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Qiang Wanzhou moved his feet, stood in front of Chu Liuyue, waved his sword, and swung it.


The sound of something breaking was heard.

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat as she turned around to look.

There was nobody else in the distant forest, and by her feet was a… wooden arrow that broke into two.

This wooden arrow was made from a tree branch, but it was as thick as a thumb and had simple workmanship.

Only the sharp arrowhead had some sharpness to it.

But just this small wooden arrow actually made Chu Liuyue feel extreme danger when it rushed over just now.

This could prove how formidable the other party was.

Chu Liuyue glanced around her surroundings again, but she didnt find anyones figure.

“Whats the matter Did someone launch a sneak attack” When Mu Hongyu and Ye Ranran heard the commotion, they hurried over and looked very nervous.

Chu Liuyue picked up the broken wooden arrow and scrutinized it. It seems like this wooden sword is newly made.

The other partys arrow is more like testing our skills.

Chu Liuyues gaze turned slightly, and it finally landed on a certain area.

“What does it count to secretly launch an arrow and attack someone Why dont you come out and meet us”

The leaves rustled as the winds blew.

Other than this, nobody answered.

Chu Liuyue waited for a while again, but the other party didnt respond at all.

She used more force in her palm, and a fire spark suddenly came out.

That wooden arrow rapidly burned in her hands and finally turned into specks of ashes that completely disappeared.

She knew that the other party could see that this was her warning.

“If you dont wish to come out, then its best if we stay in our own lanes,” said Chu Liuyue coldly and clearly.

Then, she turned around and continued walking toward the upper region of the water stream.

Qiang Wanzhou held his sword and followed.

Ye Ranran walked quickly and couldnt help but ask, “Liuyue, are we just going to let the sneak attack go”

Chu Liuyues lips curved up undetectably. Normally, I naturally wouldnt leave this be.

But now… On the one hand, the other party knows more about us.

On the other hand, its more important to find the ninth-grade fiend as soon as possible.

If we just keep going on with the other party, it would waste a lot of time.

“Lets talk when they dare to come out.”

“They” Not only Ye Ranran, but even Mu Hongyu was stunned. Is there more than one person on the opposing side

Chu Liuyue lightly nodded and didnt explain further.

In actual fact, she had indeed detected two peoples auras previously.

Even though they were hidden, she could still feel them.

“Why would there be people here…” muttered Mu Hongyu softly. When we turned around, that forest was already clearly…

She thought that there were only the four of them here.

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment, and a faint thought appeared in her heart. The people who sneaked an attack on me might be the people in charge of protecting that ninth-grade fiend…

But this guess was too ridiculous.

Not to mention how formidable a ninth-grade fiend was, but even when it was about to break through and was in its most fragile and dangerous state, there might not be a fiend willing to let humans guard for them.

In normal circumstances, high-level fiends saw humans as enemies and were suspicious of them.

They didnt trust humans, so why would they leave such an important task to them

Hence, this thought was quickly suppressed by Chu Liuyue after it surfaced.

The more likely scenario was that the two of them were also coming for the ninth-grade fiend.

Chu Liuyue suppressed her thoughts and continued forward.

The color in the stream became increasingly intense, and when the spots of rainbow gathered together, it was dazzling and magnificent.

An extremely light fragrance spread around.

Mu Hongyu crinkled her nose.

“Hey, do you guys smell that It seems like… seems like the fragrance is coming from the stream!”

Ye Ranran forcefully breathed in twice and was quite shocked.

“I think there really is a smell! But this smell… doesnt smell like any herbs…”

She had been cultivating alongside Elder Xia Yi and had seen many herbs, so she basically could identify what most herbs were with one sniff.

Even though this fragrance was light, she had never smelled this before.

“Liuyue, what do you think” Ye Ranran looked at Chu Liuyue uncertainly.

When Ye Ranran saw Chu Liuyue refining medicine before, she knew that the latters skills were definitely above hers.

Hence, she was even more convinced by her words.

But Chu Liuyue seemed to be stunned as she had a dazed gaze and did not speak.

Ye Ranran called after her.

“Liuyue, Liuyue”

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses.

“Liuyue, whats wrong Why were you in a trance”

“…Nothing…” Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“I just feel that this smell… seems familiar.”

The few of them looked over curiously.

Mu Hongyus almond-like eyes were bright.

“Liuyue, why do you say that you have smelled this before What exactly is this”

Chu Liuyue shook her head hesitantly.

“Im not too sure either…”

She had thought for quite long previously, but she couldnt recall what exactly this smell was.

She also didnt know why she would find it familiar.

Chu Liuyue didnt know where this strange feeling came from.

Mu Hongyu first looked shocked, but she quickly cheered herself up.

“Since you find it familiar, you mustve smelled it before! You just cant recall it at this moment! When we walk further in, you might just remember what it is!”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

The few of them continued walking further, but they traveled even more slowly.

This was because the further in they walked, the heavier the suppression.

Every once in a while, they also had to stop to rest.

However, the people that sneaked an attack on them did not appear again.

On the other hand, Jiang Yucheng felt that his body kept dropping after falling into the gully.

The gully was quite narrow at the beginning, and his body kept hitting the sharp stones beside him, causing him to be wounded.

He circulated the force in his body and tried to leave the place, but he shockingly discovered that his abilities were restricted by an unknown strength.

Within the darkness, he couldnt see anything and couldnt get himself out of it.

He could only allow himself to continue falling.

The deeper he fell, the wider his surroundings became.

Gradually, he didnt touch the stone walls anymore.

However, this didnt calm Jiang Yucheng—he became even more nervous instead. Who could imagine that such a strange and spacious area would be under the Mystic Forest Everything here is clearly problematic!

“Waner! Mu Qinghe!” He called a few peoples names consecutively, but nobody responded.

In the spacious area, only his voice kept echoing in the area.


In this tense state, Jiang Yucheng finally landed on the ground.

No, to be more accurate, it wasnt solid ground.

But it seemed like…

Jiang Yucheng took out a water pearl.

It faintly glowed and illuminated the surroundings.

He could finally see what was around him clearly.

With this glance, he instantly gasped!

At this moment, he was actually in the dark soil!


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