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The barrier that was crushed turned into countless rays immediately, and it formed in front of Shangguan Wan again.

At the same time, a black ripple came out from the symbol on Shangguan Wans brows and silently plastered itself against the barrier.


The terrifying suppression spread across.


The two forces slammed against each other harshly, and that ball of fire was finally stopped outside.

However, the barrier shook violently as if it was about to collapse at any moment.

Shangguan Wan was stunned. Almost… I almost…

She really, genuinely, felt the harsh and terrifying force within the fire. If that attack landed on me, Im afraid—

Shangguan Wan looked at the pure gold armor on her body and paused for a moment before she rapidly took it off like a maniac.

Her actions were very fast as there was a tinge of entrenched horror alongside her anger.

While doing so, she didnt even care that she had messed up her hair and clothes.


Shangguan Wan harshly threw the pure gold armor on the ground and moved two steps back as if she was afraid of something, but her eyes were staring at it closely.

Her gaze was sinisterly cold with intense anger as if she wanted to burn a hole in the pure gold armor.

“How can this be… How is this possible” muttered Shangguan Wan to herself as her face flashed white and green.

Her chest also violently heaved up and down as she breathed.

She held her hands tightly, and her nails dug deep into her palms, causing blood to flow out.

But at this point, how could she care about it

Countless thoughts crazily surfaced in her mind, and they were about to cause her mind to explode. The pure gold armor used to be Shangguan Yues.

After Shangguan Yue died, the pure gold armor should naturally have no owner.

Logically speaking, under such circumstances, anyone can activate the pure gold armor if they insert their force into it.

But when I wanted to do so just now, I shockingly discovered that my force couldnt enter the pure gold armor.

Doesnt this mean that the pure gold armor has an owner!

“N-no… She died until she couldnt die anymore… How can it be…” Shangguan Wans lips trembled as she kept comforting herself, but her heart was still beating wildly.

Recalling the previous scenario, she couldnt calm herself down and couldnt convince herself.

The pure gold armor lay on the ground quietly, and it looked exactly the same as when Shangguan Wan brought it out.

It did not look amiss.

Shangguan Wan stared at it closely, and her expression changed. No, Shangguan Yue definitely died back then.

Her physical body dropped, and her soul disappeared—I saw it with my own two eyes! Its impossible that shes alive!

Thinking of this, Shangguan Wan took a deep breath in and tried to calm herself down. Perhaps… its because I havent completely recovered the last bit of my force

She turned around to take a look.

The few roots that she had sent out just now were completely burned.

She managed to find a chance with much difficulty to kill the two Purple Xiao Sword Sect disciples, but before she could even absorb their strength…

Shangguan Wan was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. That person definitely did it on purpose! And this fire—

Her eyes stared at the ball of fire angrily.

Within the center of the red fire was a brilliant rainbow light that danced around.

It looked like it was spying on her and also teasing her.

“You guessed correctly.

This is indeed Chu Liuyues strength.” The hoarse voice sounded once again.

Shangguan Wans heart sank, and she couldnt help but ask with furrowed brows, “But the strength inside is clearly greater than Chu Liuyue—”

“Im not done talking.” That voice lazily interrupted Shangguan Wan.

“Other than her, theres also the red-tailed phoenix, which is the… Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant that was breaking through from the beginning!”

“What!” Shangguan Wan widened her eyes in shock.

“Y-youre saying that… The Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant broke through and became a red-tailed phoenix, and Chu Liuyue…”

There was no need to put the meaning behind Chu Liuyue being able to journey with the red-tailed phoenix into words.

“This Chu Liuyue is indeed super lucky… With legendary fiends like the red-tailed phoenix, theyre extremely arrogant and normally wouldnt make an agreement with humans, especially a mere stage-five warrior.” That voice had a layer of frost to it, clearly surprised by this incident.

“Hah, you were so busy just to help others in the end.”

His sentence was filled with mockery.

Shangguan Wan was originally deeply shocked, and after being mocked like that, she felt even more terrible as her hatred toward Chu Liuyue deepened. I just jumped in to heal my Yuan meridian, and only a short time has passed, yet Chu Liuyue took a step ahead of me! Legendary fiend! Thats a true legendary fiend! Ive not even seen one before, yet Chu Liuyue already made an agreement with one in the blink of an eye!


“Theres no use talking about this now.

When a legendary fiend already has an agreement, it wont acknowledge a second master even if it dies and its soul dissipates.

Therefore, dont think about it anymore.

Besides, Chu Liuyue shouldve roughly guessed what youre doing now.

The more urgent thing now is to heal your Yuan meridian first and then leave this place.”

“…Thank you for your advice, Senior.” Shangguan Wan suppressed her rage with much difficulty, but she was still upset about this at the bottom of her heart.

The black pattern on the barrier suddenly dispersed.

It was like a drop of ink landing in water as the entire barrier quickly turned black.

Shangguan Wans figure was gradually covered by that barrier as she thought to herself, Chu Liuyue is definitely with the people from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect now.

Since this is so, cant I just attack someone else from another place I dont believe Chu Liuyue can really stop me!

Shangguan Wan sat cross-legged and placed her hands on her knees.

Unwittingly, she glanced at the pure gold armor silently lying on the ground and vaguely felt uneasy. When I completely recover, I must take this pure gold armor for myself!

That black symbol floated lightly, and an invisible ripple went toward the ball of fire!


The fire exploded!

The roots with it were all bombed until they flew everywhere!

Chu Liuyue immediately backed away.

Tuan Zi flapped its wings, and the wind hurled up to stop the tumultuous strength.

After a series of violence, the entire space finally fell silent.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows tightly. Someone is helping Shangguan Wan! Its a pity that the other party acted too quickly, so I couldnt see clearly.

The key is that this person is extremely strong! Even if Lei Laosi met with them, he might not be the other partys match! Since when did Shangguan Wan have such a mysterious and strong helper

Cries were heard from behind.

Chu Liuyue turned around.

Yang Qiner was seemingly covering her face and crying in a devastated manner in front of the two disciples that had already died.

“Its all my fault… Senior Brother, you shouldnt have saved me first…”

Song Qingnian was originally upset because he had lost these two disciples, but when he heard Yang Qiner cry like that, his heart immediately ached as he said, “How can I blame you for this You were nearest to me back then.

Who can I save if I dont save you”

Yang Qiner immediately sniffed as tears welled up in her eyes.

She looked at him pitifully and innocently.

“If… If Ms.

Chu helped us earlier, p-perhaps things would be different…”


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