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Chapter 741: Die!

Everything replayed like the scene of that day, and it attacked her like a nightmare.

Shangguan Wans body trembled, and her face turned stark white.

Chu Liuyue smiled brightly.

“Me Im Chu Liuyue.

Third Princess, do you not know me”

Her tone was light as if she were teasing.

Shangguan Wan took a deep breath in and kept reminding herself. This is Chu Liuyue, this is Chu Liuyue!

However… When the light from the fire shone on her beautiful face, causing half of it to be in the dark and half in the light, she actually looked extremely similar to Shangguan Yue back then!

Chu Liuyue took a step forward as if quite worried.

“Third Princess, whats wrong with you”

“Dont come here! Dont come here!” Shangguan Wan shrieked.

At the same time, she hurriedly moved backward and accidentally fell to the ground.

Chu Liuyue stopped in her tracks and stood rooted to the ground as she smiled at Shangguan Wan quietly.

At that moment, she seemed to be high and mighty.

Shangguan Wan looked at Chu Liuyue, and her heart beat crazily.

Chu Liuyue stood there and naturally looked down at her from above as if she had done it countless times.

Shangguan Wans face burned. My disheveled look is too humiliating! Chu Liuyue is Chu Liuyue.

Who else can she be I know more clearly than anyone that Shangguan Yue is already dead—completely dead! Its impossible for her to resurrect at all! Illusion… This is all an illusion!

Shangguan Wan forced herself to stand up, and her gaze directed at Chu Liuyue became harsher gradually. Even if Chu Liuyue didnt discover everything today and didnt barge in, I definitely wouldnt have left her alive for long! This face alone is enough for her to die 10,000 times!

“Right! Chu Liuyue—youre Chu Liuyue!” said Shangguan Wan with hatred.

Nobody knew who she was repeating it to.

Chu Liuyue looked at her with much interest. Shangguan Wans reaction is pretty interesting.

I originally thought that Shangguan Wan hated me to the core and that she would definitely be carefree and happy after she killed me back then.

But it now seems like… Shes also guilty and scared.

Chu Liuyue was suddenly curious. If Shangguan Wan knows that Im the real Shangguan Yue, what would her expression be

“…No matter who you are, you deserve to die!” Shangguan Wans heart was filled with anger and horror.

Even though she kept convincing herself that this person was Chu Liuyue, countless scenes from the past still surfaced in her mind!

The intense feelings caused her five features to contort.

A black aura seemingly appeared between her glabella, and her eyes glowed with a hint of dark green.

From afar, she actually looked like a ferocious ghost.

Chu Liuyue frowned. Earlier, I was wondering when Shangguan Wans force turned dark green.

I didnt expect that her eyes would also seem to have the same colored spark jumping around.

It looks very strange! Perhaps… She became like this after using a special method to absorb other peoples force

Shangguan Wan attacked once again.

This time, she unleashed all her force.

The terrifying strength, coupled with horrifying suppression, overwhelmed her.

Chu Liuyues surrounding space immediately narrowed.

It was like a mountain pressed against her, and even the force within her body started circulating slowly.

At this point, Shangguan Wans abilities had already reached that of a stage-eight warrior!

Even though Chu Liuyue had already broken through and became a stage-five warrior, she was still worlds apart from Shangguan Wan.

Tuan Zis shriek was clear!


The red fire immediately became a barrier and protected Chu Liuyue within!

At the same time, Tuan Zis wings vibrated, and countless feathers shot toward Shangguan Wan like sharp swords!

Chu chu chu!

The brilliantly glowing feathers had a ferocious aura as they harshly struck the black barrier in front of Shangguan Wan.

The black barrier started vibrating!

Shangguan Wan clenched her teeth. It would be difficult to absorb Chu Liuyues strength now.

The phoenix beside her is too formidable! Also, the most urgent thing I need to do now is to heal my Yuan meridian!

She asked in her heart, “Senior, do you have any way of dealing with that legendary fiend”

After a moment, a hoarse voice lazily sounded.

“I can help you delay the phoenix for a while, but it depends on you if you can kill Chu Liuyue.”

“Thank you so much, Senior!” Shangguan Wan was elated. Without the legendary fiend interfering, wont it be a piece of cake to deal with a Chu Liuyue Let alone a while, I can even take Chu Liuyues life in one shot!

A black symbol then surfaced on Shangguan Wans glabella, and it floated around.

A sinister aura spread apart from it.

It silently passed through the barrier, and it drew an outline in midair.

Chu Liuyue looked at it, and her heart sank. The strength that forcefully brought me over just now… It seems to have the exact same aura as this symbol! Is this the mysterious existence that is helping Shangguan Wan in secret

Uneasiness suddenly overwhelmed her heart. This symbol is definitely even harder to deal with than Shangguan Wan!

Once this thought flashed in her mind, Chu Liuyue saw the symbol flying toward Tuan Zi.

Countless black lines came out from above—these lines were even thinner than hair strands.

If one didnt look closely, one might not even be able to notice them.

Tuan Zis body suddenly burned with red fire, and its pair of dazzling, gem-like eyes were energetic!

But when the fire made contact with the black lines, they actually didnt start burning!

The black lines passed through the fire and quickly made an outline of a gigantic web!

“Tuan Zi!” Chu Liuyues heart tightened, and she immediately wanted Tuan Zi to retreat.

But it was too late!

That gigantic web directly trapped Tuan Zi.

At the same time, Shangguan Wan rushed over!

She simply launched a punch! “Die!”

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