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The surroundings fell silent.

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw that it was people from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect.

This was said by the man at the front.

He looked like he was 27 or 28, and he was very skinny and tall.

His looks were ordinary, and the ends of his hair were glowing with faint purple.

Song Qingnian Chu Liuyue recognized him.

He was the eldest son of Purple Xiao Sword Sects Master—Song Lian—and he was also the young master of the sect.

He is pretty talented.

If I dont remember wrongly, he had just broken through and become an advanced stage-seven warrior back then.

Now, it seems like he didnt continue breaking through.

However, it was natural that he didnt care about a stage-five Chu Liuyue with his cultivation level and abilities.

“Senior Brother Qingnian, shes the champion of the Wan Zheng Competition and had challenged three people during the clan competition.

She even won all of them, so its hard for her not to be proud…”

Chu Liuyue glanced at the woman talking behind him. Nice, its another familiar person.

Yang Qiner—her words seemed to be advising Song Qingnian, but unconcealable envy was written all over her face.

Chu Liuyue was innocent.

“I was just standing here previously, and I dont think I said anything, right Why did I suddenly become proud”

Yang Qiner was stumped.

Song Qingnian was still the experienced one as he scrutinized Chu Liuyue from head to toe.

As if he didnt hear her words, he said, “Youre just a little nothing.

Qiner, when you experience more of the world, you naturally wont care about this kind of… You just have to cultivate properly in the future, and you wont lose to her.”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and secretly admired the other girl in her heart. How long has it been, yet Yang Qiner is already on very good terms with the people in the Purple Xiao Sword Sect Even Song Qingnian is telling her this.

In her memory, Song Qingnian was very arrogant due to his identity as the Purple Xiao Sword Sects young master.

Seeing this today, his old habit didnt change at all.

Yang Qiner seemed to blush a little.

“Thank you for the compliment, Senior Brother Qingnian.”

Seeing her smile, Song Qingnian patted her arm and walked to the other side with the rest.

“You—” Ye Ranran was infuriated and was about to go forward to argue with them.

Chu Liuyue pulled her back and gently shook her head.

Ye Ranran was angered.

“Liuyue, that person talked about you like that.

Are you just going to let it be”

Chu Liuyue smiled lightly.

“He just scolded me with two sentences, and I wasnt physically hurt anyway.

Why do you want to care so much about them Many people have talked about us privately, so are we going to pursue the matter with them one by one”

“But they did it openly…”

“Almost everyone is here.

Lets be more low-key in case we attract any trouble.”

“…Okay.” Ye Ranrans heart seemed to be stuffed with anger, but looking at Chu Liuyues determined stance, she could only listen to the latter.

She glanced at Song Qingnian and softly said, “Whats so good about being the Purple Xiao Sword Sects young master When he was your age, Liuyue, he was so much weaker than you!”

Chu Liuyue curved her lips slightly.

“I know.”

Song Qingnian was a few years older than her.

Back then, he wasnt convinced by her and went to challenge her.

In the end, Song Qingnian was beaten by her until he would turn around and take another route whenever he saw her, and he didnt even attend the routinal palace banquets.

Qiang Wanzhou glanced at Song Qingnian coldly and retracted his gaze.

Song Qingnian faintly felt his back was chilly, but he didnt see anything when he turned around.

On the other hand, Chu Liuyues trio was softly talking about something, and their expressions were calm.

Song Qingnian coldly chuckled.

“Qiner, youre right.

This Chu Liuyue is arrogant on another level.

When we reach Dahuang Swamp, Ill show her whos boss!”

Yang Qiner lowered her head and didnt say a word.

“Liuyue!” A surprised greeting floated over.

Chu Liuyue looked up, and her face was filled with smiles.

A familiar face appeared in front of her—it was Mu Hongyu.

She originally came together with Dragon Teeth Mountains people.

However, she saw Chu Liuyue from afar when she walked at the front, so she rushed over first.

“I knew you would go too! Hm Why are there only three people from Chong Xu Cabinet” Mu Hongyu had been busy cultivating with Jian Shuye lately, so she didnt know anything about the outside world.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“My senior brothers and senior sisters couldnt find the time to come, so only the three of us are here.”

A snicker came out from the side.

Song Qingnians face was filled with mockery as he said to the people beside him, “Hah, youre saying it nicely.

Who doesnt know that theyre in this situation because Chong Xu Cabinet cant send anyone out”

It really made him feel like his status had been lowered when Chong Xu Cabinet—which had less than 100 people—was placed in the same position as them as the four biggest clans.

Chu Liuyues smile faded away.

But Mu Hongyu smiled coldly and said, “Isnt it enough that they sent the three of them I remember that many of us here had participated in the clan competition, right Did any of you win against Liuyue”

Naturally, not everybody could fight with Chu Liuyue during the clan competition, but who didnt know that she had won against a stage-six warrior

Quite a few people present werent even stage-six warriors…

Chu Liuyue was indeed strong—this was unquestionable.

The surroundings immediately fell into silence.

Song Qingnian knitted his brows.

“Who are you How dare you be overboard in front of me”

Yang Qiner softly said, “Senior Brother Qingnian, shes the one with the Faint Yuan Body…”

Song Qingnian squinted his eyes.

“Youre the slave that Jian Fengchi spent six million white crystals to buy”

Once he said this, the crowd gradually looked over with strange expressions.

Anyone could hear the mockery in his voice.

In the Tianling Dynasty, people with the identity as slaves were lower than the rest.

But Mu Hongyu had the Faint Yuan Body, so most people were more envious and jealous of her.

With this physical strength, she didnt need to be afraid of being looked down on when she became a strong warrior in the future.

But now that her identity was singled out, it was obvious that Song Qingnian was purposely making it difficult for her.

Chu Liuyues face turned cold.

A handsome young man had already walked forward and calmly said, “Hongyu is my masters final disciple.

Do you have any doubts about that, Young Master Song”

Song Qingnians expression changed slightly.

The surrounding people also looked shocked. Mu Hongyu is actually Jian Shuyes final disciple Then, her identity must be extraordinary…

One had to know that all these years, Jian Shuye had only accepted three specialized disciples.

Mu Hongyu was the fourth one!

Jian Shuye seemed not to care about her identity as a slave.

Since he was willing to do this, it was enough to prove that he thought very highly of Mu Hongyu.

In other words, he was Mu Hongyus backer!

Even though Song Qingnian was normally very arrogant and looked down on others, he wasnt stupid and knew who he could offend and who he could not.

Dragon Teeth Mountains Jian Shuye was someone that protected his disciples a lot.

Even his father didnt dare to go head-on against Jian Shuye, let alone him!

He coldly snorted and harshly waved his sleeves, turning his face.

That young man walked to Chu Liuyue and smiled gently with good manners.


Chu, I am Zhu Hong.

Before we came, Master and Young Master specifically instructed us to take care of you.

I wonder if you will be willing to go with us during this Dahuang Swamp journey”

Jian Shuye and Jian Fengchi Chu Liuyue was dazed for a moment.

Seeing Zhu Hong and the rests sincere expressions, she smiled.”Sure! Thank you all then!”


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