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Chapter 740: Who Exactly are You!

Just as this doubt flashed across Chu Liuyues mind, she saw a light appear before her.

The surrounding space started squeezing toward her!

Chu Liuyue retracted her expression and circulated the force within her body.

The next moment, her vision turned bright.

Almost at the same time, the crystal barrier suddenly became countless rays of light that inserted themselves into Chu Liuyues body.

Chu Liuyue was stunned and was about to take a closer look when she suddenly felt that her entire body was dragged out of that narrow space.

She stumbled backward and stabilized herself with much difficulty.

Chu Liuyue then rapidly scanned her surroundings.

Her surroundings were filled with black soil that kept moving and a bloody and rotting smell that almost suffocated someone.

She could even faintly see many incomplete corpses.

There were countless dancing roots above them of varying thickness, but they all presented a bloody color.

A stone platform was below her feet—hard and cold.

Chu Liuyues eyes flickered a little. Its almost all soil beneath, so this platforms existence is especially unique.

If I didnt guess wrongly, this should be—

“It is you.” A mocking and ice-cold voice came from behind.

Chu Liuyue was ever so familiar with this voice, and she turned around.

A woman stood opposite her.

A faintly black barrier surrounded this woman and blurred her face and figure, but Chu Liuyue could still tell that it was Shangguan Wan with just one glance.

There is something by her feet. Chu Liuyue looked over, and her eyes narrowed. Thats actually my pure gold armor! Without a doubt, Shangguan Wan brought it over.

Thats true.

Shangguan Wan has already occupied everything that once belonged to me, so why would she let go of the pure gold armor However, its strange seeing it like this.

The pure gold armor is extremely precious, and one might not be able to find another armor thats as perfect as this one in the entire Tianling Dynasty.

Logically speaking, Shangguan Wan should cherish it very much.

But she has now actually placed it aside casually… There also seems to be messy bloodstains beside it on the ground.

Chu Liuyue silently retracted her gaze and looked at Shangguan Wan.

“Youve been spying secretly all along.

Was it fun” asked Shangguan Wan with mockery.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly. It seems like Shangguan Wan has already guessed that I did all those things earlier.

Chu Liuyues lips curled up slightly, and she smiled slightly.

“Third Princess, youve really misunderstood.

I wasnt spying on you—I was just helping the rest to find you.

All the previous times, I could only take a quick look and couldnt confirm your exact position.

I didnt expect to come directly here this time.

If Eldest Young Master Jiang and the rest know that I found you, theyll definitely be ecstatic.”

Shangguan Wan didnt want to hear Chu Liuyues words at all, and she wouldnt believe them either.

“Are you threatening me” Shangguan Wans expression looked cold. Jiang Yucheng is fine, but the others definitely cant know that Im here, especially given what Im doing!

“Third Princess, why would you say that Im just a mere commoner, so how can I threaten you” said Chu Liuyue as she unintentionally scanned the surroundings.

“Ever since you disappeared, we were all very worried and spent all our effort to barge in while meeting many dangers along the way.

Many disciples and Black Guards were constricted to death by those roots, and their dying looks were miserable… Its great that youre safe and sound.”

Shangguan Wan stared at Chu Liuyue and was quiet for a moment before she suddenly laughed coldly.

In the quiet and cold space, this sound was especially sudden and sinister.

“Chu Liuyue, you dont have to put up an act in front of me.

You know more clearly than others about how you came over.

Yang Qiner is already dead, so is there a point in talking about this now”

Hearing this, Chu Liuyues expression became lighter.

“It seems like you admit that Yang Qiners injury and her death is related to you, Third Princess”

“She shouldve died long ago.

Its her blessing that I let her live for a few more days.” At this point, Shangguan Wan knew clearly that Chu Liuyue had already guessed many things.

Hence, she directly dragged Chu Liuyue over and put everything out in the open.

“As for you… This is the legendary fiend you just made an agreement with” Shangguan Wan looked at the fiend on Chu Liuyues shoulders, and her gaze was filled with jealousy and anger. If it werent for Chu Liuyue, this legendary fiend would be mine!

“…What a pity…” muttered Shangguan Wan softly, and her face was filled with intense, murderous intent. Its a pity that this legendary fiend cant recognize a new master! Hence… I can only kill it as well! Its so hard for a legendary fiend to appear.

However, not only can I not have it as my own, but I even have to kill it instead…

Shangguan Wans hatred toward Chu Liuyue increased again.

Tuan Zi seemed quite agitated.

Chu Liuyue gently patted its head and comforted it in her heart. When I discovered that Yang Qiner might be related to Shangguan Wan, I had already predicted this current scenario.

Since Shangguan Wan dares to say these things daringly, it proves that she has no intentions of letting me leave this place alive.

However… its not so easy for Shangguan Wan to take my life!

“I recall that you also have a Dijing Yuan meridian and that… its standard isnt too low” Shangguan Wan scrutinized Chu Liuyue, and her eyes were filled with unconcealable greed and excitement. Currently, I just need the last bit of strength to heal my Yuan meridian completely! Perhaps… I can do it by using Chu Liuyue! After all, Chu Liuyues abilities have always been stronger than the cultivation level she shows.

She also has a legendary fiend…

Chu Liuyue smiled, but the smile didnt reach her eyes.

“It seems like youre pretty interested in my Yuan meridian, Third Princess”

Shangguan Wan was too lazy to pretend anymore.

“Its your utmost blessing to be able to serve me.”

Shangguan Wan stood in the air, and she waved her hands.

A dark-blue force immediately flew out toward Chu Liuyue! At the same time, countless roots flew together in unison from all directions.


Tuan Zi glowed, and it immediately turned into its true self.

Its gigantic wings flapped, and the red fire kept gushing out.

All the roots were easily deflected, and they were even burning with the red fire.

At the same time, a spark rushed toward the sky!

The surrounding darkness had been driven away, and it shone like the daylight!

Violent and strong winds blew up, and the suppression was intense!

Shangguan Wan clenched her fists tightly and was enraged. Even with this barrier blocking me, I can still feel the terrifying force.

The suppression of a legendary fiend is so shocking! Its no wonder Chu Liuyue can be so daring! With this red-tailed phoenix around, she doesnt even need to take action herself.

Tuan Zi hovered around Chu Liuyues head and carefully protected her under its gigantic wings.

The surroundings were ablaze, and it reflected on Chu Liuyues face and body.

Shangguan Wan clenched her teeth tightly and glared at her deadly.

Chu Liuyue looked nonchalant as she suddenly smiled slightly when she welcomed Shangguan Wans gaze filled with jealousy and vengeance.

Shangguan Wans heart harshly skipped a beat! That smile, those eyes, and that gaze… It really looks like the one on fire in the royal familys ancestral hall back then!

Shangguan Wan unwittingly moved half a step back and was petrified.

“Wh-who are you!”

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