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At this moment, Chu Liuyue had focused all her energy on that rainbow barrier and didnt notice the change in Tuan Zi—who was in her arms.

The thick clouds crazily swarmed around in the skies, and they rapidly gathered.

Looking at it, it wasnt any weaker than the suppression of the lightning that Chu Liuyue had triggered when she was refining the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes slightly. Hm… I do miss it quite a bit… Back then, the lightning didnt want to land for a very long time, and I spent a lot of effort tidying it up.

If the few people around knew of Chu Liuyues thoughts at this moment, they would be so shocked that their jaws would drop.

In this world, be it cultivators or fiends, they all loved and were afraid of lightning.

They loved the strength it encompassed.

As long as they could trigger the lightning, it basically meant that their abilities would strengthen.

At the very least, their Yuan instruments standards would increase.

They hated the ferociousness of the lightnings strength.

If one wasnt careful, their lives might even be lost.

However, there should be only one person who would forcefully snatch the lightning down from the skies and stuff it inside the Yuan instrument to nourish it like Chu Liuyue and then even miss it afterward.

Even her ancestor couldnt help but say, “Girl, youre not thinking of snatching other peoples lightning, right… Thats triggered because the other is breaking through and becoming a legendary fiend…”

Chu Liuyue coughed.

“Ancestor, listen to what youre saying.

Am I that type of person”

Shangguan Jing kept quiet for a moment and slowly said, “How would I know”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. It seems like the previous incident has left quite a huge scar in Ancestors heart…

“Dont worry.

I just want to see what fiend is breaking through here.

Im not thinking of anything else.

After all, I already have an agreement with a legendary fiend, right”

Chu Liuyue convinced him in her heart.

Even though the legendary three-eyed eagle hadnt recovered its physical body, she already had the skeleton of a great phoenix dragon and a purplish-gold Buddha leaf.

As long as she found some suitable herbs, she could find a suitable location and time to help the legendary three-eyed eagle recover its physical body.

Others might have some burning desire for legendary fiends, but she really did not have any.

Upon hearing this, Shangguan Jing felt a little more appeased.

“Since you said this, I naturally will believe you.

Besides… With this rainbow barrier, you shouldnt be able to break through it even with another you.

That Lei Laosi is correct—this place is very dangerous.

You guys should leave after watching.”

The ancestors voice had an extra tinge of solemness and seriousness.

Chu Liuyues heart tingled slightly.

“Thank you, Ancestor.”

Shangguan Jing did not speak anymore.

Looking at the gigantic semicircle in front, Chu Liuyue fell into deep thought. I knew that the barrier was formidable, but I didnt expect Ancestor to have such a high evaluation of it.

Could it… really be that strong

With this barrier in the way, she couldnt even see what was going on inside, even if they were very near it.

Other than the brilliant lights shining past, they couldnt see anything—not even a rough outline.

What else can we see

Chu Liuyue couldnt help but ask the legendary three-eyed eagle in her heart, “Can you detect exactly what fiend is inside now”

This time, the legendary three-eyed eagle hesitated for a moment before saying, “I dont know.”

Chu Liuyue found it weird. The legendary three-eyed eagle is a legendary fiend, and its standards are higher than a ninth-grade fiend.

Logically speaking, it should be able to feel the other partys aura when they are so close to each other.

“Um… If even you dont know…”

As if sensing the doubt in Chu Liuyues words, the legendary three-eyed eagle explained, “This rainbow barrier should be set up by that fiend in advance, and it contains tremendous strength.

Besides, if Im not wrong, it shouldve used other methods.

Hence, I cant identify it in a short while.”

“I see…” Chu Liuyue believed it more as she couldnt help but be more curious and laughed.

“Its so weird.

Theres actually a ninth-grade fiend that is this smart and capable in the world.

No wonder it can try to break through and become a legendary fiend… But I dont know what exactly it is… Itd be great if I can personally see it.”

It can also satisfy my curiosity!

The legendary three-eyed eagle did not reply to her.

Tuan Zi shrank into Chu Liuyues arms guiltily as it hurriedly glanced at her before looking at that rainbow barrier again.

On the barrier, it was as if countless grains of rainbow sand gently flowed past it.

It was mesmerizing and very beautiful.


A gigantic shadow flashed across the barrier.

Chu Liuyues eyes lit up as she immediately sat up straight and looked over.

However, that shadow disappeared after a moment, and it quickly dispersed within the countless specks of light.

Chu Liuyue didnt even see its shape, and disappointment flashed across her face. This fiend is really weird.

It hasnt even shown its face until now…

“Ah… What a pity! I didnt even see what it was clearly!” Mu Hongyu held her face up in defeat, and regret filled her face.

The golden mane bear cub suddenly appeared and snuggled into her arms, watching with her.

Mu Hongyu pinched its ears and smiled.

“Congcong, why did you come out Arent you afraid now”

The golden mane bear cub waited obediently and allowed her to touch it.

Upon hearing this, it actually shook its head.

This meant that it wasnt scared.

Mu Hongyu was very elated in her heart as she widened her almond-like eyes and asked, “Are you really not afraid Thats a ninth-grade fiend!”

The golden mane bear cub was also a high-level fiend itself, but it couldnt be compared to a ninth-grade fiend.

She originally thought that Congcong wouldnt dare to appear here.

After all, it was still especially restless a while earlier…

“Then, why were you so afraid earlier Hm Hm, did Congcong become stronger”

The golden mane bear cub followed Mu Hongyu shortly after it was born, so the latter always brought it along like she was raising a small doll.

Even if the current golden mane bear cub was already half as tall as her and heavier than her, she would still tease and play with it.

The golden mane bear cub smiled happily and glanced at Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi was currently playing with Chu Liuyues hair, and it lightly flicked its claw.

The golden mane bear cub immediately retracted its gaze as it crazily nodded in response to Mu Hongyus question.

Mu Hongyu smiled proudly and happily.

“Since you want to watch it too, lets watch it together!”

Speaking of this, it will also break through when it reaches a certain age, right

“Just now… was it a wing” said Ye Ranran uncertainly.

Mu Hongyu looked at her.

“Wing You saw it”

Ye Ranran shook her head.

“I-Im just guessing… When I glanced at it, it did look like…”

“Now that youre saying this, I think so too!” Mu Hongyu thought for a moment and suddenly became energetic.

“It should be a moving wing! However, the shape was a little weird… Ive never seen such a wing before.”

Chu Liuyue tilted her head and looked at the duo.

“What kind of wing”

Ye Ranran raised her hands and drew a line in the sky.

“Its like this…”


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