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Chapter 714: Trump Card

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Lei Laosi was stunned as he looked at the other in disbelief.

“What Youre saying—”

Following this, Lei Laosi suddenly remembered something as he hurriedly looked up.

Oh right! After the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant swallowed that blood ferret, it officially started to change and became a legendary fiend.

Could it be… Chu Liuyue!

Lei Laosis gaze suddenly turned, and he stared at the young woman in red standing within the barrier.

She was slim, and her shoulders were skinny, but her back was very straight.

The surrounding wind moved, yet she stood upright.

It was as if nothing in this world could make her bend her back.

He suddenly recalled the gaze that Chu Liuyue had when she said that she wanted to enter the barrier.

So determined.

So persistent.

That gaze… is unparalleled.

That blood ferret was her fiend, and from what she said, it was indeed that blood ferret that brought them over.

The most important point is that the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant has already attacked Shangguan Wan, but it didnt touch Chu Liuyue the slightest bit.

With all these clues added together, its enough to prove one thing.

Chu Liuyue, she—

Lei Laosi was very agitated as the hand holding the hammer trembled slightly.

He stared at Chu Liuyues figure closely as he tried hard to control his emotions.

Then, he lowered his voice and asked, “Big Brother, are you sure!”

Its an important matter.

We must be cautious!

That man smiled with slightly deep intentions.

“Well see.”

Lei Laosis heart was on fire.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! What does he mean bywell see He should say clearly if it is or if its not!

But that man didnt say any more.

Lei Laosi could only force himself to calm down.

Ill just have to wait until the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant finishes breaking through to know the results!

Mu Qinghe walked to the barrier.

The ferocious and strong suppression was like a small hill pressing against his body, making his every step even tougher to complete than before.

Even the circulation speed of the force in his body had slowed down.

However, he still got near to the position Chu Liuyue was at.

Without waiting for him to speak, Chu Liuyue turned around as if she felt something.

Her eyes were bright and clean like an ink gem.

Something was stuck in Mu Qinghes throat.

“…How… did you get in”

Chu Liuyues eyebrows rose slightly.

“Lieutenant Mu, didnt you clearly see what happened earlier I followed the Third Princess in.”

Mu Qinghe paused for a moment and directly said, “Then, do you have a way to help us go in Or… You can also send the Third Princess out.”

Everyone could tell that it was impossible for Shangguan Wan to take in this Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant.

Besides, it was about to break through and become a legendary fiend!

By then, it would be even harder to deal with!

The plan now was to protect Shangguan Wans life first.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Shangguan Wan, knitted her brows, and said hesitantly, “Uh… Lieutenant Mu, do you think I have such capabilities You mightve forgotten that my fiend was also swallowed by the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant.

I cant even go out myself, so I naturally dont know how to send the Third Princess out.”

Why should I send her out Isnt she doing fine here Shangguan Wan is so greedy and wanted to possess the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant, but she didnt think whether she had the right to do so.

Mu Qinghes expression was grave.

“You really dont have a way”

Chu Liuyue suddenly laughed.

“I couldnt tell that Lieutenant Mu is so loyal to the Third Princess.”

Mu Qinghes heart was as if pricked by something harshly.

“But Im very sorry.

I really dont have such abilities.

Why dont you try and ask the two of them”

Mu Qinghe knew that Chu Liuyue was talking about Lei Laosis group of two.

Not mentioning whether they would help, the two of them might not be able to do it even if they were willing.

If not, Lei Laosi wouldnt have been in such a sorry state previously.


A clear shout sounded again.

Chu Liuyue immediately turned around to look.

At this point, half of the feathers on the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasants body had turned bright red.


Its gigantic wings suddenly started flapping.

At that moment, the winds rose, and the clouds swarmed in.

The giant rolling leaf fir swayed with the wind.


A very thick root suddenly flew up from the ground and went toward Shangguan Wan.

This tree was the largest tree in the entire Mystic Forest, so its roots shouldnt be underestimated.

That root was as thick as two people hugging together.

It was crystal clear, and the inside was filled with blood-red liquid.

An intense, bloody smell spread across the area.

The crowds faces changed in unison.

Needless to say, Jiang Yucheng and the rest had personally witnessed how powerful this root was.

“Third Princess!”


The root was right about to smash on Shangguan Wan.

At this moment, Shangguan Wan suddenly noticed something as she looked up.

When she saw the thick root flying toward her, shock flashed across her face.

Then, it was as if she made up her mind as harshness flashed across her eyes.

I cant care so much!

The next moment, Shangguan Wans aura suddenly intensified.

She quickly stood up and left a vague figure at her original spot.


That root harshly flung toward wherever Shangguan Wan was, and countless cracks instantly spread across the ground.

A very deep gully appeared.

Shangguan Wans vague figure was also instantly crushed, but she herself had still escaped this attack.

Chu Liuyue immediately looked over, and her eyes squinted dangerously.

Shangguan Wans aura is still rapidly strengthening.

She was previously a peak stage-seven warrior only, but she has directly broken through now and became a stage-eight warrior—the same stage as Lei Laosi!

A sinisterly cold aura exuded from Shangguan Wan.

The next moment, her face and body were covered with a thin layer of frost.

Shangguan Wan was indeed holding back earlier! Chu Liuyue was thinking to herself when she saw Shangguan Wan raise her hands.

A sharp, white icicle suddenly appeared in her hands.

However, a drop of very red blood was contained in the center of the white icicle.

The terrifying aura was spreading from its center.

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat.

That blood is—


Shangguan Wan had directly taken action.

She harshly pierced that icicle into the root in front of her and forcefully slashed it.


Blood splattered everywhere.

Ferocious bloodstains instantly covered Shangguan Wans face and body, looking very sinister and terrifying!

However, an even more horrifying image appeared next—the bloodstains that landed on the icicle were actually absorbed by the icicle rapidly, and it all gathered within that drop of blood.

From afar, the drop of blood in the center seemed to intensify in terms of color—it vaguely turned dark.

Shangguan Wan was coincidentally holding onto the center position of the icicle, so only Chu Liuyue—who was standing near to her side—could see it.

Chu Liuyue felt a chill spread from her feet, and it traveled throughout her body.

Theres something wrong with that icicle!

Her gaze turned, and she looked at Shangguan Wan again..

However, she shockingly discovered that the latters injuries were healing at an observable speed.


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