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Chapter 688: Mystic Forest

There used to be a transportation formation that connected the western border to Dahuang Swamp—something that was left behind from the time of the Tianling Dynastys ancestor.

However, it was no longer working due to the destruction caused by the elements and people over the years.

The current transportation formation was specifically set up by Shangguan Yue so that the Black Guards could conveniently travel to and from Dahuang Swamp.

However, not many people knew about this matter.

Shangguan Wans eyes lit up when she saw the transportation formation.

“This transportation formation looks rather new.

Did you specifically set this up, Lieutenant Mu”

Mu Qinghe froze for a second, but he soon assumed his usual facial expression and calmly answered, “It was left behind by the late Crown Princess.”

The smile on Shangguan Wans face crumbled slightly.

“…So it was left behind by my sister… I didnt know that…”

Jiang Yuchengs eyes shifted slightly as he took another look at the transportation formation.

Chu Liuyue thought that Mu Qinghe would give more details about the transportation formation, such as when and why it was built.

But contrary to her expectations, he mentioned none of that.

Instead, he only said, “This transportation formation is rather large and well-maintained, so we can all travel together to the inner parts of Dahuang Swamp.”

With a forced smile plastered on her face, Shangguan Wan nodded and no longer posed any other questions about the transportation formation.

As Chu Liuyue fiddled with the Cosmic Ring on her finger, she thought, Tsk, isnt it just a transportation formation Whats there to hide about it

The rest of the people, on the other hand, seemed oblivious to the raging undercurrents of emotions surging here.

For most of them, all they were thinking about was how they were about to set foot into Dahuang Swamp.

Under Mu Qinghes leadership, the group was transported to Dahuang Swamp through this transportation formation.

“This transportation formation seems really stable too… Theres not much turbulence at all… In fact, its pretty similar to the one we used earlier!”

“The first formation was personally set up by the Ancestor and was carefully maintained throughout the years, so its only natural that it works well.

As for this one… Wasnt it left behind by the late Crown Princess”

“The late Crown Princess was born with a Tianjing Yuan meridian, and her talent and capabilities were unparalleled.

Setting up a transportation formation is nothing to her.”

“Its a pity what happened to her in the end… It was rumored that she was highly likely to be the second person to attempt to break through the ninth stage of cultivation… What a shame!”

Whispers from all directions could be heard.

As Chu Liuyue quietly listened to these conversations, she glanced at Shangguan Wan—who was standing stiffly at the front—while smirking. Even though my past self has died and Shangguan Wan has taken over my position, some things—like the fact that she can never possess a Tianjing Yuan meridian—just cannot be changed or replaced.

That point alone is enough for her to feel indignant forever.

People will always be comparing her to me now that shes sitting in my position.

Whether or not she will do better or worse than me will depend on her own capabilities.

All of a sudden, Chu Liuyue felt that it was worthwhile for her to make this trip. Although its still not time for me to show my hand and teach these people a lesson, watching them suffer unspeakable indignation isnt bad either! Dahuang Swamp might be the place where Mu Qinghe became famous, but it also used to be my territory!

“Liuyue, what are you laughing about” asked Mu Hongyu out of puzzlement.

Chu Liuyues smile deepened as she blinked and said, “Nothing.

Im just a little excited at the thought that well be reaching Dahuang Swamp soon and that we might be able to find a lot of treasures.”

Mu Hongyu—who had no doubts about her words—chuckled.

“Me too!”

“Same here!” Ye Ranran raised her hand.

Only Qiang Wanzhou remained as aloof as ever.

He merely shot them a quick glance before looking down again.

After some time, they finally arrived at the transportation formations exit.

Many people could be seen getting increasingly restless as what lay outside the transportation formation was Dahuang Swamp this time.

Mu Qinghe looked at them and said, “Get ready to exit, everyone!”

A powerful suppression hit them once more, and they came pouring out of the transportation formation.

The travel time was shorter this time, so everyone adapted to the brightness around them as soon as they came out.

When Chu Liuyue came out, she heard a collective gasp around her that made her halt her footsteps and look around.

Beneath her feet was a grayish-white rock that seemingly stretched for tens of miles, while behind her was a golden desert that looked very similar to the one they saw earlier.

A lush forest was on her left, and a vast lake was on her right.

The lake—which appeared to be connected to the sky on the far horizon—was slightly silvery in color, making it look like a huge mirror.

“This rocky area is the heart of Dahuang Swamp.

Its also known as the Gray Triangle because it connects the Red Moon Desert, the Mirror Lake, and the Mystic Forest together,” explained Mu Qinghe to Shangguan Wan, although he deliberately raised his voice this time so that the others could clearly hear what he was saying too.

“Things are very different at those three places, and so are the dangers lurking inside.

Even someone whos experienced with this place might not be able to completely avoid the dangers here, so make sure to be careful at all times and avoid moving alone.”

Everyone became alert at once.

They only heard the rumors about Dahuang Swamp in the past, but now that they were here to see it for themselves, they finally realized what sort of place this was.

Mu Qinghe turned to Shangguan Wan.

“Where would you like to go first, Your Highness”

Although Shangguan Wan was also amazed by the scene in front of her, she didnt show it on her face.

She appeared as calm and composed as before as she mulled over the question for a moment.

“Legend has it that a legendary fiend once appeared in the Mystic Forest.

May I know if youve seen it before, Lieutenant Mu”

Mu Qinghe shook his head.

“Ive never seen it before, but… Its true that there are many high-level fiends in Mystic Forest.”

Shangguan Wan was a little disappointed at first, but she couldnt help but feel somewhat excited and curious when she heard the second part of what Mu Qinghe said.

She used to own a fiend, but it was burned to death when her Yuan meridian was destroyed.

She hadnt been able to contract with a new fiend because her Yuan meridian hadnt recovered, so this trip might be an opportunity for her.

The others were unable to hide their eagerness as well, and all of them turned to look at Shangguan Wan.

“I think the rumors about the legendary fiend might be true.

Who knows We might be able to find it in the Mystic Forest, so I feel that we should head there first!” Shangguan Wan finally made her decision after a brief hesitation.

Mu Qinghe, however, appeared a little hesitant.

“Your Highness, the Mystic Forest is the most dangerous of the three places.

Are you sure… you want to go there first”

The most dangerous of the three places Isnt that even better Shangguan Wan nodded her head affirmatively.

“For the sake of the Emperor, I have to go there no matter how dangerous it may be! The Mystic Forest it is then!”

Mu Qinghe didnt bother to argue further, and he just led the way.

“This way, Your Highness.”

As everyone walked in the mentioned direction, Mu Qinghe said, “The mist I told you about earlier actually comes from the Mystic Forest.

Once were inside, you have to use your force to set up a barrier for yourself.

Or else… the poisonous mist will enter your pearl of essence.”

Shangguan Wan stopped in her tracks, her face looking ashen. How am I going to do that with a destroyed Yuan meridian

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