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Chu Liuyue didnt move, and the rest naturally did not budge either.

The scene was completely silent for a moment.

Lei Laosi detected that something was amiss and tightly furrowed his thick brows.

“What, did all of you not hear what I just said”

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Big Brother Lei, you followed us all the way just now.

I believe that you should also know that we came here to find out whats on the upper side of the stream… We came here with much difficulty, yet you directly asked us to leave.

Isnt this quite inappropriate”

Lei Laosi seemed to have heard some joke as he laughed and stared at the few people as if he were looking at some unreasonable children who were ridiculously fearless.

He raised his chin.

“I know you want to enter this barrier, but… Why dont you take a look at this place and see if you have the abilities to enter You just barged right in.

Youths really know no fear.

Arent you afraid that youll die here”

Chu Liuyue said respectfully and sincerely, “Thank you for the reminder, Big Brother Lei, but I have always been someone that cherishes my life a lot.

I definitely wont do anything that will threaten my life.

If I do it, it proves that I have the confidence to extract myself from it completely.”

“Arrogant!!” Lei Laosi yelled in frustration.

“You just came for the legendary fiend! At the end of the day, isnt it just because you want to extract the legendary fiend blood for Shangguan Wan What for His Majesty… Its all bull**!”

His words were filled with contempt and hatred toward Shangguan Wan.

Chu Liuyues heart tingled slightly. Hearing this… this Lei Laosi seems to have a special type of grudge against Shangguan Wan.

It also seems like he knows what happened to His Majesty now… But judging from his appearance, he clearly looks like a barbarian that lives in the forest.

Did he suffer in the past because of Shangguan Wan, so he came to the Mystic Forest

Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“Big Brother Lei, dont misunderstand.

We really have nothing to do with Shangguan Wan, so its impossible for us to do anything for her.

Only Jiang Yucheng and those people are willing to do this for her, but it definitely doesnt include us.”

Lei Laosi suddenly thought of something and said in an indefinite manner, “Jiang Yucheng is also here”

His sentence directly seemed like it was squeezed out of his teeth.

Every single word was brought with etching hatred.

It was exactly the same when compared to his attitude toward Shangguan Wan previously.

Chu Liuyue nodded. I wonder what deep hatred Lei Laosi has toward those two people before, to the point that he would be so furious when he hears their names at this moment.

“Honestly speaking, we only walked a distance away just now.

But when we turned around again, they had already disappeared…” Chu Liuyue didnt finish her sentence when she heard Lei Laosi laugh out loud.

“So it was them! Ha, its actually them!” I previously only felt commotion from the forest outside, but I didnt really care about it.

I did not expect… It actually took care of Shangguan Wan, Jiang Yucheng, and that bunch of people! The heavens are really shining down on us! In that case, its definitely enough to make them struggle even if they arent dead.

Upon thinking of what they were currently experiencing, Lei Laosi immediately felt much better, and his eyes were even smiling.

“Since you could avoid the mist and even reach here, it proves that you do have some fate.

But… this really isnt some place you should stay! If you still refuse to leave, then Ill send you guys off! Take it as me repaying you for telling me such good news!”

Then, Lei Laosi whipped out his hammer from his waist.

Just as he was about to take action, he saw the girl opposite smile with her eyes curled up.

“Big Brother Lei, its possible that we dont go in, but cant you just let us watch from here After all… We have never seen a ninth-grade fiend breaking through before, so its inevitable that we are curious.

See, we already reached here with much difficulty…”

With her smile, it seemed like the entire river of stars entered her eyes as they dazzled and shone brightly.

Lei Laosi was suddenly stunned. This appearance and behavior really look like…

Seeing Lei Laosis expression relax for a moment, Chu Liuyue thought that he was convinced and hurriedly said, “We promise that well just stay here, and we definiteý wont randomly move or get into trouble.

After we finish watching, well leave immediately.

Hows that”

Seeing her sincere gaze filled with desire, Lei Laosi faltered.

Then, he silently looked at the area behind Chu Liuyue and the rest.

Chu Liuyue knew that he was looking at someone else.

Even though she didnt know who that person was and didnt know why that person didnt want to reveal themselves, their identity had to be similar to that of Lei Laosi.

Lei Laosis glance was clearly to discuss with that person.

Chu Liuyues eyes moved slightly, and she continued saying, “Anyway, Big Brother Lei, youre here too.

Are you afraid that well do something Besides… Many things have happened in Xi Ling City recently.

Why dont we sit down and talk about it”

Lei Laosi coldly chuckled.

“Youre so young, but you do have a glib tongue! Its not that you cant stay here, but all of you must move ten steps back! Without my permission, nobody is allowed to take another step forward!”

He also didnt know why he couldnt harden his heart when he looked at Chu Liuyue.

She had a vague sense of familiarity.

Chu Liuyue immediately said happily, “Thank you, Big Brother Lei!”

Then, she hurriedly exchanged glances with the few of them and pulled them backward.

Tuan Zi waved its claws reluctantly as it stared at the rainbow barrier. Just a little… Just a little!

Chu Liuyue detected its desire as she grabbed its tail and pressed it against her arms.

Then, she softly said, “Tuan Zi, listen.”

Tuan Zi could only lay in her arms obediently, but its eyes kept floating to that side.

After moving ten steps back, Chu Liuyue and the rest stood still.

Lei Laosi looked at them and asked, “What happened in Xi Ling City Tell me about it.”

Chu Liuyue smiled in her heart and thought, As expected—he still wanted to know about it.

She thought for a while and said, “In a few months, Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng are getting married.”

Lei Laosi immediately straightened his body, and the veins popped on his forehead as his face flushed red with anger.

“How dare they—”


A roar that shook the mountains and rivers suddenly came from within the rainbow barrier.

Hong long!

The black clouds tumbled in the sky as silver snake-like lightning quickly gathered within the clouds.

Terrifying suppression swept across the area as the forest howled.

Chu Liuyues entire body was shocked, and her eardrums were about to burst.

The others werent any better as their faces paled in unison.

Chu Liuyue immediately looked up.

The countless rays of rainbow light were gathering at the upper side.

Is… it going to break through!

Tuan Zi stuck its head out from her arms, and its black and watery eyes gradually became rainbow!


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