Qinghe looked up and coincidentally saw Chu Liuyue and the rest walking over from a distance away.

Quite a few people in the surroundings looked at her.

Curiosity, admiration, respect, envy, jealousy… All sorts of gazes landed on her.

Compared to the previous time they met, Chu Liuyues body seemed to have changed.

She seemed… even more eye-catching than before.

It was very hard to describe such a feeling.

All in all, she was like a Yuan Stone that gradually sparkled in a color that belonged to itself after slow refinement.

Or perhaps she was like a pearl that was covered in dust.

Now that she finally removed that layer of dust, she could sparkle in full glory.

She was completely different from the very careful and restricted girl back in Country Yao Chen a few months ago.

In such a short period of time, Chu Liuyue had already become famous in Xi Ling, and her reputation was known to all.

She was in the limelight.

Even though he was the one that brought her over, everything that happened to Chu Liuyue in Xi Ling later on had nothing to do with him, especially after she moved out of the Mu Residence.

After that, the two parties didnt even interact at all.

Now that he saw her again, he sighed in his heart for some reason.

However, Mu Qinghe only took a glance before rapidly retracting his gaze.

People from a few clans had already arrived.

Chu Liuyue looked over and saw quite a few familiar faces.

Seeing the three of them, the crowd that was still exchanging pleasantries instantly fell silent.

They had long heard the news that Chong Xu Cabinet would only send three representatives.

As a result, the other clans even had extra spots.

They were guessing who Chong Xu Cabinet would send out.

Seeing Chu Liuyues trio at this point, the crowd was mostly shocked. These three… are the best few disciples in Chong Xu Cabinet! Not talking about Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou, but even Ye Ranran has displayed extraordinary heavenly doctor talent during the clan competition.

Dahuang Swamp is a dangerous place after all.

How could Chong Xu Cabinet really bear to let all three of them out at once Are they not afraid that they will get into trouble

Facing all sorts of gazes from the crowd, Chu Liuyue ignored them, and Qiang Wanzhou didnt care at all.

Ye Ranran… Anyway, she was following Liuyue and Wanzhou, so what was there to be scared of

Therefore, the trio found a place to stand by the side as calmly as ever.

Thereafter, a few people went to greet them, and Chu Liuyue and the rest also answered them in return.

“It looks like Chong Xu Cabinet is still pretty confident in you all.

They actually let all of you come together” A sharp voice was heard.

Chu Liuyue lazily looked up.

Ning Jiaojiao.

Chu Liuyue smiled and slowly said, “Ms.

Ning, are you worried about our safety With so many people around, I think nothing much will happen.

Dont you agree”

Ning Jiaojiao lightly snorted.

“One can never be too careful! I was just casually talking about it.

I dont have any other meaning!”

Compared to before, the attitude she had toward Chu Liuyue had a slight change.

This was still a world where the strong were respected after all.

Chu Liuyue first took the highest ranking during the Wan Zheng Competition and later won three matches consecutively during the clan competition.

Ning Jiaojiao was also present back then.

Even though she was filled with indignation, she had to admit that Chu Liuyues abilities couldnt be underestimated.

Before she came out this time, her father—Ning Binghai—had specifically instructed her not to stir up trouble.

Ning Jiaojiao had suffered before, so she naturally didnt dare to be too overboard this time.

She just wanted to let her mouth run.

Of course, nobody knew what exactly she was thinking.

Seeing that the other knew how to retreat at the right time, Chu Liuyue didnt care much as her lips curled up, and she didnt say anything.

Ning Jiaojiao then secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, her gaze focused, and she asked uncontrollably, “You broke through and became a stage-five warrior!”

Chu Liuyue nonchalantly looked at her. Isnt it very obvious

Ning Jiaojiao then realized that she had lost her composure as she bit her lips and averted her gaze.

However, she was still quite shocked. How long has Chu Liuyue been in Xi Ling She actually broke through and became a stage-five warrior from a stage-three warrior Then, isnt she even stronger

Not only Ning Jiaojiao, but even the crowd at the side were all quite stunned.

“Whats so good about a stage-five warrior” A cold and mocking voice came from behind.


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