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The relationships between the various sects varied, but from Dragon Teeth Mountains attitude, it was clear that they intended on taking care of Chong Xu Cabinet.

Many people exchanged looks with one another as fear sprouted in their hearts.

Ever since Chong Xu Cabinet fell from grace after encountering an ambush, Dragon Teeth Mountain had somehow become the boss of all sects.

Although Purple Xiao Sword Sect was by no means weak, they were still a little lacking compared to Dragon Teeth Mountain.

Hence, they would try their best to avoid starting a conflict with the latter.

Of course, it went without saying for the other sects.

We owe Dragon Teeth Mountain another favor, thought Chu Liuyue. Oh well, this will probably save us a lot of unnecessary trouble during the trip.

Although Im not afraid of trouble, its a hassle to deal with them.

Both sects members then introduced themselves to each other.

Having seen and heard of Chu Liuyues and Wan Qiangzhous capabilities, as well as Ye Ranrans astonishing talent, Dragon Teeth Mountains disciples treated the trio very politely.

There might be many disciples in Dragon Teeth Mountain, but most of them were pretty much like their clan master, Jian Shuye—upstanding and forthright.

They didnt have many fancy tricks up their sleeves, although speaking of it, Jian Fengchi was their most rebellious and unrestrained disciple.

Thus, Chu Liuyue had always had a pretty good impression of them.

Anyway, both sides found out that they got along quite well after a brief exchange and thus became closer to one another.

The people around them, however, looked at them with complicated expressions.

Some were baffled, some were envious, and some others were disdainful, but neither Chu Liuyue nor the rest of her party paid any attention to them.

“The Third Princess has arrived!”

Shangguan Wan finally appeared when everyone else had arrived.

The Black Guards on both sides had long cleared a path for her, and she slowly walked over with two elders from the royal family—Elder Qiu Xi and Elder Duanmu Chun—in tow.

Walking further behind was Jiang Yucheng.

He didnt walk next to his fiancée because they had yet to hold their wedding.

A hush instantly fell over the entire Ping Liang Square before the crowd paid their respects in unison.

“May the Third Princess live for a thousand years!”

Shangguan Wan mustve been looking forward to this scene for a very long time. Standing among the crowd, Chu Liuyue went down on her knees and bowed as well, her eyes gleaming with sarcasm when she lowered her head.

But when she rose to her feet once more, she had assumed her usual expression.

Standing still, Shangguan Wan swept her gaze across the crowd.

“The purpose of this trip to Dahuang Swamp is to seek medicine for the Emperor.

Although there are valuable treasures at Dahuang Swamp, it doesnt change the fact that its a very dangerous place.

Im grateful that all of you here are willing to go with me and lend me a helping hand.”

Her speech sounded really polite.

“Ill give a handsome reward to the person who can help me find the treasures I need! Except for those few treasures, youre welcome to keep any treasures that you find!”

Many peoples eyes lit up in eagerness.

Everyone here had mustered up their courage to venture into Dahuang Swamp just for this reason, so they were naturally delighted to hear this.

“Thank you, Third Princess!”

Shangguan Wan smiled.

“I hope this will be a smooth and worthwhile trip for everyone! Lieutenant Mu, lets go.”

Mu Qinghe took a step forward and cupped his fist in his other hand.

“The army of 1,000 Black Guards will be split into two teams.

The first team will be at the front, while the second team will be at the back.

Make sure to protect the Third Princess and everyone elses safety!”

As he spoke, he lifted his right arm.

The Black Guards behind him immediately parted in the middle, clearly dividing themselves into two teams.

The sound of their iron boots stomping on the lapis lazuli ground was extraordinarily powerful.

As the first team of 500 Black Guards marched up to the transportation formation, Shangguan Wan and her entourage followed behind, with Mu Qinghe standing right next to her to protect her.

Behind them were the various sects disciples, and finally, the second team of Black Guards.

The people standing around them went down on one knee and shouted, “We bid farewell to the Third Princess!”

“Activate!” When Mu Qinghe gave that order, the transportation formation started spinning really quickly.

All of them vanished the next instant.

Dahuang Swamp was located really far away from Xi Ling, so a lot of traveling time was still needed even with the transportation formation.

But the good thing was that there wasnt much spatial turbulence because this transportation formation was specifically built for this purpose and was consistently maintained.

Therefore, everyone wasnt affected much.

Mu Qinghe had long gotten his subordinates to prepare water pearls that would be specifically used in the transportation formation, so there were more than enough water pearls to illuminate everyone even though they made quite a large crowd.

Such water pearls were expensive, so the average person wasnt able to afford one.

But because Shangguang Wan was the Third Princess, possessing a hundred of them was nothing to her.

The scale of this trip left many marveling in amazement.

“As expected of the Third Princess.

The way she uses water pearls is like money is nothing to her.”

“Who are you compared to the Third Princess The entire Tianling Dynasty will be hers in a few months, let alone a few water pearls.”

“Thats true! I heard that the scale of the late Crown Princesss expeditions was even greater than this.

Its a pity that she only brought the Black Guards with her, so we couldnt get a chance to see it.”

“The late Crown Princesss status is almost on par with that of the Emperor.

Even though she was a princess, she could mobilize tens of thousands of Black Guards.

They cant be compared since the Third Princess hasnt… Then again, those are just matters of the past.

Its pointless to bring them up!”

Even though the people around Chu Liuyue whispered really softly, she could hear them all since she had connected her five treasures.

Looking nonchalant, she raised her head toward a certain direction.

Right ahead, Mu Qinghe was currently whispering something to Shangguan Wan.

He seemed to be explaining Dahuang Swamps situation to her.

“…Your Highness, well be arriving at the western borders transportation formation first.

From there, well be transported to Dahuang Swamp.

The mist stretches for hundreds of miles within Dahuang Swamp, so you have to…”

Mu Qinghe carefully explained Dahuang Swamps situation, while Shangguan Wan carefully listened.

Although Chu Liuyue couldnt see Shangguan Wans expression from her position, she could still see her nodding her head seriously from time to time.

She tugged the corners of her lips as she thought to herself, Mu Qinghes explanation sure is detailed.

There wasnt anyone to tell me the dangers of Dahuang Swamp in such detail when I entered it back then.

I cant even remember how many dangerous encounters Ive experienced there.

The knowledge hes sharing with her is gained through years of battle at Dahuang Swamp, but its mine too.

The outside world only knows that he volunteered to join the Black Guard, made great military achievements in just a decade, and suppressed the rebellion in Dahuang Swamp.

With his military power, he made a heroic contribution in stabilizing my position as the Crown Princess.

However, only a few know that I entered Dahuang Swamp a few times as well.

The current Mu Qinghe might be all formidable now, but he wasnt like this right from the start.

Without me helping him in the dark, he probably wouldve died at Dahuang Swamp.

That being said, these are all… things of the past now.


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