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That hairpin was delicately carved from black wood; there were a few lively peach blossoms on top of it, and even the petal details were intricate.

The crystal snowflakes on the peach blossoms were the most attractive part.

It was currently summer, so there would not be snow.

Chu Liuyue took a closer look at it and shockingly discovered that the snowflakes were carved from a very valuable moonstone.

Moonstones were a type of rare gem, which sparkled under the sunlight and gently glowed like the moonlight when in the dark.

Chu Liuyue was very shocked.

Even though Rong Xiu was Country Yao Chen Seventh Prince, Country Yao Chen did not amount to much in the entire Mainland Xuan Wu.

If it were her in her previous life, it would not be difficult for her to obtain this moonstone as the Tianling Dynastys princess.

However, this was definitely a rare treasure for the people in Country Yao Chen.

Why does Rong Xiu have such a thing Also, why did he give me such a valuable gift

Chu Liuyue closed the box and passed it back to him.

“Prince Li, this gift is too valuable.

I cant accept it.”

Rong Xiu looked straight into her eyes.

“Today is the day where you become of marriageable age.

According to the rules, your family elder should hold a ceremony for you and give you a hairpin.”

Chu Liuyue kept quiet.

Rong Xiu was right.

The day when one reached marriageable age was very important to the women in Mainland Xuan Wu.

This was because it meant that a woman had become an adult and could marry now.

Even if one were from an average family, their family would specifically hire someone to give a hairpin to the girl.

This was an even more formal ceremony for girls from aristocratic families.

Many neighboring countries had specifically come forth to deliver gifts to her when she became of marriageable age in her previous life.

The celebratory banquet lasted for a total of three days and three nights.

It was a really important event back then.

After being reborn, she had always been planning how to escape from her perilous situation and take revenge.

She did not even care about such things.

Today was the day she became of marriageable age, but she had severed ties with the Chu family.

Her only family member, Chu Ning, was still in the palace and had not returned yet.

If Rong Xiu did not come, she would just spend her day like any other.

However, he did come.

He had even brought an extravagant gift.

“I accept your kind intentions, Your Highness, but I really cant accept—”

“If you dont accept it today, Ill come again and give it to you tomorrow.” Rong Xiu ignored her rejection, and his lips curved up slightly.

“If you dont accept it, Ill just come another day.

Ill continue coming every day until you accept it.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

Upon seeing Rong Xius nonchalant and calm expression, Chu Liuyue confirmed that he could deliver on what he said.

She ground her teeth.

“Your Highness, has anyone ever told you that youre very thick-skinned”

Rong Xiu leaned against the chair and laughed lightly.

“I just returned to the Imperial City and have been resting in my residence.

I havent heard anyone say this to me yet.”



Chu Liuyue opened the box again, pointed at the peach blossom hairpin, and asked, “Your Highness, peach blossoms bloom in spring.

Why does your hairpin have snowflakes on it”

“Peach blossoms can bloom in winter too.”

“How can it be Have you seen it before” Chu Liuyue chuckled in her heart.

Rong Xiu really could not say anything to retort.

However, Rong Xiu suddenly looked up and stared at her deeply.

This look reminded Chu Liuyue of the first time she saw him standing in the rain.

He had also directed such a gaze at her back then.

She could not guess what he was thinking and even felt that Rong Xiu saw another person through her.

“Ive seen it before.” He closed his eyes and hid the ripples in them.

He sighed lightly and said in a low voice, “Ive seen peach blossoms brightly shining as snow danced around them.”


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