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Everything happened rapidly.

Yang Qiner knew that it was bad when the wound on her wrist was ripped apart again.

Song Qingnian originally wanted to help her up, but his expression changed when he smelled this.

“Qiner, whats with—”

Sharpness flashed across Yang Qiners eyes, and without speaking, she turned around to escape.

Her speed was actually much faster than the cultivation level she showed!

Tuan Zi immediately followed! In the blink of an eye, it rushed to Yang Qiner!

It waved its wings.

A red fire suddenly flew out, and it formed a barrier in midair.

Yang Qiner didnt detect it at that moment, and it was already too late to stop when she discovered the fire barrier in front of her.

In her panic, she could only fling out a wave of force and use this rebounding force to escape the fire.

However, the fire started spreading even quicker.

Just as Yang Qiner turned around, she realized that she was completely trapped within a cage shaped by the fire.

The burning hot temperature roasted her, and her entire body felt excruciating pain.

She clenched her teeth and set up a barrier around her.

But how could her barrier defend against the strength of a legendary fiend like Tuan Zi Not long later, her barrier started shaking as if it would explode at any moment.

Chu Liuyue rushed over.

A thought popped up in Yang Qiners mind as she looked at Song Qingnian with puppy eyes.

“Senior Brother Qingnian, save me!”

Song Qingnian originally felt that it was weird, but when he saw Yang Qiners tortured look, he felt pity for her and rushed toward Chu Liuyue—who had just come over.

He said anxiously, “Chu Liuyue, hurry up and tell your fiend to let her out! If this carries on, Qiner wont be able to take it!”

But Chu Liuyue seemed not to have heard his words as she walked straight toward the cage shaped by the fire.

Song Qingnian panicked and reached out to pull Chu Liuyue back without thinking.

“Did you not hear what I said—”

Chu Liuyue suddenly turned around to take a look.

Song Qingnian suddenly stopped his actions.

The girl in front of him looked fierce, and her eyes were like daggers.

However, this cold and calm look actually chilled his heart.

Song Qingnians hand froze in midair, and he couldnt continue going forward. Chu Liuyue… seems to be even more untouchable than I thought!

Just as he was in a trance, Chu Liuyue had already retracted her warning gaze and scanned Yang Qiner with a cold expression.

“Whats with the wound on your wrist”

Yang Qiner was very guilty as she turned her head.

“I was just accidentally scratched by the tree root… Nothing much…”

“Oh” Chu Liuyue asked lightly in retaliation, “Did you accidentally get tainted with the smell previously Thats weird.

That smell… seems to be coming from your wound”

Thats definitely not an ordinary bloody aura! That smell is exactly the same as the smell that permeated the area when I first slashed open a root.

This can only prove that… Yang Qiners body has also absorbed the strength within the roots! But how did she do it Even Jiang Yucheng and the rest couldnt avoid the roots, but Yang Qiner is the exact opposite.

Yang Qiner clenched her silver teeth tightly.

She wanted to defend herself, but it was as if Chu Liuyue could see through everything with her pair of eyes glued to her.

No matter what she said at this time, it would all seem like a joke!

Seeing that Yang Qiner didnt speak, Song Qingnian was anxious.

“Qiner, what exactly is going on!”

She was clearly stuck together with us at the roots earlier, but now…

However, Yang Qiner refused to speak no matter what.

Chu Liuyue thought deeply for a moment and suddenly stepped forward.

Lei Laosi followed her worriedly.

Chu Liuyue turned around to look at him and lightly shook her head.

“I can ask her myself.

You dont have to worry.”

Lei Laosi could only stop.

But everyone, including him, was staring closely at Chu Liuyue at this moment.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes, and a thought flashed across her mind. There was a period of time when Yang Qiner seemed to be extremely close to Shangguan Wan, and she would even make porridge for the latter.

Chu Liuyue already felt that something was amiss back then. As the Third Princess, Shangguan Wan has specialized people to take care of her every need in the palace.

Since when did she lack someone to cook porridge for her Shangguan Wan said that it was because she felt that she could get along with Yang Qiner, so she asked the latter to stay in the palace for a few days.

However, only a fool would believe this.

The stranger thing is that during that period, Yang Qiner actually accused me of taking away the Long Yuan Sword, and she was framed as being a liar.

According to Shangguan Wans temper… Not only did she not punish Yang Qiner, but she even left the latter by her side… Chu Liuyues lips opened slightly, and she silently said a sentence.

Yang Qiner was the only one whosaw her words as Chu Liuyues back was facing the crowd at this point: Shangguan Wan used your Yuan meridian, right

Yang Qiner widened her eyes in shock as if she saw a ghost. We did this so discreetly.

How did Chu Liuyue guess that

Seeing Yang Qiners reaction, Chu Liuyue instantly confirmed her guess. I knew it! From that point, Shangguan Wan had already taken action.

Its normal for her to want to do it, but why did Yang Qiner agree Was she threatened by Shangguan Wan

Chu Liuyue still remembered seeing Yang Qiners expression when she delivered Shangguan Wan the porridge. She didnt seem like she was being forced.

Also, other than her body becoming slightly weaker, she doesnt seem much affected in other areas even after such a long time.

She didnt seem weak when she executed her abilities earlier!

Chu Liuyues gaze landed on the wound on Yang Qiners wrist, and it suddenly focused. The strength in Yang Qiners body actually comes from Shangguan Wan! Even though I dont know what exact method these two used, I can confirm that… Yang Qiners strength will increase along with Shangguan Wans abilities strengthening! Then… Perhaps Shangguan Wan already knows about the situation here!

Chu Liuyue went backward without hesitation!

Yang Qiner suddenly lifted her head and sneered.

“You want to escape Its too late!”

A black symbol suddenly flashed across her brows, and it immediately disappeared! The next moment, her bodily aura started erupting!

Qin Yis expression changed, and he immediately said, “Retreat! She wants to explode!”

Before he could finish his sentence, he already rushed to Chu Liuyue.

Lei Laosi also detected that something was amiss and immediately flew over.

However, the two of them were still too late.


A loud sound blasted through the air as the ferocious and violent force spread in all directions!

At that moment, a fire spark rushed straight into the sky.

When Yang Qiners body was about to be damaged, a black wave appeared in the sky.

A strong suction force then came from within and immediately enveloped Chu Liuyue!

Her figure immediately disappeared before the crowd!



Chu!” Everyone gasped in unison.

The moment Yang Qiners self-destructed, Tuan Zi immediately flew over and blocked Chu Liuyue.

The next moment, Chu Liuyue saw her vision become black as she was instantly dragged into a dark space by some force.

But when she was about to retaliate, she suddenly realized that the ferocious strength was all blocked outside.

A barrier was glistening brightly and protecting her perfectly within.

Chu Liuyue blinked. Crystal barrier How did it come out by itself before I could even do anything


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