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The moment Chu Liuyue turned around and was about to leave, Zhu Hong suddenly called after her.

“Wait a minute!”

Chu Liuyue turned around and looked at him in confusion.

“What, is there something else”

Zhu Hong furrowed his brows and hesitantly pointed in the direction they came from.

“Actually… When we first came over, we met a group of Black Guards.

There are about a few dozen of them, and their situation isnt very optimistic… We were too far apart back then, and we just missed them.

I dont know how theyre doing now…”

Chu Liuyue paused.

“You want me to go and help them”

Zhu Hong looked hesitant.

He didnt have such an idea at the beginning, but he started thinking about it when he saw that Lei Laosi was extremely capable and that Chu Liuyues combat power couldnt be underestimated.

He wasnt actually related to the Black Guards, but he just felt that it was a pity if they lost their lives like that.

However, he also knew that he was making a forceful request.

In this hellhole, it was already very hard to protect ones life.

How would they have the additional energy to help others

If he had such an ability, he would do it himself.

However, it was a pity that even he had to depend on Chu Liuyue and the rest to help him so that he could forcefully survive.

He had received enough favors from them.

How could he ask them to do anything else

“…No…” Zhu Hong kept quiet for a moment and finally shook his head.

But once he said that, he was interrupted by Chu Liuyue.

“Where are they”

“What” Zhu Hong looked at Chu Liuyue in shock and couldnt react in time.

Chu Liuyue saw his expression and could tell what he was thinking.

“In our group of people, theres also the Black Guards Lieutenant Mu.

Both logically and emotionally, we should save them.”

Then, she looked at Lei Laosi.

“Big Brother Lei, may I trouble you to get everyone here so that we can go together”

“Okay!” Lei Laosi actually didnt have much interest in this, but since Her Highness had this plan, he must carry it out to the best of his abilities.

Lei Laosi turned around and quickly ran back.

Watching Lei Laosis figure quickly disappear, Zhu Hong finally recovered his senses as he looked at Chu Liuyue with his mouth agape.

“Y-you really want to go over”

Chu Liuyue does know how much energy it would cost to save people here, right

“Why wont I” Chu Liuyues lips curled up slightly, and her gaze was clear as pride filled her eyes. Mu Qinghe was the one who brought these Black Guards up, but at the end of the day, they were once my soldiers! If Shangguan Wan wants to use these people to craft her future by stealing their strength… She has to ask me first!

Zhu Hong looked at the woman in front dazedly.

She clearly had the appearance of a beautiful young woman, and there was a smile plastered on her face.

But for some reason, she had a vague elegance to her as if she looked down on the rest of the world.

Zhu Hong instantly felt more assured.

It was as if she could definitely do it when she said she wanted to save those people!

It was the elegance and pride that exuded from her bones, which werent something that ordinary people had.

Didnt they say that Chu Liuyue had an ordinary background But now, it seems like shes very different from the rumors! Thinking of how I even said that I wanted to take care of the people from Chong Xu Cabinet… Zhu Hongs face turned red. All of us have underestimated Chu Liuyue!

Lei Laosi quickly brought the remaining people over.

Once Mu Hongyu saw Zhu Hong and the rests disheveled looks, she was worried and hurriedly asked, “Senior Brother Zhu Hong, how are all of you”

“Fine—were fine.

Liuyue and B-Big Brother Lei saved us just now, and they even gave us pills.

At this point, were mostly fine.” Seeing that Mu Hongyu was safe and sound, Zhu Hong heaved a sigh of relief as well.

“Its good that all of you are safe.

When we saw that you disappeared at the beginning, we were still quite worried…”

But now, it seems like all the worries were for nothing.

It seems like it was safest to follow Chu Liuyues group.

Mu Hongyu then heaved a sigh of relief.

Other than Zhu Hong, the rest of them were in a coma and looked disheveled.

However, Zhu Hong did indeed look much better.

“We coincidentally met with a small acci—forget it.

All of this isnt important, and we can talk about it later.

Its most important that were all safe.”

Mu Hongyu looked at Chu Liuyue with gratitude.

“Thank you, Liuyue!”

Chu Liuyue smiled.

“Zhu Hong and the rest helped us first, so we should return the favor.”

Zhu Hong instantly became embarrassed. The thing that Chu Liuyue is talking about… It shouldnt be us speaking up for them at Ping Liang Square, right… How can that be considered help Chu Liuyue saved our lives!

“Zhu Hong, you said that there are some Black Guards there” said Mu Qinghe directly as he questioned with a low voice.

Zhu Hongs expression became much more stern as he nodded.

“I did see some people just now, but I dont know if theyre still there now.

But it hasnt been long, so we should be able to find them successfully.”

Mu Qinghe nodded.

“Im afraid youll have to lead the way then.”

“Lieutenant Mu, you dont have to be polite,” said Zhu Hong immediately.

Then, he lifted his legs and was about to walk in that direction.

“Stop right there!” A very frustrated voice was heard—it was Elder Qiuxi.

He had a very ugly expression as he looked at Mu Qinghe.

“Lieutenant Mu, are you really planning to save those people now Did you forget that our current task is to find the Third Princess! If you go and save those Black Guards now, what should we do about the Third Princess If this delays our search for the Third Princess, can you take responsibility for it, Lieutenant Mu”

Mu Qinghes everlasting icy face finally had a tinge of frustration and sharpness.

“I never said that I didnt want to go look for the Third Princess, but we dont have any news of her now, not even a single clue.

Even if we want to search, where should we go and find her As the Black Guards lieutenant, I naturally have the responsibility to save my own men! Elder Qiuxi, you have been worried about the Third Princess all along, so why dont you go look for her yourself”

“You…” Elder Qiuxis face flashed white and red, and he was about to scold when he met with Mu Qinghes harsh and sinister gaze.

His heart trembled, and he swallowed his remaining words.

“Elder Qiuxi, if you dont plan to look for the Third Princess yourself and want to follow us, then please dont mention this again.

We know very clearly what we should do and what we should not do.

Elder Qiuxi, you dont have to teach us about this.” Mu Qinghes words were very crude, and he didnt give Elder Qiuxi any face at all.

Elder Qiuxi had never been reprimanded like this in public before, and he was so angry that his teeth were itchy.

He looked at Jiang Yucheng, but he saw that the latter didnt have any plans of speaking up.

It was obvious that he was standing on Mu Qinghes side.

Elder Qiuxi secretly hated him.

Mu Qinghe had been very low-key for more than a year, especially because he was the Princesss confidant in the past.

He had been very meticulous with his words and behavior, so Elder Qiuxi thought that he was superior to Mu Qinghe.

He didnt expect that when Mu Qinghe was determined, he was no different from before.

Mu Qinghe looked at Zhu Hong.

“Please lead the way.”


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