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This is the first time Jiang Yucheng has addressed me in this manner. Chu Liuyue spent a lot of effort controlling the expression on her face. Is this fellow crazy

But Song Qingnian—who was at the side—was greatly taken aback.

“Yucheng, y-you called her…”

Jiang Yucheng seemed gentle and well-mannered, but he was actually very arrogant.

Now that his status and identity were different, it was even harder for people to get close to him.

Yet, he actually addressed Chu Liuyue so intimately…

Since when did the two of them become so close

Jiang Yucheng glanced at Song Qingnian as he smiled and explained, “Oh yes.

You might not know, but Liuyue was the one who helped and saved me when I was in danger previously.

Speaking of which, it can be considered that I owe her half my life.”

Mu Qinghe and the rest had witnessed the scene personally, so they naturally wouldnt refute this.

As for the rest…

They had received Chu Liuyues help to varying extents, and they didnt even have time to show their gratitude.

Hence, they naturally wouldnt say anything.

Song Qingnian was completely stunned.

At the side, Yang Qiner widened her eyes in shock and even forgot to cry.

“Y-youre saying… Chu Liuyue saved you” asked Song Qingnian in disbelief.

Jiang Yucheng nodded and pointed at the crowd behind.

“Actually, she has helped quite a bit in helping all these people behind get out.”

Alone, Chu Liuyues power was limited, so she naturally couldnt take responsibility for everything.

But nobody could deny that she played the most important and crucial role in this entire process.

Song Qingnian looked behind him in confusion, and he then saw the patch of black clearly.

With a rough glance, there were at least 300 to 400 people!

Chu Liuyue… helped all of them Song Qingnian was greatly shocked and didnt believe it no matter what.

But the person talking was Jiang Yucheng—he had to believe it!

Recalling the swift and decisive appearance Chu Liuyue put on when she took action, Song Qingnian gradually recovered his senses. I-it seems like… Chu Liuyue is indeed quite capable… Let alone that Lei Laosi—hes strong, and he seems to listen to Chu Liuyue.

With his help, it doesnt seem impossible for Chu Liuyue to be able to do this.

“As for why she looks unharmed… Thats because she hasnt been dragged down from the start.

She only followed us down when we said that we wanted to find Waner.” Jiang Yuchengs few sentences briefly explained the whole incident.

He spoke lightly, but it was as if a large rock smashed against Song Qingnians heart.

At this point, he then realized how laughable were his previous words. In Jiang Yuchengs—no! Im afraid I have already turned into a laughingstock in everyones eyes, right

Song Qingnian hurriedly scanned his surroundings and indeed saw quite a few people looking at him with unfriendly gazes.

Amongst them, most of them were still Black Guards…

The whispers started spreading.


Chu is so kind-hearted, and she has been helping people the whole way.

She wont attack anyone, right”

“I think so too!”

“Purple Xiao Sword Sect… I remember that they wanted to cause trouble for Ms.

Chu at Ping Liang Square previously, but now, Im afraid theyre just playing the blame game…”

These people didnt speak loudly, but this space was dim and narrow, so everyone could hear any voice clearly.

Song Qingnian was humiliated and felt that there were daggers at his back.

Jiang Yucheng smiled.

“Qingnian, I think youve misunderstood something.”

Song Qingnian felt stifled.

After an intense internal struggle, he finally accepted his fate as he clenched his teeth and said, “…I guess so…”

Just as he was about to get over this incident directly, Lei Laosi crossed his arms and lazily said, “Youre going to let things slide by just saying that its a misunderstanding You didnt scold us any less earlier, right Now that everything has been cleared up, do you not intend to apologize”

Who has Song Qingnian apologized to But in this situation, he didnt seem to have a second choice.

He could only brave himself and say in Chu Liuyues direction, “…Sorry.”

That word seemed to be squeezed out from between the gaps of his teeth.

Lei Laosi pulled his ear out.

“What did you say Youre too soft—I cant hear you!”

Song Qingnian took a deep breath in and could only speak louder.

“Sorry! I misunderstood you!”

Then, his green veins could be vaguely seen on his forehead.

Yang Qiner originally hid behind him as she hugged his arm with her hands clutching his.

Song Qingnian used force and unintentionally held Yang Qiners hand tighter.

Her expression changed, and she almost directly yelled out in pain. My bone is about to be crushed!

Chu Liuyue watched on as if she were watching a show.

Even though she was surprised that Jiang Yucheng stood up for her, she was unaffected and even felt a little disgusted. But since Jiang Yucheng admitted that he owes me a favor, it would be a waste to refuse it!

Mu Qinghe took two steps forward and pointed in a direction.

“We heard some noise here earlier.

Is it because of those two people”

Chu Liuyue looked over to where he was pointing.

He was pointing at the duo that had just died.

“Thats right.” Chu Liuyue nodded and briefly explained the previous incident.

Of course, she unavoidably mentioned that she took the initiative to offer her help but was rejected by Song Qingnian terribly.

Chu Liuyue spoke nonchalantly as if she didnt even care about it.

But to the crowd, they felt that Song Qingnian didnt know what was good for him.

How dare he have the cheek to complain about Chu Liuyue first Even though everyone didnt say anything, they all felt contempt toward Song Qingnian.

Song Qingnian was in an uncomfortable situation as it was the first time he felt so humiliated in front of them.

If he werent worried that he would meet with more trouble, he would leave no matter what!

Yang Qiner lightly clutched his sleeves and softly said something.

Song Qingnian then realized something and let go of her hands.

Yang Qiners wrist almost broke.

She looked down nervously and saw that fresh blood seemed to have stained her clothes.

She was frightened and immediately wrapped it up.

“The other party seems stronger than before.

We must hurry up…”

Upon hearing this, Yang Qiners expression changed slightly as she suddenly said with slight hesitation, “Are you looking for the person who is controlling the roots I remember that the root flew over from that direction.”

Then, she pointed in a direction.

The surroundings were pitch black, and nobody knew what was lying in the direction she pointed in.

Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows.


Yang Qiner nodded fearfully.

Chu Liuyue half-squinted and was about to speak when she suddenly felt a tickle by her ear.

She turned around to look at Tuan Zi and saw that it had directly flown forward.

Its target—Yang Qiner!

Chu Liuyue felt strange and was going to call Tuan Zi back when she saw that it directly flew past Yang Qiners head.

Yang Qiner was frightened, and she shrieked as she retreated in a panic.

She was slapped by Tuan Zis wing, and she fell down.

“Dont touch me!” yelled Yang Qiner anxiously as excruciating pain came from her wrist.


Half her sleeves were ripped apart, and a bloody and terrifying wound on her wrist was exposed in front of the crowd.

The intense bloody smell immediately erupted—it was actually very similar to the smell of that root!


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