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Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue raised her brows and turned around.


Yang, what does this… mean”

Yang Qiner glanced at Chu Liuyue.

When she met with that pair of dark and calm eyes, her heart harshly skipped a beat, and she quickly averted her gaze as if she was burned.

She moved half a step back as if she was frightened by Chu Liuyues behavior.


Chu, dont misunderstand.

I-I just casually mentioned it! I dont have any other meaning! These two senior brothers are extremely talented disciples in our Purple Xiao Sword Sect, so its really a pity for them to go down like this… Im just blaming myself! If I could insist on getting you to help just now, perhaps all of this wouldnt happen!”

Chu Liuyue listened on, and her expression was calm as her lips curled up into a cold smile. I originally thought that Yang Qiner would be more obedient after what happened the previous time.

I didnt expect her mouth to still distort the truth.

But Song Qingnian still listened to her.

He patted Yang Qiners shoulders lightly and softly comforted, “Qiner, dont blame yourself for this.

You have nothing to do with this at all! Dont blame yourself anymore, okay”

Then, he looked at Chu Liuyue again.

The warmth on his face completely became cold as his eyes werent eyes, and his nose wasnt a nose.

“Chu Liuyue, Qiner isnt speaking without logic.

Since you could easily settle those roots, why did you not take action and only waited until the two of them had been constricted to death I think you clearly did it on purpose!”

Yang Qiner once unintentionally mentioned that she had accidentally offended Chu Liuyue.

As the Purple Xiao Sword Sect and Chong Xu Cabinet always disliked each other, Chu Liuyue had intentionally and unwittingly made things difficult for her several times.

Recently, Chu Liuyue had been in the spotlight in Xi Ling City, which got on Song Qingnians nerves.

In addition to Yang Qiner talking nonsense at the side, he hated Chu Liuyue even more.

Hence, he directly pushed all the blame to Chu Liuyue now.

Chu Liuyue was so angry that she laughed instead.

“If I didnt recall wrongly, I took the initiative to help at the start, but you rejected me.

Why is it my fault now Young Master Song, have you forgotten what you said at the beginning”

Song Qingnian was stumped, and his face rapidly flushed red.

At that time, he didnt think highly of Chu Liuyue at all, so he said those words.

Who knew that Chu Liuyue would be this strong

A total of ten people from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect had come.

Two had previously died, and another two were gone now! Other than him and Yang Qiner, the remaining few were still missing and nowhere to be seen.

Even if Song Qingnian had a distinguished status, he still panicked.

He was the one who led those people over this time, and the people that came were disciples with the most potential in the Purple Xiao Sword Sect.

Many of them were now dead or severely injured, and he had no idea how to explain when he got back.

Hence, he naturally vented his grudge on Chu Liuyue.

“Chu Liuyue, most of the people who were dragged down are injured, only you—Untouched! You know clearer than anyone about whats going on here! You knew that the situation was dangerous, yet you chose to stand by and watch from the side! If you really want to save people, you wouldve taken action a long time ago.

Why would you wait until now!”

Chu Liuyue was astonished at how Song Qingnian got better at being unreasonable when she heard Lei Laosi scolding loudly because he couldnt hold it back any longer.

“What f*cking ** are you saying!”

Song Qingnian was speaking righteously when he was suddenly hollered at by Lei Laosi.

A chill ran down his spine, and he swallowed his remaining words.

“Y-you…” He looked at Lei Laosi angrily and awkwardly. Who am I I have never been humiliated like this in public! Its so awful to hear! How humiliating!

“Saving you is doing you a favor, so not saving you is what we should do.

We came over kindly, and its fine that you didnt appreciate it, but you still want to play the blame game in the end If youre so capable, why dont you save them yourself Arent they from your Purple Xiao Sword Sect! How are they related to us at all!”

“Dont think that I cant tell! You were clearly equally distant from the rest just now, but you were just selfish, so you saved this one first! I heard that youre the Purple Xiao Sword Sects young master Hah! If the Purple Xiao Sword Sects people found out that their young master sacrificed their disciples for a woman, I wonder how they would react” Like a cannonball, Lei Laosi fired toward Song Qingnian and scolded him terribly.

Chu Liuyue touched her nose. Back then, Lei Laosi was a graceful and gentlemanly young master.

I didnt expect him to have changed now, and he even has the ability to scold others.

Song Qingnian was scolded until he couldnt retaliate, and he was so angry that his entire body trembled. What to do Lei Laosi is stronger than me.

Even though he was arrogant and spoiled, it wasnt like he didnt have a brain. If I offend Lei Laosi here, who knows if I can still go out

After Lei Laosi finished scolding Song Qingnian, he looked at Yang Qiner again.

“And you!”

Yang Qiner shivered and hid behind Song Qingnian.

“Why are you hiding” Lei Laosi didnt have any protective feelings for the fairer sex.

He only knew that all those who offended his master, Her Highness, would have to die! “You seem young, but you do know how to sow discord! If you dont know how to talk, I can help you to stitch your mouth up!”

Yang Qiner was frightened until she hurriedly covered her mouth and hid behind Song Qingnian.

She didnt dare to utter another word as her tears kept falling, and she trembled as she hugged Song Qingnians arm as if she were petrified.

If it were any other time, Song Qingnian would definitely stand up for her when he saw her in this state.

However, he couldnt do so now.

Even he could only forcefully stand at the side, so how could he care about Yang Qiner

Seeing the duos disheveled and embarrassed looks, Chu Liuyue was excited. Theyre just things that cant be presented.

Now, Im still most worried about Shangguan Wan.

With that person helping, I cant freely check on Shangguan Wans situation.

Im afraid… Shangguan Wan is really going to heal her Yuan meridian!

Footstep sounds were heard.

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw Jiang Yucheng and the rest.

It turned out that they had stayed here for too long and didnt go back, so the crowd waiting behind came over anxiously.

Seeing Jiang Yucheng at the front, Song Qingnian immediately acted as if he had found a backing.


He and Jiang Yucheng were peers, and both their family backgrounds were quite decent, so they always interacted.

Jiang Yuchengs gaze first landed on Chu Liuyue.

After ensuring that she was fine, he felt slightly relieved before looking at Song Qingnian.

“Qingnian, so its you.

Whats the matter Why are you in this state”

Song Qingnian hurriedly went forward and walked to Jiang Yucheng.

He was about to speak up when he thought of Lei Laosi at the side, and he hurriedly lowered his voice.

“Yucheng, you must be careful of Chu Liuyue! She… has a problem!”

Jiang Yuchengs expression changed slightly.


Song Qingnian continued, “Her relationship with that man is unknown… She even threatened Qiner and me earlier—”

“Thats weird.

They said that theyd come over to take a look first, so logically speaking, they wont do such a thing.” How could Jiang Yucheng not guess what Song Qingnian was thinking of If it were in the past, he might be patient enough to play and banter around with the latter, but now… He felt very upset that Chu Liuyue was being defamed.

He looked at Chu Liuyue.

“Liuyue, are you okay”

Chu Liuyues face turned cold, and she felt her stomach turn over.


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